Is Aegis Insurance Legit? : Products,Claim,Discounts,Phone Number

Aegis Insurance stands as a premier supplier of travel insurance and various other insurance offerings, boasting a robust presence in the industry for more than 25 years.

Renowned for its commitment to delivering top-notch insurance products and services, the company holds licenses to operate across all 50 states and extends its services to both Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Is Aegis Insurance Legit?

Certainly, Aegis Insurance is a reputable company boasting a robust financial standing.

It has received an “A-” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and an “A” (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s.

These assessments affirm the company’s financial stability and commendable track record in honoring insurance claims.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Aegis Insurance?


  • Strong financial rating
  • Wide variety of insurance products
  • Competitive rates
  • Good customer service


  • Limited availability of some products
  • Some customers have had negative experiences with the company’s claims process

Aegis Insurance Products

Aegis Insurance offers comprehensive coverage across various domains:

Home Insurance:
– Protects against fire, theft, and vandalism.
– Features include Replacement Cost, Personal Property, Loss of Use, Dwelling Fire, and Renter’s Insurance.

Auto Insurance:
– Safeguards against accidents, theft, and vandalism.
– Key features include Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, and Medical Payments Coverage.

Business Insurance:
– Shields businesses from property damage, liability, and interruptions.
– Features include Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, Business Interruption, Workers’ Compensation, and Cyber Insurance.

Travel Insurance:
– Ensures protection against trip cancellations, medical expenses, and lost luggage.
– Features encompass Trip Cancellation, Medical Expense, Lost Luggage, Accident/Sickness/Emergency, and Trip Delay Coverage.


Discounts Offered By Aegis Insurance

Aegis Insurance provides an array of discounts designed to reduce your insurance costs. These discounts encompass:

1. Multi-policy savings: Combine your home and auto insurance with Aegis Insurance to enjoy a reduction in your premiums.
2. Good driver benefits: Qualify for a discount on your auto insurance premium if you maintain a commendable driving record.
3. Safety-oriented savings: Install safety devices like smoke detectors and burglar alarms in your home to lower your home insurance premium.

 Aegis Insuarance Phone Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-427-5253
  • Claims: 1-800-821-1627

What Should I Do Before Buying Insuarance From Aegis

Prior to purchasing insurance from Aegis, it’s advisable to take the following steps:

1. Review the company’s ratings on and other relevant websites.
2. Obtain quotes from various insurance providers.
3. Familiarize yourself with the policy’s terms and conditions.
4. Verify that the policy adequately addresses your specific needs.

Aegis Insurance Customer Reviews

Aegis Insurance receives a range of customer feedback, encompassing both positive and negative experiences.

The company’s aggregate rating on Google Reviews stands at an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Positive Feedback:

– Competitive Pricing: Aegis Insurance has received praise for its competitive rates, with customers noting that the company’s pricing is lower than other insurance providers.
– Responsive Customer Support: Customers appreciate Aegis Insurance’s responsive customer service, highlighting the helpful and knowledgeable nature of the company’s representatives.
– User-Friendly Online Tools: Aegis Insurance is commended for its user-friendly online tools, making the website easy to navigate and providing helpful online resources.

Negative Feedback:

– Claim Denial Process: Some customers express frustration with Aegis Insurance’s claim denial process, citing quick denials and a challenging appeal procedure.
– Difficulty in Contacting Representatives: Several customers report challenges in reaching Aegis Insurance representatives, citing busy phone lines and delayed responses to email inquiries.


Aegis Insurance Claim Handling

Aegis Insurance offers an efficient claims handling system designed for easy filing and management.

You have the flexibility to submit your claim through our user-friendly online platform, via phone, or by traditional mail.

Our committed team of claims adjusters is dedicated to ensuring a prompt and equitable resolution to your claim.


Aegis Insurance stands as a trustworthy choice for your insurance requirements, presenting a diverse range of products and services tailored to cater to both individual and business needs.

With a dedicated team of seasoned and well-informed agents, they are always ready to provide assistance.

For those in search of a reliable insurance provider, Aegis Insurance proves to be a commendable option worth exploring.


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