How much is a Ct scan with contrast without insurance


In the US, CT scans can cost anywhere from $231 to $1132, with the national average being $398.

A CT scan, computerized tomography, is a medical scan used primarily for diagnostic purposes.

A doctor can perform this scan for nearly every body part to help reach a diagnosis.

CT scan costs can vary based on the body part being examined

Additional costs include whether or not the scan is with or without contrast.


CT Scan Vs. Xray Vs. Ultrasound Vs. MRI

Think of medical imaging as different ways to see inside a mysterious box.

An X-ray is like shining a flashlight through the box, letting you see the outlines of solid objects, like bones.

An Ultrasound is like tapping on the box and listening to the echo; it’s great for seeing soft things, like babies in a womb or blood flow.

An MRI uses big magnets, so imagine feeling the box’s contents with a magnetic hand, which is useful for detailed images of organs and tissues without radiation A CTscan,

A CT scan on the other hand, is like taking X-ray slices of the box from different angles and assembling them into a 3D picture.

Doctors might order a CT scan because it’s a quick way to get a really clear and detailed picture of the inside of your body, which can be vital in emergencies or for specific conditions.

Average Cost Of A CT Scan

The following values outline the difference between average outpatient and inpatient CT scan costs.

The data reveals significant variations in pricing

These differences highlight the geographical disparities in medical pricing within the United States.

Cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco also exhibit moderately high costs

City Average CT Scan Cost
New York, NY $375.65
Los Angeles, CA $378.51
Chicago, IL $295.81
Dallas, TX $629.55
Houston, TX $412.91
Phoenix, AZ $421.24
Washington, DC $325.56
Miami, FL $365.44
San Francisco, CA $369.38
  • Head CT Scan Cost

This scan diagnoses conditions like strokes, tumors, brain injuries, and other neurological disorders.

City CPT Code Avg. Price
Average 70450 $307.58
New York, NY 70450 $273.27
Los Angeles, CA 70450 $277.29
Chicago, IL 70450 $264.64
Dallas, TX 70450 $488.42
Houston, TX 70450 $336.66
Phoenix, AZ 70450 $320.33
Washington, DC 70450 $231.00
Miami, FL 70450 $281.87
San Francisco, CA 70450 $294.70


  • Spine CT Scan Cost

A Spine CT scan is an advanced imaging technique used to obtain detailed cross-sectional images of the spine

Doctors commonly order this scan to diagnose or assess conditions such as spinal injuries, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, tumors

It is particularly valuable for detecting issues in the bony structure of the spine

An Abdominal CT scan is a sophisticated imaging procedure that provides detailed, cross-sectional views of the abdominal area

This scan is crucial for diagnosing a range of conditions, including appendicitis, cancers, kidney stones, and infections

City CPT Code Avg. Price
Average 74150 $597.80
New York, NY 74150 $647.51
Los Angeles, CA 74150 $524.22
Chicago, IL 74150 $308.86
Dallas, TX 74150 $1,132.02
Houston, TX 74150 $590.25
Phoenix, AZ 74150 $569.99
Washington, DC 74150 $546.28
Miami, FL 74150 $463.27
  • Pelvis CT Scan Cost

A pelvic CT scan is a detailed imaging test used to examine the pelvic area

Doctors often order this scan when investigating symptoms such as pelvic pain, unexplained bleeding, or abnormalities found in physical exams

It is particularly useful in diagnosing and assessing conditions like pelvic fractures, tumors, inflammatory diseases

City CPT Code Avg. Price
Average 72192 $332.72
New York, NY 72192 $269.98
Los Angeles, CA 72192 $332.31
Chicago, IL 72192 $250.97
Dallas, TX 72192 $496.07
Houston, TX 72192 $337.53
Phoenix, AZ 72192 $369.96
Washington, DC 72192 $237.06
Miami, FL 72192 $281.58
San Francisco, CA 72192 $419.04
  • Chest CT Scan Cost

A Chest CT scan is a precise imaging technique used to capture detailed images of the chest area

It plays a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring conditions such as lung cancer, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, and heart diseases.

City CPT Code Avg. Price
Average 71250 $425.47
New York, NY 71250 $401.99
Los Angeles, CA 71250 $428.18
Chicago, IL 71250 $351.41
Dallas, TX 71250 $535.98
Houston, TX 71250 $436.01
Phoenix, AZ 71250 $437.60
Washington, DC 71250 $347.99
Miami, FL 71250 $474.66
San Francisco, CA 71250 $415.42

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A CT Scan

Several factors can change the costs of your CT scan.

They include:

  • Body Part Scanned

costs of a CT scan depend heavily on what area of the body is examination

For instance, CT angiographies are more costly than CT scans to assess bone density or soft tissue.

  • Facility

As described above, inpatient facilities will typically have higher costs for CT scans than outpatient.

This is mainly because inpatient facilities are more costly to run than outpatient facilities.

If you find that you have the option to receive CT imaging at an outpatient facility, your costs will likely be significantly lower than at a hospital.

  • Insurance Status


However, based on your insurance plan, you might have to reach a deductible before your insurance coverage can kick in.

  • Location

As described above, geographical regions have varying costs for CT scans.

Larger cities will tend to have lower CT scan costs because more facilities are available.

More rural areas might have more costly procedures.

CT Scan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following section will answer some frequently asked questions about CT Scans.

  • What Is A CT Scan?

A CT scan combines a series of X-rays to produce 3D images of different body parts.

This procedure is used primarily for diagnostic purposes and is painless and non-invasive.

This scan can show intricate images of any body part and is more detailed than standard X-rays.

  • When Do You Need A CT Scan?

CT scans are primarily used to diagnose certain muscle and bone disorders.

However, CT scans can also be used to locate the position of a tumor.

CT scans can show a lot about the location and size of the tumor

  • What Should You Expect During A CT Scan?

Before the scan, you will be asked to remove any metal objects, and you will be asked to wear a hospital gown.

You will then be asked to lie on a long table that moves slowly through the CT scanner.

This procedure takes about 30 minutes and is painless.

What Are The Risks Associated With Getting A CT Scan?

CT scans use X-rays which produce a small amount of radiation. Generally, the radiation produced by CT scans is unlikely to lead to any long-term risk.

Still, continued CT scanning might increase your risks of radiation-induced cancers.

Additionally, the radiation from CT scans might be more harmful to children or pregnant individuals.


Ultimately, CT scans can be a very costly procedure, especially if you are uninsured.

On average, CT scans can cost anywhere from $300-$3,280 per procedure.

This price range is large as CT scan costs will vary depending on what type of facility you go to, your geographic region\

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