Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)(Florida); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Services, Reviews, and Benefits

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ) is a big German reinsurer based in Hannover, Germany. They’re one of the top reinsurers globally, offering different types of reinsurance solutions to insurance companies worldwide.

They cover property and casualty reinsurance, specialty lines reinsurance, and life and health reinsurance.

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

History of Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ) started in 1967 as E+S Rückversicherung AG. Originally, it was a partnership between German insurance companies.

Over time, it got bigger through growth and buying other companies. In 2022, it changed its name to Hannover Ruck SE (RJ) to show its strong position and worldwide reach.

Mission and Values of Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)


  • Be the top reinsurer known for focusing on clients, knowing insurance well, and being financially strong.
  • Provide new and complete reinsurance solutions to help clients handle risks and reach long-term goals.
  • Help keep the global insurance market stable and strong.


  • Client Focus: They build strong relationships with clients, understand their needs, and offer solutions that match their risks.
  • Underwriting Expertise: Hannover Ruck has skilled underwriters who know a lot about risks and create custom reinsurance solutions.
  • Financial Strength: They keep a strong financial position with a solid capital base to meet their promises even in tough times.
  • Innovation: The company is always making new and better products and services to fit the changing needs of the insurance world.
  • Sustainability: Hannover Ruck cares about sustainability, considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in how they do business.

How to Reach Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

Contact Information Details
Website Hannover Re
Email Contact Us
Phone +49 511 5604-0 (Headquarters)
Mailing Address Hannover Rück SE (RJ)
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 50
30625 Hannover
Social Media LinkedIn

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

Services and Products Offered by Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ) as a top global reinsurer helping insurance companies worldwide, offers different services grouped into three main areas, which are;

1. Property and Casualty Reinsurance
  • Property Reinsurance: Protects against property risks like fire, earthquakes, windstorms, and floods.
  • Casualty Reinsurance: Covers liability, motor, workers’ comp, and professional indemnity risks.
  • Marine Reinsurance: Deals with risks related to ships, cargo, and offshore energy.
  • Aviation Reinsurance: Covers aviation risks for airlines, airports, and manufacturers.
2. Specialty Lines Reinsurance
  • Credit and Surety Reinsurance: Covers risks like trade credit, performance bonds, and financial guarantees.
  • Political Risk Reinsurance: Protects against risks like expropriation, war, and currency issues.
  • Cyber Reinsurance: Deals with cyber risks like data breaches, cybercrime, and business interruptions.
  • Financial Lines Reinsurance: Covers risks like directors’ and officers’ liability, errors and omissions, and professional indemnity.
3. Life and Health Reinsurance
  • Life Reinsurance: Covers life insurance products, including death benefits, disability benefits, and retirement savings.
  • Health Reinsurance: Deals with health insurance products, covering medical expenses, hospital stays, and prescription drugs.

Filing Claims with Hannover Rück SE (RJ), A Simple Guide

Hannover Rück SE (RJ) deals with insurance companies, not regular folks like us. So, if you’re wondering how to file a claim, here’s a quick guide:

Who does the filing?

Insurance companies, not you, file claims with Hannover Rück. They do this because Hannover Rück covers a part of the risks that the insurance company takes on.

How does it work?
  1. Tell them about it:
  2. Show them the papers:
    • The insurance company sends all the needed documents to Hannover Rück. This includes the claim form, reports, medical records, repair estimates, and any proof supporting the claim.
  3. Time for a checkup:
    • Hannover Rück checks all the documents to make sure the claim is valid and figures out how much of it falls under the reinsurance agreement.
    • They might chat with the insurance company to get more details or clear up any questions.
  4. Get your money:

Hannover Ruck SE (RJ)

Hannover Rück SE (RJ) Ratings and Customer Reviews

Hannover Rück SE (RJ) is like the superhero of reinsurance, getting top ratings and reviews:

Financial Strength Ratings:
  • AM Best: A+ (Superior)
  • Standard & Poor’s: A- (Strong)
  • Moody’s: A3 (Good)
  • Fitch Ratings: AA- (Very Strong)

This superhero lineup shows that Hannover Rück is super strong financially and manages risks like a pro. Everyone trusts them to keep their promises.

Market Reputation:
  • Hannover Rück is a big name globally, known for being awesome at underwriting, managing risks, and coming up with cool ideas.
Client Reviews:
Press and Analyst Coverage:
Awards and Recognition:
  • Hannover Rück has a shelf full of awards, showing off their success and leadership in the industry. They’re the champions of reinsurance.

Benefits of Being a Hannover Rück SE (RJ) Client or Employee Made Easy

For Clients
  1. Financial Confidence: You can trust Hannover Rück’s top-notch financial strength for stability and reliability in meeting reinsurance needs.
  2. Global Support: With offices worldwide, Hannover Rück provides local expertise and support, ensuring you’re covered across different regions.
  3. Diverse Solutions: Offering a wide range of reinsurance solutions, Hannover Rück caters to various needs, including property, casualty, specialty lines, and life and health.
  4. Innovation Hub: Count on Hannover Rück’s commitment to innovation for cutting-edge solutions and effective risk management.
  5. Personalized Relationships: Experience personalized attention and long-term relationships – Hannover Rück prioritizes strong connections with clients.
For Employees
  1. Career Growth: Hannover Rück invests in your growth with training, mentoring, and opportunities to climb the career ladder.
  2. Great Perks: Enjoy competitive salaries, attractive benefits, and flexible work arrangements to make your job even better.
  3. Global Exposure: Work with diverse colleagues from around the world, gaining valuable exposure to different backgrounds and cultures.
  4. Positive Workplace: Join a positive and collaborative work environment where your contributions are valued and motivation is high.
  5. Contribute to Stability: Be part of Hannover Rück and contribute to the stability of the insurance industry and the global economy.

FAQs about Hannover Rück SE (RJ)

1. Q: What does Hannover Rück SE (RJ) do?
A: Hannover Rück SE (RJ) is a global reinsurer that provides various reinsurance solutions to insurance companies worldwide.

2. Q: How do I contact Hannover Rück?
A: You can contact Hannover Rück through their website, email, or phone.
Website: Hannover Rück SE (RJ)
Email: Contact Form
Phone: +49 511 5604-0

3. Q: What types of reinsurance does Hannover Rück offer?
A: Hannover Rück offers property and casualty reinsurance, specialty lines reinsurance, and life and health reinsurance.

4. Q: What are Hannover Rück’s financial strength ratings?
A: Hannover Rück holds excellent financial strength ratings, including A+ (Superior) by AM Best and A- (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

5. Q: Can individuals file claims directly with Hannover Rück?
A: No, Hannover Rück accepts claims from insurance companies, not individual policyholders. Individuals should contact their insurance company for claims.

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