Is ACORD Insurance Legit? A Comprehensive Guide

Is ACORD Insurance Legit? A Comprehensive Guide

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Is Acord insurance legit? ACORD is not an insurance company, but a trusted partner of the insurance industry. Discover how ACORD can help you with your business insurance needs, and how to obtain the ACORD certificate of insurance, in this informative article. Image Credit: Facebook

I want to share that ACORD is not an insurance company; it is a global organization creating electronic standards and tools for the insurance industry.

Formed in 1970 by insurance companies and agents, ACORD aims to enhance data exchange efficiency.

ACORD does not sell insurance; instead, it aids communication among insurance companies, agents, brokers, and customers.

One crucial product they offer is the ACORD certificate of insurance.

This one-page document summarizes key details of a business insurance policy, including the policy number, coverage types, limits, effective and expiration dates, and named insured.

This certificate acts as proof of insurance and is often requested by clients, contractors, landlords, lenders, or regulators to confirm a business has the right liability protection.

It is also known as the ACORD 25 form, certificate of liability insurance, or simply the certificate of insurance (COI).

How to Get an ACORD Insurance Certificate

If you want to obtain an ACORD insurance certificate, here’s what you need to do:

1. Have a Business Insurance Policy: Ensure you have a business insurance policy from a company that employs ACORD standards and forms.

2. Policy Purchase: When you buy your policy, the insurance company will automatically furnish you with an ACORD certificate of insurance as evidence of your coverage.

3. Request Additional Copies: You can ask your insurance company or agent for extra copies of your certificate whenever needed.

4. Potential Fees: Note that some insurance companies may charge a fee for issuing certificates, while others might provide them for free or online.

ACORD Insurance Phone Number

If you ever have questions or encounter issues with ACORD standards, forms, or tools, reaching out to ACORD’s customer service is easy. Here is how:

1. Phone: Call ACORD’s customer service at  (845) 620-1700. They are available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

2. Email: You can email ACORD at for assistance.

3. Online Chat: Utilize the online chat feature on their website for real-time support.

ACORD Auto Insurance

ACORD also offers standard forms for auto insurance, like the ACORD 50 form, known as the auto insurance identification card.

This card includes essential details about your auto insurance policy such as the policy number, vehicle identification number, make and model of the car, and the name and address of the insured.

Typically issued by your auto insurance company during policy purchase or renewal, the ACORD 50 form acts as evidence of insurance.

It is crucial to always keep a copy in your car or wallet for quick access, especially in case of accidents or when stopped by the police.

ACORD Insurance Certificate

As I  mentioned before, the ACORD insurance certificate is a one-page document that outlines crucial information about your business insurance policy.

Also recognized as the ACORD 25 form, the certificate of liability insurance, or the certificate of insurance (COI), it is not a contract or policy. Instead, it offers a snapshot of your coverage at a specific moment.

Importantly, it does not alter or extend your coverage, and it does not assure the continuous validity of your policy.

Primarily, the ACORD insurance certificate serves to provide evidence of insurance to third parties interested in your business, such as clients, contractors, landlords, lenders, or regulators.

ACORD Liability Insurance

ACORD liability insurance is not a specific insurance type; instead, it’s a general term encompassing policies covering your legal liability for injuries or property damage caused to others during your business activities.

Examples of ACORD liability insurance include general liability, professional liability, commercial auto liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.

These policies safeguard you from potential lawsuits and claims arising from accidents, errors, negligence, or misconduct in your business operations.

Typically, ACORD liability insurance policies include an ACORD certificate of insurance, serving as proof of your coverage and limits.


ACORD, a global organization, is dedicated to developing and promoting electronic standards, forms, and tools for the insurance industry.

Although not an insurance company, ACORD facilitates communication among insurance companies, agents, brokers, and customers, ensuring secure information sharing.

One of its widely used products is the ACORD certificate of insurance—a one-page document summarizing key details of your business insurance policy.

This certificate acts as proof of coverage and is often requested by third parties with an interest in your business.

ACORD also provides standard forms for auto and liability insurance, crucial for addressing legal responsibilities stemming from business activities.

ACORD is a legitimate and esteemed organization, that plays a vital role in the insurance industry.

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