Is Emma Life Insurance Legit: Outline, Contacts, Operation, Claims, Pros & Cons

Is Emma Life Insurance Legit: Unveiling the truth behind Emma Life Insurance.

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Emma Life Insurance: The best Insurance Company.

Choosing life insurance is a crucial financial decision for your family’s well-being, offering peace of mind and financial security during unexpected events.

Amidst numerous options, finding the right fit can be challenging.

In this blog post, we scrutinize Emma, an online platform revolutionizing life insurance accessibility by eliminating the need for a medical exam.

We delve into the company’s history, products, services, pros, cons, and more, aiding you in determining the legitimacy and suitability of Emma for your unique situation.

Company Insight

Founded in 2019 by Michael Charles and Vanessa Michel, Emma simplifies life insurance procurement through artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Backed by prominent Canadian insurers and regulated by financial authorities, Emma boasts a leadership team dedicated to affordable, personalized policies.

Company Contacts

Phone Number (438) 806-7227
Address 1000 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, Suite 2400, Montréal, QC H3B 4W5
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Term life insurance (10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years) or whole life insurance (permanent coverage)
Email Address
Fax Number (438) 806-7228
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (EST)

Services & Products

Emma excels in providing online life insurance sans medical exams. Obtain a quick, hassle-free quote by answering simple questions.

The platform’s algorithm matches you with the best policy from partner insurers, allowing comparison and online policy purchase without paperwork.

Emma offers two main life insurance products:

  1. Term Life Insurance: Coverage for a specific period (10-30 years) with tax-free lump sum payment to beneficiaries if death occurs within the term.
  2. Whole Life Insurance: Lifelong coverage with a growing cash value accessible for loans or withdrawals. While pricier, it offers stability and long-term benefits.

Pros and Cons

Evaluate Emma’s merits and drawbacks before committing to a policy:


  • Fast, easy, and convenient online process without medical exams or paperwork.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing with customizable options and no hidden fees.
  • Personalized and flexible policies to suit individual needs, with the ability to change or cancel without penalties.
  • Reliable and secure coverage backed by reputable insurers, regulated by the AMF, with online policy management.


  • Limited availability: Emma currently operates in select provinces—Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  • Not universally suitable: Eligibility depends on health, lifestyle, and coverage needs, potentially requiring alternatives for more comprehensive or specialized coverage.
  • Broker status: Emma connects users with partner insurers, necessitating interaction with the insurer’s customer service, claims process, and terms.

How Emma Operates

Generating Revenue:

Emma gets money from the companies that it works with.

This money is already in the price of the policy, so you do not pay more.

Emma is fair and does not like any company more than another.

It always shows you the best choices for you.

Ensuring Privacy:

Emma cares about your privacy and follows the best rules to protect your data.

Emma uses codes, walls, and strong ways to keep your personal and money information safe.

They follow the laws that say how to protect your data, like the PIPEDA and the Quebec law.

Emma promises to not sell or give your data to others without you saying yes.

Claims Handling Process

Emma does not deal with claims by itself, but it helps you with the steps.

If you or your family need to ask for money, you can call or email Emma and they will help you.

At the same time, you have to talk to the company that gave you the policy and give them what they need.

Emma will keep in touch with the company and let you know how your claim is going.


Q: How can I cancel my policy?

A: You do not have to pay anything or lose anything if you want to stop your policy. Just tell Emma by phone or email that you want to stop.

They will do what you ask, say that it is done, and give you back any money that you did not use.


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