Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, ONE FEDERAL STREET, SUITE 400 (IL) : Lines of business, Discounts Available, Ranks Among Providers ,Claims Process, Company reviews and Contacts

Homesite Insurance Company of Florida distinguishes itself as a versatile provider, offering competitive rates and a diverse range of coverage options.

This article explores the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, providing personalized policies for tailored insurance solutions.

Homesite’s offerings include home, auto, flood, renters, and condo insurance, designed to meet the unique needs of Floridians.

With a history of service in the state and a focus on excellent customer service, Homesite stands as a reliable choice, emphasizing competitive rates, customization options, and user-friendly online services.

Homesite Insurance Company of Florida
Homesite Insurance Company of Florida
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The article underscores the company’s dedication to accessibility, highlighting the importance of protecting individuals and families.

Lines of business

Ensuring the safety of your life and assets requires the right insurance coverage, and Homesite Insurance Company of Florida recognizes the individuality of each person’s needs.

That’s why they present a broad array of coverage options, safeguarding your home, vehicle, and loved ones.

Explore the extensive coverage choices they offer:

  • Home Insurance: Safeguard your home and its contents from various risks.
  • Auto Insurance: Guarantee coverage for your vehicle in different situations.
  • Flood Insurance: Protect your property from flood-related damages.
  • Renters Insurance: Secure your personal belongings while renting.
  • Condo Insurance: Tailored coverage for condominium owners.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Additional liability protection beyond standard policies.
  • Boat and Watercraft Insurance: Coverage for your watercraft.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Protection for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • RV and Mobile Home Insurance: Security for your mobile abode.
  • Life Insurance: Financial security for your loved ones.
  • Pet Insurance: Coverage for your furry family members.
  • Specialty Insurance: Tailored policies for unique assets.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, finding the right insurance coverage brings a sense of peace.

Homesite Insurance Company of Florida is committed to addressing your diverse needs, providing a suite of options that can be personalized to your unique circumstances.

With Homesite, you can shield what matters most to you and your family effectively.”

 Discounts Available

Trimming down insurance costs is a universal goal, and at Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, they recognize the significance of affordability without compromising coverage. To enhance accessibility, a spectrum of discounts is offered, ensuring you can safeguard what matters most without straining your budget. Delve into the discounts available:

  • To begin with, the Multi-Policy Discount allows you to combine policies for added savings.
  • Additionally, the Safe Driver Discount lets you enjoy reduced rates with a pristine driving record.
  • Moreover, the Good Student Discount provides recognition for academic excellence.
  • Furthermore, the Anti-Theft Devices discount allows you to protect your vehicle and save with security features.
  • In addition, the Home Safety Features discount ensures lower rates for a secure home environment.
  • Moving on, the Claims-Free Discount encourages maintaining a clean claims history for potential savings.
  • Likewise, the Multi-Car Discount enables you to insure all vehicles under one policy for cost-effective coverage.
  • Similarly, the Pay-in-Full Discount offers savings by paying your premium in one lump sum.
  • Moreover, the Paperless Billing option lets you reduce paper waste and save money through electronic billing.
  • Additionally, the Military and Veteran Discounts provide special recognition for those who serve.
  • Furthermore, the Affinity Group Discount provides membership perks for certain organizations.
  • Similarly, the Low Mileage Discount allows you to pay less if you drive fewer miles.
  • Lastly, the Renewal Discount ensures loyalty is rewarded with discounted renewal rates.

At Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, your financial well-being takes precedence.

Their aim is to make quality insurance accessible to all, and the myriad discounts available reflect that commitment.

Explore these opportunities confidently to secure the protection you need while retaining more money in your pocket

Ranks Among Providers

In the dynamic realm of the insurance industry, Homesite Insurance Company of Florida faces competition that is contingent on its market orientation and geographical location. Within the broader spectrum of insurance, it contends with several reputable companies that offer similar coverage choices. Key potential competitors include:

  1. State Farm: A prominent national insurer known for its extensive product lineup and comprehensive coverage options, with a vast agent network.
  2. Allstate: Another major industry player recognized for its diverse insurance offerings and innovative features like the Drivewise program.
  3. Geico: Specializing in auto insurance, Geico stands out for competitive rates and memorable advertising campaigns, catering to various vehicle types and drivers.
  4. Progressive: Renowned for its technological focus and user-friendly online tools, Progressive provides auto, home, and other insurance products, including the innovative Snapshot program.
  5. Liberty Mutual: Offering a wide array of insurance solutions, Liberty Mutual is distinguished by customizable policies and various discount opportunities.

It’s crucial to recognize that the competitive landscape evolves, and the prominence of competitors may differ by region. Individuals and businesses should assess factors like coverage options, rates, customer service, and specific needs when choosing an insurance provider.

Claims Process

Claim Filing Convenience

Homesite Insurance Company of Florida ensures a hassle-free and user-friendly claims filing experience for its policyholders. Whether you opt for online, phone, or mobile app submissions, Homesite offers diverse channels to cater to your preferences.

Average Claim Processing Time

A critical aspect of any insurance company lies in the promptness of claim processing. While specific processing durations may vary based on the claim’s nature and complexity, Homesite Insurance Company of Florida is dedicated to efficiently managing claims.

Customer Input on Claim Resolutions and Payouts

Evaluating an insurance provider benefits from customer insights. Homesite Insurance Company of Florida values customer satisfaction, making customer reviews and testimonials essential in understanding their approach to claim resolutions and payouts.

Company reviews

In the realm of insurance providers, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before selecting the right one for your needs.

Homesite Insurance Company of Florida presents a balanced overview, with competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage options, and a user-friendly claims process as notable strengths.

However, considerations like limited availability in specific areas, information constraints on the website, potential variations in discounts, and the absence of 24/7 customer support warrant careful evaluation.

This comprehensive analysis aims to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their insurance provider based on specific priorities and preferences.


Firstly, competitive pricing ensures affordability.

Secondly, comprehensive coverage options cater to diverse needs.

Thirdly, an easy claims process ensures hassle-free resolutions.

Lastly, positive customer reviews reflect satisfaction.


Firstly, limited availability in specific areas may restrict accessibility.

Secondly, the website provides limited information, impacting transparency.

Thirdly, discounts may vary by location, causing inconsistency.

Lastly, the lack of 24/7 customer support (if applicable) limits accessibility.


Call or Text: (813) 920-8181
Toll Free: (877) 277-2715
Fax: (866) 823-2468

Physical Address:
17815 Gunn Highway, Ste 6
Odessa, FL 33556
By Appointment Only

Mailing Address:
17633 Gunn Highway, Ste 373
Odessa, FL 33556

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