How Much is Golf Cart Insurance: Learn the Best Prices

Much like car insurance, golf cart insurance includes liability and coverage for physical damage to the cart.

Questions often arise about the necessity of golf cart insurance, where to obtain it, and the extent of coverage it provides.

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How Much is Golf Cart Insurance

This insurance safeguards you in cases of liability and physical damage, akin to a car insurance policy.

Whether you’re at fault for injuries, damages, or even when your cart is parked, golf cart insurance offers protection.

The good news is that obtaining affordable golf cart insurance is straightforward.

This article will delve into instances where home insurance might cover golf carts and guide you on acquiring a standalone golf cart policy.

Golf Cart Insurance Coverage and Options

What is Golf Cart Insurance?

Golf cart insurance closely resembles auto insurance, offering liability protection for driving-related damage or injury. Depending on the insurer and policy type, coverage may extend to the cart itself.

It can be incorporated into home insurance or necessitate a standalone policy, sometimes referred to as low-speed vehicle insurance.

Coverage Options in Golf Cart Insurance

  1. Property Damage Liability: Pays for damage to another person’s property.
  2. Bodily Injury Liability: Covers injuries caused to another person.
  3. Collision: Addresses damage from a collision, irrespective of fault.
  4. Other than Collision (Comprehensive): Includes fire, theft, weather damage, and various non-collision damages.
  5. Guest Passenger Liability: Shields injuries to passengers in your golf cart.
  6. Medical Payments: No-fault coverage for injuries during golf cart use.
  7. Accessories Coverage: Protects enhancements like stereos or custom steering wheels.

Insuring Your Golf Cart: Coverage Options

Determining the right insurance coverage for golf cart accidents can be complex. The table below simplifies how golf cart insurance applies in various scenarios.

Location Golf Cart Condition Damage Type Insurance Required
Golf course ATV Unharmed Damage to others’ property Homeowners, golf cart insurance
Golf course ATV or speed-modified Damaged Golf cart insurance
City street NEV Damaged Golf cart or auto insurance
Outside a golf course All Damaged Fire Golf cart insurance
City street All Damaged Golf cart rented to others
Golf course All Damaged Unlicensed child Homeowners (liability only) insurance

Do I Need Golf Cart Insurance?

Whether or not you need golf cart insurance depends on usage.

While basic homeowners insurance may suffice for routine use, special golf cart insurance is recommended for more extensive usage to ensure adequate liability coverage.

Identify Your User Profile:

  1. Golf Cart Basic Use:
  2. Golf Cart Speed Modified:
    • Speed-modified—up to 25 miles per hour on neighborhood streets.
    • Some street driving; may include safety features such as seat belts.
    • Standalone golf cart or low-speed vehicle insurance (LSV) policy.
  3. Golf Cart ATV Use:
    • All-terrain vehicle (ATV)—use on neighborhood and city streets.
    • Regular use on streets as well as the golf course.
    • Standalone golf cart insurance policy.

In many golf communities, HOAs mandate specific insurance for golf carts, naming the HOA as an additional insured.

Golf Cart Risks and Insurance Necessity

Golf carts can cause significant damage, as evidenced by reported accidents. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 130 golf cart fatalities occurred from 2013 to 2018.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports over 6,500 children under 18 are injured by golf carts annually.

Examples of Golf Cart Accidents:

  1. Teenage joyride in Minnesota causing over $40,000 in damage.
  2. Stolen golf cart in Florida.
  3. DUI incident on a golf cart in Texas.
  4. Runaway golf cart disrupting a tournament in Connecticut.

Golf carts, although seemingly harmless, require serious consideration, and insurance becomes crucial to cover potential damages or losses.

Golf Cart Insurance Costs and Discounts

The cost of golf cart insurance varies among insurers, impacted by coverage needs and various rate-determining factors. Monthly costs can be summarized as follows:

Monthly Cost Coverage Type
$6 Added to current homeowner’s insurance
$7 Standalone golf cart policy
$100 Speed-modified golf cart used on roads

For off-road use, opting for ATV insurance generally results in lower costs. On-road golf carts may qualify for modified motorcycle insurance (Progressive) or a modified low-speed vehicle (LSV) policy (The Hartford).

Exploring Golf Cart Insurance Discounts:

Various discounts can help reduce golf cart insurance costs, contingent on the insurance company:

Discount Type Description
Bundling Discount for paying the annual premium upfront
Homeowners Discounts available for homeowners
Occupational Discounts for individuals in specific occupations
Switching Up to 15% discounts for switching from another insurance company
Motorcycle Savings for obtaining a motorcycle license or endorsement
Paid Up-front Discounts offered for paying the annual premium upfront
Safety Certification Savings for completing safety courses, joining qualifying organizations, or being a responsible driver

Opting for a higher deductible (the amount paid before insurance coverage kicks in) can also lead to lower premiums.

Purchasing Golf Cart Insurance:

If you require golf cart insurance, explore the following options:

  1. Contact Current Insurer:
    • Inquire about adding golf cart coverage to your home insurance or obtain a quote for a standalone policy.
  2. Compare Quotes:
  3. Purchase:
    • Once you identify the desired policy and find a competitive rate, complete the purchase similar to any other insurance transaction.


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