American Heartland Insurance Company Reviews: Overview, Advantages and Disadvantages, Operations, Coverage Details, and Claims Process.

American Heartland Insurance
American Heartland Insurance


America Heartland Insurance, a subsidiary of Global Indemnity Group, stands as a prominent player in rural insurance.

Founded in 1998 and based in Scottsdale, Arizona, it boasts an A.M. Best rating of A (excellent), showcasing financial strength and reliability.

Operating in 49 states and the District of Columbia, it offers specialized coverage for farms, ranches, vehicles, and more.

With over 3,000 independent agents, the company emphasizes tailored policies.

Here is a review of American Heartland Insurance Company to decide whether it’s legit or not

What are the pros and cons of American Heartland Insurance Company?

Like any other insurance, American Heartland has its advantages and disadvantages, which are mentioned below:


  1. Specialized coverage for rural needs.
  2. Strong A.M. Best rating for financial stability.
  3. Flexible policy structure for customization.
  4. Responsive and friendly customer service.
  5. Fast and easy claim process with preferred repair shops.


  1. Rates may not be the lowest, especially for high-risk profiles.
  2. Limited comprehensive coverage options.
  3. The website lacks user-friendliness and information.
  4. Mixed customer reviews on communication and claims.

How Does American Heartland Insurance Company Work?

American Heartland provides coverage for farms, ranches, vehicles, and more.

Independent agents aid customers in selecting suitable policies.

The claim process, initiated online or by phone, involves a dedicated team and preferred repair shops for swift settlements.

American Heartland Insurance Company Coverage Details

American Heartland Insurance coverage options:

  1. Farm and Ranch Insurance: Protects property (dwelling, barns, machinery) and liability for injury or damage. Customization includes equipment breakdowns, loss of income, and more.
  2. Personal Auto Insurance: Covers personal vehicles with options like liability, collision, comprehensive, and additional features such as rental reimbursement.
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance: Protects commercial vehicles from liability, physical damage, and more. Customization includes non-owned auto, hired auto, and trailer interchange.
  4. Motorcycle Insurance: Covers motorcycles with options like liability, collision, comprehensive, and features such as custom parts coverage.
  5. ATV Insurance: Protects all-terrain vehicles with coverage like liability, collision, comprehensive, and customization for additional features.

American Heartland Insurance Company Costs and Quotes Data

America Heartland Insurance Reviews

The cost of American Heartland varies based on factors like:

  1. location
  2. property

On the other hand, what you need to consider before becoming a member is that online quotes are unavailable, and average annual premiums may range from:

  1. Farm and Ranch Insurance: $1,500 to $3,000
  2. Personal Auto Insurance: $800 to $1,200
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance: $1,000 to $2,000
  4. Motorcycle Insurance: $300 to $500
  5. ATV Insurance: $200 to $400
  6. Boat Insurance: $400 to $600
  7. RV Insurance: $500 to $800
  8. Umbrella Liability Insurance: $200 to $400
  9. Inland Marine Insurance: $100 to $300
  10. Equipment Breakdown Insurance: $100 to $300


American Heartland Insurance Company Financial Stability and A.M. Best Ratings Reviews

With an A.M. Best rating of A (excellent), American Heartland showcases financial stability.

Global Indemnity Group, its parent company, also holds an A.M. Best rating of A (excellent), indicating solid capitalization and favorable results.

Positive factors include continuous improvement in underwriting, robust risk management, and strong capitalization.

American Heartland Insurance Company Customers and Testimonials

While American Heartland lacks BBB and Trustpilot profiles, its parent company, Global Indemnity Group, holds an A+ BBB rating and a 4.5-star Trustpilot rating.

Customer sentiments vary, with praise for agents, fast claims, and customizable coverage.

Criticisms include communication issues, claim denials, and premium increases.

American Heartland Insurance Company Claim Process and Customer Service

The company asserts a simple claim process, but customer reviews highlight mixed experiences.

A responsive customer service team is available via:

  1. phone
  2. email
  3. online chat.

A network of preferred repair shops expedites claim settlements.


American Heartland Company, catering to rural needs, earns praise for financial stability, customizable policies, and responsive service.

However, potential drawbacks include non-competitive rates, limited coverage options, and mixed customer reviews.

Prospective customers should conduct thorough research, compare offerings, scrutinize policies, and assess customer feedback before making decisions.

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