How To Find Out Who Insures a Property

While it’s not a legal requirement, most mortgage lenders require property insurance as a condition for approving a home loan.

Because property loans are so common, insurance coverage is widespread. Knowing the insurer of a particular property can be useful for various purposes.

However, finding this information may be challenging, as it is not publicly available.

Property owner/ insurer
How to find out who insures a property: Photo source (BZ Insurance)

Step 1

Contact the owner of the property.

This is the simplest and most legal method of finding out who insures the property.

They may be willing to provide you with the information.

Step 2

Discover the mortgage-holding company for the home.

Tax records for the property publicly display this information.

You can explore these records at the city or county offices, typically located in a courthouse.

Step 3

If you can’t find the tax records, you can request a title search on the home to find out who owns it and what liens exist against the property.

Step 4

Contact the mortgage company that holds the lien on the home.

In some cases, they may be willing to tell you which insurance company provides the policy for that home.

Step 5

Find out who owned the home previously.

If they sold the home to the current owner, they may have some record of which insurance company took over the policy


While no one has an obligation to furnish you with this information, displaying transparency and honesty about your need can frequently encourage their willingness to assist.

If you are looking this information due to a legal concern, such as incidents at a neighbor’s residence, you ought to reach out to the relevant law enforcement agency instead of handling the situation independently.

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