Homesite Insurance Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

Homesite Insurance Review
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Homesite offers a range of home insurance policies through its parent company, American Family Insurance.

They provide various coverage types, discounts, and online quotes.

Some key things to note about homesite coverage are:

  • Access to a large agent network through American Family Insurance
  • Standard policies cover dwellings, other structures, personal property, loss of use, and personal liability
  • Available endorsements for flood, earthquake, and identity fraud protection

Homesite stands out for its variety of discounts, like new homes, alarm systems, and multi-policy.

Customer reviews praise their 24/7 claims service.

While not the most affordable, Homesite Insurance competes on flexibility and service quality.

For most homeowners, they offer a solid option well worth exploring via an online quote. Just be sure any chosen coverage fits your needs.

What is homesite Insurance? 

Navigating the task of securing homeowners insurance for your first home can be overwhelming, given the numerous options available.

However, Homesite, recommended by a friend for its online approach, provides a solution worth considering.

Here’s a breakdown of the experience:

  1. Online Convenience: Homesite’s online platform streamlines the process, allowing you to enter your address and receive personalized quotes within minutes.
  2. Seamless Comparison: The ability to compare deductibles and coverage amounts side by side proves incredibly convenient for making informed decisions.
  3. Fit-for-Needs Plan: Opting for their standard plan, we discovered it to be a perfect fit for our needs at a reasonable cost.
  4. Reputable Affiliation: The knowledge that Homesite is part of reputable American Family Insurance added to our confidence in their services.
  5. Effortless Process: The entire process, from quote comparison to policy selection, was completed effortlessly online, eliminating the need to visit multiple agents.
  6. User-Friendly Claims: Filing claims has been a straightforward process through their user-friendly website and app.
  7. Thoughtful Features: The Homesite’s thoughtful features, including renewal reminders and safety tips, have enhanced the overall experience.
  8. Opportunity to Save: We particularly appreciated the opportunity to save by taking an online course.

For those exploring home insurance or considering online options, Homesite comes highly recommended.

The virtual convenience it offers surpasses the traditional agent approach.

In our experience, Homesite provides reliable protection without unnecessary complexities, making it a wise choice for the first look when shopping for homeowners insurance.

What are the Pros and Cons of Homesite insurance?

A friend recently asked me about Homesite since she’s shopping for coverage for her new place.

Here’s what I told her based on my own experience getting quotes and policies over the years.


  • It’s a big saver to get quotes online in minutes. No messing with agents yet.
  • There are tons of coverage options to mix and match when you sign up or renew. Add stuff like water backup and identity theft protection, basically whatever floats your boat.
  • Nice discounts if you bundle other policies or lock in with Homesite long-term. I saved bundling renter’s insurance back when.
  • Customer service answers questions whenever. The website has resources too, which is handy.


  • I have seen some mixed reviews about claims payments and communication. Fingers crossed you don’t run into issues!
  • There is no app yet for on-the-go management like other companies offer. The website works fine on mobile, but an app would step it up.
  • It might not suit super-rural areas with no nearby agents for questions. Big city folk are probably fine, though.

Overall, Homesite provides a fair deal for most folks. Just go in with eyes wide on the fine print and claims process reviews.

Table of Coverage of Homesite Insurance

Here’s a table comparing the main coverage types included in a standard Homesite home insurance policy:

Coverage Type What it Covers Important Details
Dwelling Coverage Repairs or rebuilding costs for physical damage to your actual home structure from things like fire, lightning, hail, or wind. Pays the amount needed to repair or fully rebuild your home. Doesn’t cover outdoor structures like detached garages unless specifically added.
Personal Property Coverage Replacement value for your personal belongings ruined in a covered loss inside your home. Covers things like furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics, and valuables. Limit expensive items like jewelry unless scheduled separately.
Additional Living Expenses Extra costs to stay somewhere else if your home is uninhabitable during repairs after a covered loss. Kicks in for hotels, food, and storage if you have to temporarily relocate. Pays until repairs are done or the coverage limit is reached.
Personal Liability Coverage Legal defense costs and settlement awards if someone sues you claiming an accident on your property injured them or damaged their stuff. Pays per-incident limit, often in the $100K-$300K range. Only covers accidental injuries, not intentional harm.
Medical Payments to Others Medical bills for people hurt in accidents on your property. Pays medical costs for others injured on your property per incident, regardless of fault, up to a policy limit of $1K–$5K typically.


In addition to the basics, Homesite offers some useful add-ons to further customize your policy’s protection. Here are a few common ones to consider:

Coverage Option What it Does
Extended Replacement Cost for Dwelling If repairs or rebuilding cost more than your dwelling limit due to price hikes after a loss, this bumps coverage up by 25–50% for extra funds.
Water Backup Protection It covers damage to your home and belongings from sewer line leaks, drain backups, and sump pump failures, which always seem to happen at the worst times!
Identity Theft Insurance If identity fraud strikes your finances, this reimburses the costs involved with restoring your credit and good name. Rest easy, knowing help is there.
Earthquake Endorsement Adds quake coverage up to $500K to take the guesswork out of potential damage from Mother Nature’s shakes and rumbles.


Options like these can provide valuable peace of mind.

It’s worth comparing their extra cost versus risk to decide if any deserve a spot in your coverage toolbox.

Homesite makes layering on protection simple online or over the phone when renewing too.

What does homesite insurance cover?

Homesite covers most of the perils that are typically included:

Dwelling Coverage

This covers repairs or full rebuilding costs if your physical home structure is damaged by things like fire, lightning, and wind or hail storms.

Look out for limitations on things like outdoor structures; make sure your shed or garage is explicitly included if needed.

Personal Property Protection

It covers your belongings if they’re ruined in an insured incident.

Know that there may be caps of, say, $2,500 per item for electronics or jewelry unless you schedule them separately at full replacement value.

Also, check if high-end items have special requirements.

Liability Coverage Limits

Standard personal liability is usually $100k–$300k to cover legal claims if someone is hurt on your property.

Consider higher limits if you have a pool, trampoline, or other higher-risk activities.

You never know what an injury lawsuit could potentially cost.

Additional Living Expenses

This pays for things like hotels, food storage, and extra utility bills if repairs make your home temporarily unlivable.

Read the small print on how long coverage lasts; make sure there’s enough time for major work like full rebuilds if needed.

Water Backup Coverage

Sewer/drain failure Flooding often requires its endorsement.

Don’t assume it’s automatically included; ask about adding this common and disruptive peril to be safe.

To find out what your Homesite policy covers and excludes, you should read your policy documents carefully or contact your agent for clarification.

Homesite Insurance Discount

Homesite offers various discounts to help you lower your home insurance premium. Some of the common discounts are:

  • Bundle multiple policies, like auto, and get 15% off your homesite rates. One-stop shopping is the way to go.
  • Carry more than one homesite coverage, such as renters with your homeowners, for 10% discounts. One insurer keeps it simple.
  • Spend a few bucks on smart home tech to get 5% off for the added security features. Gadgets can pay off big time.
  • Renew your Homesite policy for 3+ years and earn a 5% loyalty bonus for sticking with them long-term. They reward relationships.
  • Get your credit to save up to 5% with good scores. It makes sense to watch your finances too.
  • Opt for paperless documents to remove 3% from your premiums. Plus, it’s eco-friendly! A savings slam dunk.
  • Check with your agent or hit Homesite’s site to see what deals you’re eligible for. There is no risk in exploring extra discounts

To find out what discounts you are eligible for, you should contact your agent or get a quote online from Homesite.

Homesite Insurance Reviews

Here is the mixed-up feedback from the reviews of Homesite Insurance:


  • Several customers praised Homesite’s user-friendly online quoting and policy management portal, finding it convenient
  • Some customers commented favorably on Homesite’s affordable rates and various bundling and discount options
  • A few reviews mentioned smooth claims-handling experiences with responsive agents assisting


  • Numerous reviews criticized Homesite’s poor customer service via phone, with long wait times and unhelpful representatives
  • Many customers complained of mid-term rate increases and unexpected policy cancellations or non-renewals
  • Multiple reviews mentioned denied, delayed, or underpaid claims resulting from inadequate damage assessments
  • Some customers reported issues with inaccurate policies, missing coverage, and failure to address issues professionally

The site receives mixed feedback. While rates and convenience appeal to some, inconsistent service quality and handling claims and policies appropriately frustrate many.

Prospective customers may want to thoroughly research company practices and consider alternative quotes, factoring in this input from past clients’ real experiences.


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How do I get a quote?

Just head to their site and enter your address to estimate your rates. Easy peasy.

What do I do if the shed catches fire?

File claims online or give them a holler. Just be sure to have photos and a list of ruined items ready so they can be reimbursed quickly.

How can I talk to a real person?

Call or message their support for polite help. Explain your problem, and they’ll find the right solution.

What if I want to explore other options?

No sweat; tell ’em you’re lookin’ elsewhere. You might need to pay a small fee if you cancel midterm, but they’ll shut it off if that’s your choice


While Homesite does offer the convenience of online quotes and services, it’s clear they have some areas that could use improvement, according to customer feedback.

Handling claims smoothly and having local agents available for support seem to be pain points for some past policyholders.

So it’s understandable to have reservations about committing to them long-term.

With any big purchase like home insurance, doing your research is always advisable.

Check reviews from various sources, compare rates from multiple providers, and consider your priorities: do you prefer mainly online services or the option of face-to-face guidance?

Figuring out what matters most will help you decide if Homesite is the right fit despite the mixed reviews or if another insurer may be a better match.

Peace of mind knowing you’ll get quick help if disaster strikes is worth taking the time to investigate your options fully.

Your home is a major investment after all, so protecting it deserves careful consideration of all the factors.

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