How Much Is Dump Truck Insurance? Cost and Coverage

How Much Is Dump Truck Insurance?

As per the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately half a million truck accidents happen annually on the nation’s highways, with a significant portion involving dump trucks, resulting in fatalities and property damage.

These incidents pose considerable challenges for industry stakeholders, as dump trucks incur substantial repair expenses and subsequent lawsuit costs.

Therefore, safeguarding your investment if you own a dump truck is imperative.

Dump truck insurance costs in the U.S. typically range from $2,400 to $7,200 on average.

This article aims to elucidate the factors influencing these costs, including potential discounts and avenues to procure affordable dump truck insurance.

What Is Dump Truck Insurance?

Dump truck insurance is a specialized form of commercial vehicle insurance tailored for businesses employing these sizable vehicles to transport diverse cargo, such as gravel, dirt, or sand.

Commonly known as dump truck insurance, it encompasses aspects of liability coverage and broader commercial vehicle insurance.

What Does Dump Truck Insurance Cover?

Dump trucks fall under the category of “heavy commercial vehicles” and are subject to the requirement of having general liability insurance coverage for operation.

This primary coverage encompasses bodily injury and property damage.

In addition to this fundamental coverage, it is advisable to consider incorporating the following additional coverages into your insurance policy:

What Does Dump Truck Insurance Cover


  • Motor Truck General Liability Insurance

This safeguards against property damage if your truck causes harm to the grounds of your customer(s).

  • Non-Trucking Insurance

You seek non-trucking insurance to cover accidents when truck owners/operators are driving their vehicles outside of work hours.

  • Collision Insurance

If your dump truck collides with another vehicle or property, this will cover the expenses for repairing it.

  • Fire and Theft Coverage

As its name suggests, this encompasses expenses for repairing or replacing items in the event of theft or fire damage.

  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

You should seriously consider motor truck cargo coverage to safeguard against any potential damage or loss to the valuable cargo you’re transporting.

  • Environmental Insurance Coverage

If you transport any potential pollutants, this policy will provide coverage for losses, restoration, and cleanup.

  • Physical Damage Insurance

If you’re leasing your vehicle, this coverage is typically mandated to protect against any damage sustained by the truck.

  • Garage Keepers Insurance

If you are keeping or parking any customer’s vehicles on your premises.

How Much Does Dump Truck Insurance Cost?

The typical expense for dump truck insurance ranges from $200 to $600 monthly per vehicle, totaling $2,400 to $7,200 annually.

The primary determinant influencing the cost of dump truck insurance is the physical size of the truck.

Provided below are the average insurance expenses for various sizes of dump trucks:

Dump Truck Size Average Insurance Costs (Monthly)
Single Axle $220-$350
Tandem Axle $320-$480
Triple Axle $440-$620


What Are The Factors That Affect Dump Truck Insurance Costs?

The factors that affect Dump Truck Insurance Costs


The cost of dump truck insurance hinges on numerous factors tied to the company.

Consequently, when generating a quote for your dump truck insurance, the insurance company may necessitate certain details such as the following.

  • The Coverage Type You Need

Various coverage options are available for purchasing insurance for your dump truck.

The chosen policies will dictate the level of protection your trucks receive in case of issues.

Nevertheless, each additional coverage type in your dump truck insurance policy will escalate the cost, as it heightens the probability of payouts from your carrier.

In essence, primary general liability insurance is essential for all dump trucks, providing protection against physical harm and property damage.

  • Your Drivers

The quality of your drivers significantly influences the price of your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies pay close attention to your drivers, especially those operating dump trucks.

Typically, they inquire about their age, experience level, and past accident history.

To obtain this information in full, the insurance company will require the driver’s license numbers and Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) of all your drivers.

An MVR offers a comprehensive overview of an individual’s driving history, encompassing citations and accidents.

If your drivers boast extensive experience and clean MVRs, you may qualify for reduced insurance rates, as they demonstrate competence and safety behind the wheel.

  • Your Dump Trucks 

The make and value of your dump trucks are additional variables that impact your insurance premiums.

The greater the value of your trucks, the higher the insurance costs, as any potential loss would incur greater expenses.

Repairing or replacing a high-value dump truck naturally entails increased expenditures.

Likewise, older dump trucks are susceptible to damage, thus ensuring they carry a higher price tag.

If replacement parts for your specific dump truck model are scarce or pricey, this could also drive up your premiums.

To gather this information, the insurance company may require manual entry or request the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the truck.

  • The Number Of Dump Trucks In Your Fleet

The quantity of dump trucks you possess significantly impacts the expense of dump truck insurance.

With an increased number of vehicles, the likelihood of filing a claim rises.

Consequently, insurance companies will levy higher charges to accommodate the augmented risk.

  • Tickets, Accidents, and Loss-Run History

If your business has a lengthy track record of accidents and traffic infractions, you’ll encounter increased insurance premiums.

These elevated costs stem from the insurance company’s perception of your business as a greater risk.

They anticipate a higher likelihood of you filing claims, underscoring the importance of prioritizing dump truck safety within your company.

Before furnishing you with a quote, the insurance provider will likely request a copy of your loss run—a compilation of your company’s claims and losses.

As mentioned earlier, a history of numerous claims positions you as a higher risk, potentially resulting in pricier insurance premiums to offset this increased risk.

  • Your Location and Travel Radius 

The expenses for dump truck insurance are influenced by your location and the mileage covered by the vehicles.

Dump truck enterprises situated in bustling cities face higher premiums compared to those in rural regions due to the increased likelihood of accidents in urban settings, attributed to congestion.

Moreover, the distance traveled by your fleet impacts insurance costs, with companies transporting dump trucks interstate bearing higher premiums.

  • Years Of Experience

Dump truck insurance costs are influenced by business experience.

Insurance providers typically view older companies as established entities with ample business data, assuming they possess greater industry expertise and are less prone to errors.

Consequently, older companies boasting a clean loss history and skilled drivers are likely to incur lower insurance premiums compared to newer ventures or older firms plagued by numerous claims.

  • Your Cargo

Ultimately, your insurance company will inquire about the cargo being transported by your dump trucks.

The nature of these loads will directly influence your premiums, as the value of the cargo correlates with potential losses in the event of an accident.

Consequently, enterprises transporting valuable goods such as precious stones will face higher premiums compared to those transporting less valuable materials like sand, regardless of the circumstances.

How To Reduce Your Dump Truck Insurance Cost?

How To Reduce Your Dump Truck Insurance Cost


If you aim to lower your premium expenses, you have the option to implement any of these suggestions.

  • Shop Around For The Best Prices

Various companies provide varying prices for their dump truck insurance policies.

Thus, to secure the most competitive rate, it’s advisable to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers simultaneously.

Engaging with reputable truck insurance brokers such as Simply Business,, or Smart Financial streamlines this process by obtaining several quotes in a single location.

Additionally, you can directly request quotes online from carriers.

Notably, Progressive and biBERK are the sole carriers offering online truck insurance quotes.

The process of obtaining a quote from their websites typically takes less than 10 minutes, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

  • Buy Insurance Package Bundles

If you require multiple coverages, it’s advisable to consolidate them with one provider for potential cost savings.

Similarly, for fleet owners, consolidating individual truck insurance plans under a single carrier can often result in discounted rates.

  • Consider Purchasing Seasonal Insurance Coverage

If your dump truck won’t be operational during the winter months, there’s no need to maintain insurance coverage for that period.

Opting for year-round insurance would simply result in unnecessary expenditure.

Consider opting for seasonal insurance coverage instead, wherein you only pay for the duration when your trucks are actively in use.

  • Pay Your Insurance Premiums In Full

Opting for yearly policies proves more economical over time compared to monthly payments.

Insurance companies employ this strategy to incentivize clients towards longer commitments.

Therefore, if you’re financially capable, opting for a full-year payment is advisable.

  • Consider Using Electronic Payments

Insurance companies often offer small discounts to customers who make payments online.

Therefore, if possible, use your cards to pay.

  • Consider Pay-Per-Day Option

If you’re a part-time trucker or new to the trucking industry and don’t have a consistent daily business yet, you might find the pay-per-day trucking coverage option beneficial.

With this plan, you only pay for insurance coverage on the days you’re actively driving.

InsurePro is the exclusive provider offering this adaptable coverage, making it worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much is dump truck insurance in Texas?

Dump truck companies typically shell out between $4,000 to $14,000 annually per truck for insurance.

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