How To Find The Best Pet Insurance In Arizona

Looking for the best pet insurance in Arizona?

Compare quotes and coverage options from top insurers to find the right plan for your furry friend’s needs and your budget.

Best Pet Insurance Options In Arizona.
Best Pet Insurance Options In Arizona

 Best Pet Insurance Options in Arizona:

  1. Pets Best – Offers a variety of deductible options.
  2. ManyPets – Known for low out-of-pocket claims costs.
  3. Nationwide – Provides unlimited wellness coverage.
  4. Lemonade – Offers competitive prices for kittens and puppies.
  5. TrustedPals – Ideal for service dogs.
  6. Figo – Features short waiting periods for accident coverage.

Arizona Pet Insurance Cost Comparison Annual Maximum Coverage: $5,000

Company Monthly Cost in Arizona
Lemonade $28
Pets Best $32
TrustedPals $33
Figo $40
Spot $52
Embrace $56

Annual Maximum Coverage: Unlimited

Company Monthly Cost in Arizona
ManyPets $33
Nationwide $34
Pets Best $37
Lemonade $45
TrustedPals $47
Healthy Paws $54
Figo $57
Prudent Pet $70
Embrace $72
Trupanion $88
Spot $105


An Infographic of Best Pet Insurance Options In Arizona

Types Of Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance companies typically offer two main types of pet insurance plans: accident and illness plans and accident-only plans.

Accident and Illness Plans

These plans cover a wide range of medical expenses for your pet in case of accidents or illnesses.

Whether your pet encounters a snake bite or suffers from heatstroke, these plans help cover the cost of treatment.

They usually include coverage for diagnostic tests, hospitalization, fractures, blood work, surgeries, emergency care, prescription medications, and more.

Accident and illness plans are popular among pet parents due to their comprehensive coverage.

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Accident-Only Plans

These plans provide coverage specifically for accidents and emergencies.

They cover the cost of treatment resulting from accidents such as fights with other animals or sprains.

Accident-only plans are typically more affordable than accident and illness plans because they cover a narrower range of incidents.

Wellness Plans:

In addition to accident and illness coverage, some pet insurance companies offer wellness plans as an add-on option.

These plans cover routine checkups, preventative care, and vaccinations for your pet.

How Pet Insurance Works

When you apply for a pet insurance policy, the insurer considers factors such as your pet’s age, breed, gender, and location to calculate pricing.

You can customize your policy by selecting various terms, including:


This is the amount you must pay out of pocket before your insurance provider covers any expenses.

Deductible options range from $0 to $1,000.

Choosing a higher deductible lowers your monthly cost but requires you to pay more upfront when filing a claim.

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Reimbursement Level:

This is the percentage of your vet bills that the insurance company reimburses you for.

Reimbursement levels typically range from 70% to 100%.

Opting for a lower reimbursement percentage reduces your monthly premium but means you pay a higher share of the vet bills.

Coverage Cap:

This is the maximum amount the insurance provider pays out annually for vet expenses.

Some companies offer unlimited coverage, while others have caps ranging from a few thousand dollars to unlimited.

How To Find The Best Pet Insurance In Arizona

When searching for the best pet insurance in Arizona, comparing quotes from multiple companies can help you find a fair price.

While price and coverage are crucial factors, there are other considerations to keep in mind when evaluating plans.

Additional Factors to consider 

Extra Perks

Many pet insurance companies offer additional perks, such as Figo’s Pet Cloud for organizing medical records or Nationwide’s exclusive pricing on prescription medications through Walmart.

Look for plans that offer value-added benefits like 24/7 vet helplines.

Waiting Periods

All pet insurance policies have waiting periods before coverage begins.

These periods vary by company and can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Be sure to check the waiting periods for accidents and specific conditions like hip dysplasia.

Multi-Pet Discount

If you have multiple pets to insure, some insurers offer discounts for insuring more than one pet.

Look for insurers that provide multi-pet discounts to save money on coverage.

Exam Fees

Check if the insurance plan covers consultation fees charged by veterinarians.

Some plans include coverage for exam fees, while others may not.

Wellness Care Add-On

Consider adding wellness coverage to your plan for routine checkups and preventative care.

While not all insurers offer wellness coverage, adding this option can help manage your pet’s healthcare expenses.

Vet Direct Pay

Some insurers offer vet direct pay, where they pay the vet directly for covered expenses if the vet has their unique software installed.

This can alleviate the need for upfront payment and reimbursement.

Claim Filing Process

Choose a pet insurance company with a straightforward claims process, such as online or app-based claim submission.

A streamlined claims process can simplify the reimbursement process during stressful times.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with Arizona’s pet laws, which include requirements for licensing, vaccination, and waste disposal.

Understanding these laws can help you ensure compliance and responsible pet ownership in the state.

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