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Great American Assurance Company: Your Comprehensive Insurance Solution. Providing Auto, Home, Renters, and Life Insurance with Competitive Pricing and Tailored Coverage Choices

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Great American Insurance Company Reviews

Pros Cons
– Diverse insurance product selection – Mixed customer reviews
– Competitive Pricing – Occasional delays in claims processing
– Round-the-clock customer support
– Option to customize policies
– Discounts for multiple policies


Great American Assurance Company is a top-rated insurance provider with an A+ rating, serving clients throughout the United States.

The company’s core objective is to deliver extensive and customizable insurance solutions at cost-effective rates, all while maintaining a strong commitment to outstanding customer service.

Great American Assurance Company extends its offerings to encompass auto, home, renters, and life insurance, along with providing multi-policy discounts for eligible policyholders.

Clients have the opportunity to reduce their insurance premiums by meeting criteria related to age, driving records, and other qualifying factors.

Although the company has received a mix of reviews from customers, its minimal complaint record and continuous 24/7 customer support solidify its standing as a dependable choice for those seeking economical insurance coverage.

Assurance Company

Contact Details:

– Website: Visit
– Phone: Reach out at 800-545-4269
– Email: Contact via

Affiliated Parent or Subsidiary Entities:

– Part of the Great American Insurance Group

Financial Assessments:

– A.M. Best Rating: A+

Customer Support Assessment:

– Accessible 24/7 customer service
– Customer reviews are varied

Claims Procedure Details:

Claims can be submitted online or by phone
– Occasional delays in claims processing

Company Applications:

– Great American Insurance Group mobile app is accessible for download on the App Store and Google Play. The app empowers customers to manage their policies, initiate claims, and get in touch with customer service.

Great American Assurance Company Insurance Offerings

Great American Assurance Company provides an extensive array of insurance products designed to cater to the requirements of its clientele. These encompass:

Auto Insurance:

– Liability coverage
– Collision coverage
– Comprehensive coverage
– Personal injury protection
– Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
– Roadside assistance

Home Insurance:

– Dwelling coverage
– Personal property coverage
– Liability coverage
– Additional living expenses coverage
– Flood Insurance
– Earthquake insurance
– Home systems protection

Renters Insurance:

– Personal property coverage
– Liability coverage
– Additional living expenses coverage
– Replacement cost coverage
– Flood Insurance

Life Insurance:

– Term life insurance
– Whole life insurance
– Universal life insurance

Furthermore, Great American Assurance Company offers a selection of adaptable policy alternatives, allowing clients to fine-tune their coverage to their particular requirements.

Customers can engage with a representative to gain a deeper understanding of these choices and identify the coverage solutions that best align with their needs.

Discount Opportunities at Great American Assurance Company

Great American Assurance Company offers a range of discount options to assist customers in reducing their insurance costs.

These discounts encompass:

  •  Multi-policy discount: Customers who consolidate multiple insurance policies with Great American Assurance Company, such as auto and home insurance, can benefit from savings of up to 25% on their premiums.
  • Safe driver discount: Drivers with an untarnished driving record may be eligible for a safe driver discount.
  • Good student discount: Students who maintain a high GPA can enjoy reduced auto insurance premiums
  • Anti-theft device discount: Customers who install anti-theft devices in their vehicles can qualify for a discount.
     Age-related discounts: Customers who are over the age of 50 or 55 may be eligible for discounts on their insurance premiums.
  •  Home safety discounts: Homeowners who install specific safety features in their homes, such as smoke detectors and security systems, can lower their home insurance premiums.

These discounts present opportunities for customers to achieve substantial savings on their insurance premiums and can be combined with other cost-reduction options to maximize their overall savings.

Customers are encouraged to engage with a Great American Assurance Company representative to ascertain their eligibility for these discounts.

Great American Assurance Company’s Position Among Insurance Providers

Great American Assurance Company faces competition from several other insurance companies in the industry.

Among its primary competitors are:

State Farm: State Farm stands as one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, providing a diverse array of insurance products, including auto, home, renters, and life insurance.

State Farm is recognized for its extensive agent network and strong financial ratings.

Allstate: Allstate is another major insurance provider offering a range of insurance products, encompassing auto, home, renters, and life insurance.

Allstate is known for its innovative technology, such as the Drivewise program, which allows customers to reduce their auto insurance premiums by driving safely.

Geico: Geico is a well-known auto insurance provider that also extends its offerings to home, renters, and life insurance.

Geico is celebrated for its competitive pricing and user-friendly website, which enables customers to conveniently manage their policies and initiate claims online.

Progressive: Progressive is another major auto insurance provider that diversifies its offerings to include home, renters, and life insurance.

Progressive is noted for its competitive rates and the Snapshot program, enabling customers to economize on their auto insurance premiums by driving safely.

These companies provide similar insurance products and compete alongside Great American Assurance Company for customer patronage.

However, each firm possesses its strengths and weaknesses. Customers should perform a thorough comparison of policies and rates from multiple providers before reaching a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great American Assurance Company is an insurance provider that offers a range of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses.

They provide coverage options in various sectors, including property and casualty, surety, and annuities.

To access customer ratings and reviews for Great American Assurance Company, you can visit reputable review websites specializing in insurance.

These platforms typically allow users to rate and review their insurance experiences, including interactions with Great American Assurance Company.

Indeed, customer ratings and reviews offer valuable insights into the experiences of individuals who have engaged with the insurance company.

They provide a sense of the level of customer service, efficiency in claims handling, and overall satisfaction reported by policyholders.

Numerous trustworthy websites provide impartial customer ratings and reviews for Great American Assurance Company.

Some popular choices include Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

These platforms aim to create an open and transparent space for consumers to share their experiences and opinions.

  •  How should I interpret customer ratings and reviews?

When interpreting customer ratings and reviews, it’s essential to consider both overarching trends and individual experiences.

Look for common themes or recurring issues that may indicate areas of strength or weakness for the company.


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