Exploring ACT Insurance: Is Act Insurance legit?

Is Act Insurance legit?

ACT Insurance is dedicated to providing artists, crafters, and tradespeople with the insurance coverage they require to safeguard their businesses.

Their Show Policy starts at $39 for one-day event insurance, while the Annual Policy, which offers extended coverage for 12 months, begins at $265.

With a no-quote process and no deductible on liability claims, ACT Insurance aims to provide instant coverage and peace of mind.

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What Does ACT Insurance Offer?

ACT Insurance focuses on serving craft artists and visual artists through its Individual Business plan.

The insurance types they offer include Business Personal Property, Event Liability, General Liability, and Inland Marine.

While specific discounts aren’t openly shared, ACT Insurance provides coverage that meets the unique needs of artists, crafters, and tradespeople.

Understanding the BBB Rating

ACT Insurance does not have BBB accreditation.

It’s important to note that the BBB rating is not used in their calculation, and they have no complaints filed against them.

The business’s rating is an A+ according to BBB.

Exploring Customer Experiences

Customer reviews of ACT Insurance vary.

While one customer had a positive experience, mentioning ease of use and coverage, another expressed dissatisfaction with poor customer service and billing issues.

Discovering What Sets ACT Insurance Apart

ACT Insurance’s program and website are managed by Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC.

With expertise in general and product liability insurance, Veracity Insurance Solutions manages over 40,000 small business accounts nationwide, with proper licensing in all 50 states.

The ACT Insurance Program offers both show and annual insurance policies tailored to the needs of artists, crafters, and tradespeople.

They also provide resources to event planners and promoters, ensuring participants are covered by liability insurance.

Understanding Coverage Options

ACT Insurance offers two primary coverage options:

Show Policy

This short-term event insurance offers coverage for up to 90 days, starting at $49.

It includes general liability coverage and damage to premises rented, meeting the insurance requirements of most events.

Annual Policy

Geared towards artists and crafters attending multiple events annually, this policy provides more robust coverage.

That includes product liability and business personal property coverage.

It starts at $279 and lasts for 12 months.

Is Act Insurance legit?

ACT Insurance provides tailored coverage for artists, crafters, and tradespeople.

While customer experiences are mixed, the A+ BBB rating and the absence of complaints suggest a positive track record.

The partnership with Veracity Insurance Solutions adds to its credibility.

However, potential customers should consider their specific needs and preferences when evaluating ACT Insurance as an option.

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