How To Get Life Insurance for a Parent: Overview, Motives, Costs, Step & Companies

How To Get Life Insurance for a Parent: Unveiling the Truth.!!!

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Learn the steps and considerations involved in obtaining life insurance for a parent.

Life insurance is a valuable tool that can help you protect your family’s financial future.

But what if you want to buy life insurance for your parent?

Maybe you depend on their income, or you want to cover their final expenses, or you want to leave a legacy for their grandchildren.

Whatever your reason, buying life insurance for a parent is possible, but it requires some planning and preparation.

In this blog post, I’ll explain how to get life insurance for a parent, what factors affect the cost and availability of coverage, and what types of policies are best suited for this situation.

Rationale Behind Purchasing Life Insurance for a Parent

You need to know why you want to buy life insurance for your parent.

This is very important.

This helps you decide how much money you need, what kind of policy you should get, and if you can buy life insurance for your parent.

You can buy life insurance for your parent if their death would cause you financial problems.

This is a rule you have to follow.

This makes sure you follow the law and also makes sense to both the insurance company and your parent.

Common motives for securing life insurance for parents include:

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  • Income Replacement:

Should your parent contribute financially to you, your spouse, children, or grandchildren, obtaining life insurance ensures continuity of financial support post their demise.

This aids in covering living expenses, educational fees, or other essential needs.

  • Debt Settlement:

In the event your parent leaves behind outstanding debts like:

Mortgages, car loans, or credit card balances, you may bear responsibility for clearing these posthumous financial obligations.

Acquiring life insurance for your parent facilitates debt settlement, averting financial strain and potential credit score repercussions.

  • Final Expenses Coverage:

With funeral costs averaging around $9,000 in the US (per the National Funeral Directors Association), not including:

Medical bills, taxes, or legal expenses, insufficient savings or assets may compel you to cover these expenses personally.

Life insurance for your parent eases the burden of final expenses, ensuring a dignified farewell.

  • Legacy Preservation:

Should your parent champion a charitable cause or personal aspiration, purchasing life insurance honors their convictions and enables positive contributions.

The life insurance payout can fuel charitable donations, establish scholarships, or create trusts benefiting their grandchildren.

Steps to Purchase Life Insurance for a Parent

Once you’ve clarified your reasons for obtaining life insurance for your parent, follow these steps to secure the most suitable policy:

Assess Coverage Needs

Determine the required coverage by considering your financial objectives and your parent’s situation.

Calculate their income, debts, and final expenses, then subtract their savings and assets.

This yields the necessary amount to replace or cover after their passing.

Online tools or financial advisors can assist in obtaining a precise estimate.

Select Policy Type

Life insurance policies generally fall into two categories: term and permanent.

Term life insurance offers coverage for a set duration, typically between 10 and 30 years.

It’s simpler and more affordable but lacks cash value and expires at the term’s end.

Permanent life insurance, on the other hand, provides lifelong coverage with a cash value component that grows over time.

It’s more complex and costly but offers long-term benefits.

Depending on budget and circumstances, opt for one type or a combination.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Insurance companies offer varied rates, features, and underwriting criteria.

Compare quotes from different insurers to secure the best deal.

Utilize online platforms like Policygenius or Finder to obtain personalized quotes from various carriers.

Ensure to assess insurer ratings and reviews for reliability.

Determine Owner and Beneficiary

Decide who will own the policy and receive the payout upon your parent’s demise.

The owner manages premiums, policy adjustments, and control.

The beneficiary receives the policy’s funds.

You can assume both roles or share them with your parent or other family members, with their consent and cooperation.

Apply for Policy

Complete an application with necessary personal and parental details, including financial information, health history, and lifestyle.

The insurer conducts background checks, credit assessments, and may require a medical examination for your parent.

Based on the evaluation, the insurer approves, declines, or modifies the application.

Upon approval, receive a policy document outlining terms and conditions. Activate the policy by paying the initial premium.

How Much Does Parent Life Insurance Cost?

The expense of life insurance for a parent hinge on various factors including:

Policy type, coverage amount, term duration, parent’s age, health, lifestyle, and chosen insurer.

Generally, older and less healthy parents incur higher premiums.

Term life insurance tends to be more economical than permanent options, with shorter terms being cheaper.

To estimate costs, utilize online tools like Forbes’ calculator or request quotes from multiple insurers.

Top Life Insurance Companies for Parents

The best life insurance companies for parents give cheap, flexible, and complete protection for what parents need.

Think about things like money strength, help quality, payment process, policy options, and extra benefits when choosing a company.

Some good companies are Prudential, AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, and Gerber.

But the best choice depends on parental age, health, and likes. Before choosing, look at prices and opinions from different companies.


Here are common questions about purchasing life insurance for a parent:

Can I Obtain Life Insurance for My Parents Without Their Knowledge?

You cannot buy life insurance for your parents if they do not agree.

They need to take part and say yes to start the policy.

They have to sign the form, answer questions, and take a health check if needed.

Buying life insurance for someone who does not agree breaks rules and morals and can make the policy end and the money denied.


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