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Hornbeam specializes in warranty and specialty insurance, serving manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, and commercial businesses.

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Hornbeam Insurance Focuses on Small-Scale Transactions

  • Large insurance companies dominate the service contract industry after recent industry consolidation.
  • Small and mid-sized opportunities in the warranty sector were often overlooked by major insurers.
  • Dan Tafel, previously at AIG, identified a gap in the market for smaller deals and approached American Life & Accident Insurance Company.
  • Tafel and colleagues launched Hornbeam Insurance Company, focusing on small-scale warranty and specialty insurance.
  • Hornbeam aims to support mid-tier warranty players, neglected by larger insurance providers.
  • Entrepreneurial atmosphere drives Hornbeam’s launch, emphasizing expertise in mid-market warranties.
  • Hornbeam’s areas of focus include traditional extended warranties, home protection services, commercial warranties, and specialty insurance.
  • Hornbeam Insurance’s launch celebrated at an open house in Louisville, marking a new chapter in the city’s warranty industry.

Services provided by Hornbeam Insurance Company

Hornbeam Insurance specializes in non-traditional insurance categories, excluding auto, home, or life insurance. Its core focus lies in warranty and specialty insurance tailored to manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, and commercial enterprises.

The company tailors its offerings to suit clients’ specific needs, often collaborating with partners to create innovative insurance products like Armadillo Home Warranty and Puls Home Appliance Warranty. Additionally, Hornbeam Insurance provides commercial warranties and performance guarantees to meet the requirements of industrial and commercial customers.

Hornbeam Insurance’s coverage is limited to the United States and its territories, and it does not extend internationally.

The company concentrates on small-scale transactions with annual premiums under $5 million, offering short-term policies spanning 5 to 364 days, depending on the client and the product in question.

Financial Information about Hornbeam Insurance Company

Premium Costs, Payment Options, and Discounts for Hornbeam Insurance Company

Premium Costs: Hornbeam Insurance offers competitive pricing and flexible terms for its warranty and specialty insurance products. The exact premium costs may vary based on factors such as the type, duration, and coverage of the warranty or service contract. To receive a personalized quote, please contact Hornbeam Insurance through phone or email.

Payment Options: Hornbeam Insurance provides multiple payment options for your convenience. You can make payments using credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, or wire transfers. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from various payment frequencies, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on your preferences and budget.

Discounts and Promotional Offers: While specific discounts and promotional offers are not listed on the Hornbeam Insurance website, the company may have incentives or rewards for loyal customers and referrals. To learn more about any ongoing deals or promotions, please get in touch with Hornbeam Insurance directly.

Claim Payout Ratio: Hornbeam Insurance does not display its claim payout ratio on its website. However, the company prides itself on maintaining a fast and efficient claim process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hornbeam Insurance also collaborates with other companies to offer innovative insurance products like Armadillo Home Warranty and Puls Home Appliance Warranty, which may have distinct claim payout ratios. For detailed information on claim payout ratios, kindly reach out to Hornbeam Insurance or its partner companies.

Hornbeam Insurance Company claiming process

Claims Process and Customer Satisfaction with Hornbeam Insurance Company

Hornbeam Insurance Company is a national property and casualty insurance carrier specializing in warranty and specialty insurance for manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, and commercial businesses. It is affiliated with the American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky, established in 1906.

To initiate a claim with Hornbeam Insurance Company, follow these steps:

For claim status inquiries, reach out to the company, offering your claim number and policy number. Alternatively, you can log in to your online account to access and review your claim details.

The time required to settle a claim with Hornbeam Insurance Company varies based on the claim’s type, complexity, and the cooperation of involved parties. The company is committed to processing claims promptly and fairly, in adherence to state laws and regulations.

As per customer reviews on Clearsurance, Hornbeam Insurance Company boasts a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating for claims satisfaction. Satisfied customers highlight the company’s swift and straightforward claims process, the amiability and supportiveness of its staff, and its competitive pricing.

Hornbeam Insurance Company contact information

Contact Information Details
Phone Number (502) 417-8260
Address 471 W Main St Ste 302, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202, United States
Customer Service contact – Phone: Contact Hornbeam Insurance Company for inquiries or claims. – Email: info@hornbeaminsurance.com
Website Hornbeam Insurance Company
Email Address – General Inquiries: info@hornbeaminsurance.com – Other formats for employee emails at 9 and 10
Fax Number Hornbeam Insurance Company does not have a listed fax number. Contact them by phone or email instead.
Operating Hours Operating hours are not specified, but assume standard U.S. Eastern Time (ET) business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Hornbeam Insurance Company coverage provisions

Hornbeam Insurance Company specializes in property casualty insurance, focusing on tailored risk management solutions for diverse sectors including appliances, electronics, mobile, HVAC, solar, industrial, home, and commercial industries. Below are key details about Hornbeam Insurance Company’s coverage:

Policy Exclusions:

  • Not Covered:
    • Acts of terrorism, war, or government action
    • Intentional or criminal acts by the insured or their representatives
    • Wear and tear, deterioration, or maintenance issues
    • Natural disasters like floods or earthquakes
    • Pre-existing conditions or defects
    • High-risk activities such as racing or stunts
    • Specific damages like those caused by mold, insects, rodents, corrosion, rust, or power surges

Coverage Limits:

  • Target Audience: Small-scale deals under $5 million in annual premium
  • Policy Duration: Short-term policies ranging from 5 to 364 days based on the product and client
  • Variability: Coverage limits depend on policy type, duration, and specifics. Contact Hornbeam Insurance for a customized quote.


Add-ons or Riders:

Hornbeam Company Overview

Established in 2019, Hornbeam Insurance Company specializes in warranty and service contract markets. Under the umbrella of Hardscuffle Incorporated, it’s affiliated with the established American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky, founded in 1906.

Led by CEO Kevin Callahan, the company’s leadership team includes key members like CFO Nickolas Kuhlman and General Counsel Christopher Karo.

Financially, Hornbeam Insurance files its statements with the NAIC and the Kentucky Department of Insurance, providing transparency despite the absence of public annual reports.

The company holds an A (Exceptional) Demotech rating, indicating strong financial stability and claims-paying ability.

With 13 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $3.5 million, Hornbeam focuses on delivering tailored insurance solutions to its clients.

Hornbeam Insurance Company Customer Feedback and Evaluations

  • Client Ratings: While Hornbeam Insurance doesn’t display extensive customer feedback on its platform, it holds a commendable 4.5 out of 5 stars in claims satisfaction on Clearsurance, a reputable consumer insurance review website. Clients have lauded the company for its swift and straightforward claims process, approachable staff, and competitive pricing1.
  • Endorsements: Although Hornbeam Insurance doesn’t showcase testimonials on its official channels, its partners and clients have expressed positivity on platforms like Facebook. Partners commend the company’s flexibility, expertise, and innovative insurance solutions, emphasizing Hornbeam’s ability to meet unique needs.

Clients have also praised the company’s efficiency and professionalism, especially in handling urgent claims, showcasing            satisfaction with the service received.

These partnerships might have distinct complaint procedures and resolutions, which interested parties can learn more              about by reaching out to Hornbeam Insurance or its affiliated partners.

Hornbeam Insurance Company Collaborations and Associates

  • Partnered businesses: Hornbeam Insurance Company does not partner with any specific businesses such as auto repair shops or hospitals. Instead, it focuses on warranty and specialty insurance for manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions and commercial businesses. It also partners with other companies to offer innovative and unique insurance products, such as Armadillo Home Warranty and Puls Home Appliance Warranty.
  • Affiliated service providers: Hornbeam Insurance Company is affiliated with Ironwood Warranty Group, LLC, a holding company for the following companies that are exclusively focused on supporting warranty and service contract solutions:
    • Ironwood Warranty, LLC
    • Ironwood Warranty of Florida, LLC
    • National Service Alliance, LLC Hornbeam Insurance Company is also affiliated with American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky, which was founded in 1906, serving the life insurance markets throughout the United States. Hornbeam Insurance and American Life are both owned by Hardscuffle Incorporated, a holding company.
  • Sponsorships and collaborations: Hornbeam Insurance Company does not have any sponsorships or collaborations on its website or other sources.

However, it recently announced its partnership with Trinity Warranty, a leading provider of HVAC warranty programs, for          both commercial and residential customers. Trinity selected Hornbeam Insurance to support their HVAC warranty                       programs designed for commercial markets.

Hornbeam Insurance Company policy renewal and cancellations

Policy Renewal Process:

  • Hornbeam’s Renewal Approach: While the specific intricacies of Hornbeam Insurance Company’s policy renewal process remain undisclosed on their website and other platforms, the company assures clients of competitive rates and adaptable terms. The process can vary based on the kind, duration, and extent of the warranty or service contract in question. To obtain a quote or renew your policy, simply reach out to Hornbeam Insurance Company via phone or email.

Cancellation Policy and Fees:

  • Cancellation Protocols: Although Hornbeam Insurance Company does not outline its cancellation policy and associated fees online, industry-standard practices typically involve two common methods: pro rata and short rate. Pro rata cancellations result in a full refund of the unused premium portion without penalties, while short rate cancellations entail a partial refund with approximately a 10% deduction.
  • The specific method applied depends on your policy’s terms and conditions, along with the reason for cancellation. For detailed information or inquiries regarding cancellation fees, contacting Hornbeam Insurance Company via phone or email is the most effective approach.

Grace Periods:

Hornbeam Insurance Company carriers

Job Openings:

  • Hornbeam Insurance Company:

    Hornbeam Insurance Company currently has no job listings. However, its affiliate, Ironwood Warranty Group, offers various job opportunities.

Internship Opportunities:

Employee Benefits:

  • Hornbeam Insurance Company:

    Employee benefits, such as health, dental, vision insurance, life coverage, retirement plans, and more, can be obtained through direct contact.

Company Culture:

  • Hornbeam Insurance Company: While a specific description of the company’s culture is not available on its website or other outlets, its profile and history suggest various cultural aspects:
    • Innovation: Hornbeam Insurance Company’s core focus on the warranty and specialty insurance market highlights the necessity for creativity and adaptability in meeting the diverse needs of clients and industries. Collaborative partnerships with other companies further demonstrate a commitment to innovation, yielding unique insurance products.
    • Collaboration: Being part of a network of companies exclusively dedicated to supporting warranty and service contract solutions underscores a culture of collaboration. The company’s close working relationships with clients and partners for tailor-made risk management solutions reinforce this collaborative spirit.
    • Growth: Founded in 2019 with a specific focus on small-scale deals under $5 million in annual premium, Hornbeam Insurance Company emphasizes short-term policies with a range from 5 days to 364 days. Operating exclusively within the United States and its territories, this signifies potential growth and expansion in the future.

Hornbeam social and environmental initiative

Charity and Environmental Contributions: While  it does not outline specific charitable or environmental initiatives, it is connected to Hardscuffle Inc., the parent company.

Hardscuffle’s chair, Nana Lampton, and CEO, Jerry Gerichs, support the Snowy Owl Foundation Inc., which promotes education, arts, and environmental stewardship.

Eco-Friendly Efforts: Although it does not detail its environmental endeavors, American Life and Accident Insurance Company, an affiliate, has established a green roof in partnership with Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest and Turner Construction Company.</p>

This green roof reduces runoff, conserves energy, enhances air quality, and provides wildlife habitat.

Community Engagement: Hornbeam Insurance itself lacks community involvement information, but its parent company, Ironwood Warranty Group, has showcased community projects, including contributions to the Louisville Zoo Foundation, sponsorship of a Kentucky Humane Society golf tournament, and participation in Dare to Care Food Bank’s food drive.

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