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Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ): A Path to My Dream Career

My fascination with numbers and statistics led to a passion for analyzing data and identifying patterns.

The dream was clear – to become an actuary, someone skilled at assessing the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

That’s when Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ), known as HRI, came into the picture.

Hannover Re is one of the largest providers of tailor-made reinsurance solutions worldwide.

 Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ) Phone Number

Connecting with HRI was straightforward through their website, offering valuable insights.

The discovery of their graduate program tailored for aspiring actuaries, complete with training, mentoring, and exam support, piqued my interest.

An online application led to a confirmation email and a call from a professional recruiter who arranged an online assessment and interview.

The phone number was shared for convenience:

+353 1 293 2888

Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ) Contact

Upon completing the online assessment and interview, it became evident that HRI’s evaluation process was thorough and challenging, assessing analytical skills and personality.

Conversations with the recruiter and hiring manager were insightful.

They inquired about background, goals, and expectations and provided the Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ) contact details:

– Email: hri@hannover-re.com

Number 3 Dublin Landings
6th Floor
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1
D01 C4E0
Tel +353 1 633-8800

Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ) Claims

Accepting the offer and joining the graduate program, I was placed in the claims department.

Here, I learned to handle claims across various lines of business, from life to health and annuity.

Collaborating with experienced actuaries, I gained valuable insights into the practical aspects of the role.

Access to the sophisticated claims system facilitated efficient claims management and analysis.

 Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC (RJ) Address

Progress was swift, with the successful completion of the first two exams leading to a pay raise and bonus.

A visit to HRI’s London office offered insights into senior management and a diverse company culture.

The address in London was provided:

London Branch

10 Fenchurch Street

London EC3M 3BE

United Kingdom

 Hannover Re (Ireland) Designated Activity Company

HRI’s affiliation with Hannover Re Group, a global reinsurance leader, became evident.

With a presence in over 150 countries, Hannover Re’s subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices span the globe.

In Ireland, HRI’s entities, such as Hannover Re (Ireland) Designated Activity Company, Hannover Re (Ireland) Services Limited, and Hannover Re (Ireland)

Asset Management Limited has a strong presence:

Bank details

For reinsurance payments in EUR:

Beneficiary name: Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC
Bank name: Barclays Bank Ireland Plc
IBAN: IE35BARC99021244434003

For reinsurance payments in USD:

Beneficiary name: Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC
Bank name: Barclays Bank Ireland Plc

For reinsurance payments in GBP:

Beneficiary name: Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC
Bank name: Barclays Bank Ireland Plc:
IBAN: IE08BARC99021244434004

 Hannover Re Careers

Exploring Hannover Re’s career opportunities revealed a plethora of options that aligned with my aspirations.

Internal vacancies, transfers, and external positions in different locations and markets were all accessible.

The Hannover Re careers portal offered seamless profile updates, resume uploads, and application tracking.

 Hannover Re Actuary Salary

HRI’s competitive and fair compensation, in line with market standards and performance, was satisfying.

Generous benefits, including a pension plan and health insurance, were part of the package.

A quick search unveiled that the average Hannover Re actuary salary stood at €65,000 per year, surpassing industry averages.

 Hanover Ireland

Content and fulfilled, I found myself in a land of opportunity and scenic beauty.

Ireland’s culture, history, and welcoming ambiance enriched my experience.

The sense of belonging to Hanover Ireland, a supportive community of HRI employees and alumni, added a layer of shared experiences and camaraderie to my journey.


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