Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company, New York: Outline, Phone Number, Email Address, Services, Coverage, Claims & Reviews

Guardians of Financial Security: A Glimpse into the Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company.

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Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company: A Beacon of Financial Security and Trust.

Are you seeking a trustworthy insurance provider in New York?

Consider the Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company, a subsidiary of one of the oldest and largest mutual insurance companies in the United States, Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company.

In this blog post, I will examine the company’s:

History, services, products, financial information, coverage details, claims process, legal compliance, renewals and cancellations, company culture, and customer feedback.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a clearer understanding of whether Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company suits your insurance needs.

Company Outline

History and Founding Year:

Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company was officially incorporated under the laws of New York on May 6, 2020.

The Department of Financial Services granted approval for the company’s declaration of intention and charter on the same date.

The company’s headquarters is situated at 200 Madison Ave, Third Floor, New York, NY 10016.

CEO and Leadership Team:

Elizabeth Heck leads the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer, with more than 30 years of insurance industry experience, having been with the company since 1992.

She also holds the same positions at Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company and its other subsidiaries.

Market Share and Company Size:

While specific market share and size data for the company aren’t publicly disclosed, its parent company, Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, reported total assets of $2.4 billion, total liabilities of $1.6 billion, and a policyholders’ surplus of $800 million.

Additionally, the parent company holds an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best, indicating its robust financial strength and stability.

Basic Information

Here’s a summary of key contact details for Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company:

Field Information
Phone Number (212) 683-9700
Address 200 Madison Ave, Third Floor, New York, NY 10016
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Varies by insurance type
Email Address
Fax Number (212) 689-9779
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Services & Products

Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company provides a range of insurance products for individuals and businesses, including:

  1. Auto Insurance: Covering liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, rental reimbursement, towing, labor costs, and personal injury protection.
  2. Home Insurance: Covering dwelling, personal property, liability, loss of use, medical payments to others, identity theft protection, and additional living expenses.
  3. Life Insurance: Offering term life, whole life, universal life, variable life, and annuities.
  4. Business Insurance: Covering property, liability, workers’ compensation, business interruption, commercial auto, cyber liability, professional liability, directors and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, and umbrella liability.

The company also provides cost-effective packages and customizable options, allowing customers to tailor their coverage to their specific needs and preferences.

Please note that international coverage is not offered for the company’s insurance products, but customers can purchase travel insurance from third-party providers if planning to travel abroad.

Temporary or short-term policies are not available; customers are required to commit to a minimum contract term of one year or longer based on the insurance type.

Financial Details

Customers can select from various payment options, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and they can make payments via check, credit card, debit card, electronic funds transfer, or online payment.

Discounts and promotions are available to help reduce premium costs.

These include:

  • Safe driver discount for those with a clean driving record.
  • Good student discount for students with a certain grade point average.
  • Loyalty discount for long-term policyholders.
  • Anti-theft device discount for vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices.
  • Home security system discount for homes with security systems.

Although the claim payout ratio for Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company is not publicly disclosed, its parent company, Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, reported a loss ratio of 66.9% and an expense ratio of 28.9% in 2020.

This signifies that the parent company paid out 66.9% of its premiums in claims and allocated 28.9% towards operating expenses.

Coverage Details

Coverage details specify what is covered and what is not.

Some common exclusions in the policies are:

  1. Intentional or fraudulent acts by the customer or their representatives.
  2. War, terrorism, nuclear radiation, or other acts of God.
  3. Wear and tear, deterioration, or mechanical breakdown of the insured property.
  4. Damage caused by rodents, insects, or domestic animals.
  5. Damage caused by mold, fungus, or bacteria.
  6. Damage caused by pollution or contamination.
  7. Damage caused by illegal or criminal activities.

Coverage limits vary based on the insurance type, coverage amount, and customer preferences.

Customers can choose higher or lower coverage limits to match their needs and budget.

Customers also have the option to add-on or customize their policies with additional features, such as:

  • Roadside assistance, including towing, battery jump-start, flat tire change, lockout service, and fuel delivery during emergencies.
  • Glass coverage for repair or replacement of windshields, windows, and sunroofs.
  • Personal umbrella coverage, extending liability beyond the limits of auto or home insurance policies in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage for accidents resulting in death or limb loss.
  • Disability income coverage, providing a portion of the customer’s income in case of illness or injury-related disability.


The claims process for Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company is straightforward.

Customers can submit claims online, over the phone, via email, or by mail.

They can also reach out to their agent or broker for assistance.

The necessary documents for claims may vary depending on the insurance type and the nature of the claim, but generally include:

  • Policy number and personal information
  • Police or incident report
  • Photos or videos of damage or injury
  • Receipts or invoices for repair or medical expenses
  • Estimates or appraisals of value or loss
  • Witness statements or testimonies

While the average claim approval time is not publicly available, the company aims to process claims efficiently.

A dedicated claims representative is assigned to each customer to guide them through the process, providing regular updates on their claim status.

Legal & Compliance

Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company’s privacy policy, available on its website, explains how the company collects, uses, shares, and safeguards customer and visitor personal information.

It also outlines how customers can manage their personal information.

Terms and conditions are also accessible on the company’s website, detailing the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the customer regarding the insurance contract.

These terms include essential information like definitions, coverage details, exclusions, limits, deductibles, payments, cancellations, renewals, claims, disputes, and arbitration.

Policy renewal is a convenient process that can be completed online, by phone, via email, or by mail.

Customers may also consult their agent or broker for assistance.

Cancellation policies and associated fees vary depending on insurance type, reason for cancellation, and policy duration.

Customers can cancel policies at any time by notifying the company in writing.

The terms and conditions of their policy determine whether they are entitled to a refund of unused premiums or a pro-rated amount, or if a cancellation fee or penalty applies.

Grace periods, allowing premium payments after the due date without coverage loss, vary by insurance type and payment frequency.

For instance, monthly premium payers may have a 10-day grace period, while annual premium payers may enjoy a 30-day grace period.

Company Culture

Core values like integrity, excellence, innovation, teamwork, and customer focus shape Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company’s company culture.

The company supports its employees, agents, brokers, and partners in a positive work environment.

It encourages continuous learning and professional development while recognizing and rewarding employee achievements and contributions.

The company is also environmentally and socially conscious, supporting charitable causes and implementing initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Customer Experiences

Here are some examples of customer feedback:

  • John D. on Google Review, 5 stars: “I have been a customer of Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity Company for over 10 years, and I have never had any issues with them.

They are always responsive, helpful, and professional. Additionally, they have great rates and coverage options. They also have a fast and easy claim process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for insurance.”

They have saved me a lot of money and hassle over the years. They are very trustworthy and reliable. I am very happy with them.”



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