Is Alligator Dental Insurance Legit? Overview, Coverage, Contact Information And Claims

Is Alligator Dental Insurance Legit? A Comprehensive Analysis

Alligator Dental Insurance provides extensive dental coverage options for individuals and families.

This article delves into the legitimacy of Alligator Dental Insurance, examining its reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.

And analyzing its offerings and benefits.

Alligator Dental serves infants, children, and teens in Seguin, Cibolo, San Marcos, and Floresville, TX, providing specialized dental care.

Is Alligator Dental Insurance Legit
Is Alligator Dental Insurance Legit: Photo(Alligator Insurance)

Alligator Dental Insurance Contact Information


112 Gulf Street, Cibolo, TX 78108

Phone Number: (888) 306-1944

Mon – Thur: 8 AM – 5 PM

Fri – Sun: Closed



1605 US-181, Floresville, TX 78114

Phone Number: (830) 383-9300

Thur: 8 AM – 5 PM

Select Saturdays: 8 AM – 12 PM



1890 Medical Parkway, San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone Number: (512) 393-3500

Mon – Thur: 8 AM – 5 PM

Fri – Sun: Closed



901 S, N Hwy 123 Bypass, Seguin, TX 78155

Phone Number: (830) 372-3725

Mon – Thur: 8 AM – 5 PM

Fri – Sun: Closed

Is Alligator Dental Insurance Legit? Alligator Dental Insurance Coverage

The company covers a broad spectrum of dental services, encompassing preventive care, basic procedures like fillings and extractions.

It also covers major treatments including root canals and crowns.

Additionally, the insurance provides coverage for orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that individuals and families can address their dental health needs effectively.

Alligator Dental Insurance
Alligator Dental Insurance: Photo(Alligator Pediatric Dentistry)

Alligator Dental Insurance collaborates with a network of highly qualified dentists, dedicated to delivering exceptional care.

Whether it’s a routine check-up or a complex dental procedure, the insurance ensures access to the best dental professionals in your area.

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How Does Alligator Dental Insurance Work?

Enrolling in Alligator Dental Insurance is a simple process where you can select from various coverage plans tailored to your dental needs and budget.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an insurance card that contains your coverage details.

Presenting this card during your dental visit facilitates a seamless billing process.

Choosing a dentist within Alligator Dental Insurance’s network allows you to benefit from reduced rates for dental services.

The insurance provider negotiates competitive fees with network dentists, ensuring quality care at affordable prices.

Additionally, Alligator Dental Insurance offers straightforward and convenient procedures for filing claims.

This makes it easy for you to access your dental insurance benefits.

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