Huddle Car Insurance Reviews: Unveiling the Game-Changer, Dive into the Overview, Pros and Cons, and Customers reviews

A man at the accident scene trying to review the Huddle car insurance on his phone
A man at the accident scene trying to review the Huddle car insurance on his phone | photo courtesy | Facebook


Huddle car insurance‘s unique approach has caught people’s attention. This Aussie startup has already made waves in the insurance world.

Let’s check them out and see what makes them different. We’ll look at what they offer, the good and the bad, and what real customers think.

By the end, you’ll know if their friendly vibe measures up or is just hype. Either way, Huddle seems pretty upfront, so you can judge for yourself.

Ready to huddle up and see what they’re all about? At a minimum, their ideas might make you think about what you want from an insurer.

Huddle Car Insurance Overview

Car Insurance was launched in 2016 under the parent company Huddle Insurance.

Backed by Australian insurance giant Hollard, Huddle aims to shake up the industry with transparency and customer focus.

Huddle offers three auto insurance policies:

  1. comprehensive
  2. Third-party property
  3. Third-party fire or theft.

Everything from quotes to claims happens online or via their app. Using AI, they approve 80% of claims instantly.

What really makes them stand out is letting customers donate part of their premiums to charity. Causes include environmental, animal welfare, and human rights groups.

The huddle matches the donations. They also have a community fund to help policyholders facing financial hardship or natural disasters.

Pros and Cons of Huddle Car Insurance

Pros and Cons of Huddle Car Insurance
Image of infographic poster for Pros and Cons of Huddle Car Insurance


Pros Cons
Competitive Prices: cost-effective premiums, safe driver discounts, low mileage discounts, and policy bundling options. Customizable excesses. Limited Coverage Options: Lacks certain extras like roadside assistance, hire car, or windscreen cover. May need to purchase these separately.
Efficient Online Claims: Swift claims processing using AI technology. Easy online or phone filing. Website Issues: Some users report challenges finding contact information, booking appointments, and downloading documents. Site improvements are underway.
Social Impact: Option to donate part of premiums to causes like environmental, animal welfare, and human rights groups. Donations matched. Claim Delays: Despite promises of instant approvals, some claims face delays or rejections due to complexity, availability, and evidence quality.
Customer Service: Praised for helpful, customer-friendly service via phone, email, and chat. Positive reviews highlight satisfaction with service, transparency, and value.


Is Huddle Car Insurance a Good Choice?

Reviews show Huddle Car Insurance is a solid pick if you want affordable, easy-to-use car insurance plus social responsibility.

Customers seem to love Huddle’s smooth claims handling, community programs, and customer support.

But Huddle might not be the best fit if you need lots of add-on coverages, like talking to real people, or have tricky claims situations.

People praise how Huddle makes filing and resolving claims simple.

Plus letting policyholders donate to causes makes the company feel socially aware.

However, some were frustrated by website glitches.

And a few with denied or complex claims felt things could move faster.

So for hassle-free, feel-good car insurance on a budget, Huddle checks out.

But those needing more personalized service may want to keep searching.

How Huddle Car Insurance Works

Huddle Car Insurance operates similarly to other providers but with distinctive features.

The key steps include:

Step Description
Obtaining a Quote Enter car & driver details online to get a customized quote. Adjust coverage like excess amount or added policies.
Policy Purchase Provide payment info and confirm details. Get confirmation email and policy documents.
Policy Management Manage policy online or via the app – view, adjust, renew, cancel, and request certificates.
Claims Process Initiate claim online/phone with policy #, car details, and incident specifics. Upload documentation.
Claim Tracking Check the status online or via the app – see repair time estimates and repairer details. Contact the claims team with queries.
Repair or Replacement Approved repairs done by Huddle’s service providers. Pay excess to the provider. Huddle covers the remaining costs.


Huddle Car Insurance Covered Events

Car Insurance offers coverage for various events, depending on the selected cover type:

  1. Accidental Damage: Coverage for damage resulting from accidents, including collisions, rollovers, or fires.
  2. Theft or Attempted Theft: Protection against loss or damage due to theft or attempted theft, encompassing break-ins, carjackings, or stolen vehicles.
  3. Malicious Damage: Coverage for damage caused by malicious acts, such as vandalism, graffiti, or keying.
  4. Storm, Flood, or Hail: Protection against damage resulting from natural events like storms, floods, or hail.
  5. Legal Liability: Coverage for legal liability arising from damage to others’ property or injury to others caused by the insured car, with a limit of $20 million.
  6. Emergency Transport and Accommodation: Reimbursement for emergency transport and accommodation costs if the car is damaged or stolen over 100 km from home, up to $500.
  7. New Car Replacement: Coverage for a new car replacement if the insured car is written off within the first two years or 40,000 km of registration, whichever comes first.

Huddle Car Insurance Claim Process Review

Car Insurance asserts a streamlined claim process, facilitated by its AI technology and online platform.

The process involves:

  1. Claim Reporting: Promptly report the claim online or via phone, furnishing policy number, car details, and incident specifics. Supporting documents, such as photos or videos, can be uploaded.
  2. AI Assessment: Huddle’s AI evaluates and approves claims, aiming for an 80% instant approval rate and the rest within 24 hours. Approval results in a confirmation email and claim number, while rejection prompts an explanatory email.
  3. Repairer or Supplier Selection: Choose a repairer or supplier from Huddle’s network. The selected service provider manages the car’s towing, inspection, and repair or replacement. Progress can be tracked online or through the app.
  4. Payment of Excess: Policyholders pay the excess directly to the repairer or supplier upon collecting the car. Huddle covers the remaining repair or replacement costs, with the option to request a receipt or invoice.


Huddle Car Insurance Customer Reviews

Reviews of Huddle Car Insurance on sites like, Trustpilot, and Google reveal a mix of positive and negative customer feedback.

While most reviews praise fair pricing, claims handling, and community initiatives, others cite website glitches, insufficient coverage, and communication issues.

Positive highlights include:

  • Competitive premiums and bundled discounts
  • Streamlined online claims filing
  • High approval rates on claims
  • Helpful customer support staff
  • Social impact initiatives

Common complaints include:

  • Website navigation/usability problems
  • Lacking some supplemental coverage add-ons
  • Delays or issues with complex claims
  • Long customer service wait times
  • Confusion around policy documents

So while Huddle wins points for affordability and convenience, there’s room for improvement in website functionality, coverage scope, claims processing, and support resources to address recurring pain points surfaced in reviews.

Huddle Car Insurance Regulatory and Compliance

Huddle Car Insurance, operating under Huddle Insurance, a trading name of Huddle Money Pty Ltd, is an authorized representative of Hollard Financial Services Pty Ltd.

As a subsidiary of The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, a major Australian insurer, Huddle serves over 7.2 million customers with an annual gross written premium of $2.6 billion.

Presented below is the Regulatory Compliance Analysis Table for Huddle Car Insurance:

Regulatory Framework Description
Regulatory Body Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Legislation Compliance Insurance Contracts Act 1984
Industry Standards General Insurance Code of Practice
Privacy Compliance Privacy Act 1988
Dispute Resolution Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)


In conclusion, Huddle Car Insurance stands out as a modern and innovative option for car insurance, providing competitive rates, streamlined claims processing with AI, and a strong dedication to social impact.

While favorable customer reviews highlight the insurer’s positives, it’s essential to weigh potential drawbacks, such as limited coverage options, website issues, and possible claim delays.

As part of Huddle Insurance supported by Hollard and overseen by APRA, Huddle Car Insurance emphasizes adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

Individuals seeking affordable, straightforward, and socially responsible insurance may find Huddle Car Insurance an attractive choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Huddle Car Insurance Reviews

How can I find reviews for Huddle Car Insurance?

You can find reviews on various platforms such as, Trustpilot, and Google.

These platforms host feedback from Car Insurance customers, offering insights into their experiences.

What are some common positive aspects mentioned in Huddle Car Insurance reviews?

Positive aspects often highlighted in reviews include competitive pricing, efficient claims processing aided by AI, friendly customer service, and the insurer’s commitment to social impact.

Are there any concerns raised by customers in Huddle Car Insurance reviews?

Some customers express concerns about limited coverage options, issues with the Huddle website, and occasional delays or rejections in the claims process.

How does Huddle Car Insurance utilize artificial intelligence in claims processing?

The Car Insurance employs AI to assess and approve claims swiftly.

The system aims to approve 80% of claims instantly and the remaining within 24 hours, reducing paperwork and waiting times.

Can I customize my Huddle Car Insurance policy?

A: Yes, Car Insurance allows policy customization.

You can adjust your excess, choose from different coverage types (comprehensive, third-party property damage, and third-party fire and theft), and select a cause to support through the insurer’s social impact initiatives.

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