Heritage Life Insurance Company, Arizona (AZ): Overview, Subsidiaries, Contact Details, Coverage, Discounts, Claims & Reviews

Heritage Life Insurance Company, founded in 1957, specializes in life and disability coverage.

Over the years, they’ve nurtured strong relationships with international banks, credit facilities, financial giants, and industry service providers.

They maintain an affiliation with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas;

Which Congress established in 1932 as part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System.

Heritage Life Insurance Company
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Heritage Life Insurance Company Overview

Strong Financial Foundation:

As of 12/31/20, Heritage boasted approximately $7.3 billion in total assets and over $1 billion in adjusted capital.

This positions them within the top 100 U.S. life insurance companies.

Their robust capital base empowers them to expand our client base effectively.

Proven Client Satisfaction:

Since 2012, Heritage has delivered over $2 billion in policyholder benefit payments, showcasing a consistent track record of timely client service.

Financial Stability:

Over the last five years, Heritage has generated around $335 million in net income, demonstrating strong operational performance that underpins our ability to serve clients in the long run.

Regulatory Oversight:

Heritage, as a licensed U.S. life insurance company, submits regular financial statements to insurance regulators, audited annually by a “Big Four” public accounting firm.

Additionally, they undergo periodic financial examinations conducted by their regulatory authority in Arizona.

Key Industry Relationships:

Heritage maintains financial ties with leading international banks, possesses credit facilities with major financial institutions.

They collaborate with recognized service providers in the industry.

Heritage is also a prominent life insurance member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, a segment of the Federal Home Loan Bank System established by Congress in 1932.


With substantial adjusted capital reserves, Heritage excels in assisting companies with capital strain resulting from sales growth, lowering capital expenses;

Enhancing equity returns, and mitigating risk by reducing exposure to concentrated life and annuity product portfolios.

Apart from reinsurance, Heritage excels in tailoring solutions for niche markets using annuities to fund non-qualified structured settlements, attorney fee award deferrals;

And non-qualified tort settlements with potential tax advantages for recipients.

Heritage Life Insurance Company Subsidiaries

Heritage Life Insurance Company of the Americas, Ltd.

Professional Life & Casualty Company

Heritage Mortgage Investment Company LLC

Hlic Vehicle, LLC

Groverton Insurance Agency LLC

USFL Life Re Company

Seward H Holdings Inc.

Hlic Re Holdings, LLC

U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of life insurance policies does Heritage Life Insurance Company offer?

Heritage offers a range of life insurance policies, including term life, whole life, and universal life insurance.

Can I customize my life insurance coverage with Heritage to fit my specific needs?

Yes, Heritage provides flexible policies that can be tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring you have coverage that suits your financial goals.

How do I request a life insurance quote from Heritage Life Insurance Company?

You can easily request a life insurance quote by visiting their website or reaching out to their customer support team.

What are the benefits of bundling life insurance with other insurance policies with Heritage?

Bundling multiple insurance policies with Heritage may lead to significant savings through multi-policy discounts.

How long does it take to process a life insurance claim with Heritage?

Heritage aims to make the claims process as efficient as possible, with their customer support team guiding you through each step. The processing time may vary depending on the nature of the claim.

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