How Does USAA Compare with Other Companies? Overview, USAA vs. Amica Mutual & Progressive

How Does USAA Compare with Other Companies: Comparing Rates, Coverage, and Customer Reviews.!!!

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How Does USAA Compare with Other Companies?

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It’s great to read a single review of USAA, but I believe it’s even more helpful to see how their renter’s insurance stacks up against other top providers.

Let me give you a rundown of how USAA’s coverage compares to two other major players, Amica and Progressive.

The Cheapest Basic Renters Insurance by Provider

Company National Monthly Average Sample Rate
Lemonade $9.57
State Farm $10.83
USAA $13.70
Allstate $15.17
Amica Mutual $16.35
Liberty Mutual $16.38
Progressive $21.01
Travelers $22.14
GEICO $29.37

USAA Renters Insurance Review of 2024: Overview, Financial and Customer Service Ratings, Pros, Cons & USAA Renters Insurance Rating

USAA Renters Insurance

USAA vs. Amica Mutual


USAA and Amica are both reputable companies known for their strong financial backgrounds and good customer service track records.

USAA operates in all 50 states and D.C., while Amica covers 48 states but doesn’t extend to D.C., Alaska, or Hawaii.

When it comes to discounts, both offer five for renters’ insurance.

Amica edges ahead slightly with a 15% bundling discount, but USAA tends to provide more overall savings, especially with its claims-free and on-base discounts.

In terms of customer service!

USAA gets a thumbs-up from J.D. Power, while Amica has fewer customer complaints reported to the NAIC.

Both companies make it easy to file claims online or via mobile apps, so that’s pretty much a tie.


They offer similar high limits and deductible options, with Amica offering the lowest deductible at just $100.

USAA vs. Progressive

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Progressive, much like USAA, is a big player in the insurance world, boasting solid ratings and a lengthy track record in renters’ insurance.

Both companies cover renters nationwide, including D.C., which is great news for folks like military members who often move around a lot.

When it comes to discounts, they’re pretty evenly matched, offering five each.

However, USAA seems to have the upper hand in terms of how much you can save by stacking those discounts.

USAA’s basic policy seems to offer more bang for your buck compared to Progressive’s.

USAA throws in extras like flood and earthquake coverage and default replacement cost, which isn’t standard with Progressive.

But Progressive has its own perks!

Offering more add-ons like personal injury coverage and a single deductible option for bundling renters and auto insurance.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell!

I can say with confidence that USAA is a trustworthy and principled company, backed by a century-long legacy of stellar customer service and fair claim settlements.

They’ve scored top marks in financial ratings, even earning the highest rating from A.M. Best, a highly respected insurance rating authority.

Considering what their policy covers, USAA’s rates seem pretty reasonable.

They throw in extras like flood and earthquake coverage and replacement cost coverage for personal belongings, which you don’t always find in standard renters insurance.

What really stands out is the breadth of protection they offer.

They cover stuff like flood and earthquake insurance, which usually come with extra costs.

Their customer service is top-notch too, and their tech makes it super easy to manage your policy online, file claims, or even chat with an agent on their website.

You can file claims online, through their app, or by phone, thanks to their 24/7 toll-free line.

For those who qualify, especially military members and their families, USAA seems like the go-to choose with their tailored coverage options.

While USAA might be the cheapest in some areas, it’s always a good idea to shop around and get quotes from a few different companies before you commit to a renters insurance provider.

USAA Renters Insurance Overview: Overview, Policy, Coverage, Limits, Discounts, Rates, Customer Service Options & Availability


Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions related to “How Does USAA Compare with Other Companies?

Q: How does USAA’s customer service compare to other renters’ insurance companies when compared with other companies?

A: USAA’s customer service is highly regarded, with accolades from organizations like J.D. Power.

However, customer service experiences can vary depending on individual circumstances and preferences.

It’s always a good idea to compare reviews and ratings from multiple sources to get a comprehensive understanding of customer service quality.


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