Is Endurance Insurance Legit: Overview, Contacts, Services, Pros & Cons

Is Endurance Insurance Legit: Unveiling Transparency.

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Ensure peace of mind with a closer look at the legitimacy of Endurance Insurance.

Welcome to my blog! In this post, I’ll address a common concern among car owners: the legitimacy of Endurance insurance.

If you’re seeking a way to safeguard your vehicle from expensive repairs, you may have come across Endurance, a company specializing in extended car warranties.

But how can you determine if Endurance is trustworthy and a wise investment? This blog post will provide an overview of Endurance, covering its services, products, and both the advantages and disadvantages. I’ll also address frequently asked questions towards the end.

Let’s get started!

Company Overview

Endurance, founded in 2006 by Rich Holland, operates under the leadership of its CEO.

Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, the company boasts a team of over 300 employees.

Endurance distinguishes itself as one of the few direct providers of vehicle service contracts, selling and administering its plans without third-party involvement.

Additionally, it holds a gold certification from the Vehicle Protection Association, an organization dedicated to ethical standards and consumer protection in the industry.

Basic Information

Here’s some essential information about Endurance:

Phone Number (877) 374-1840
Address 400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105, Northbrook, IL 60062
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Vary based on the plan and vehicle
Email Address
Fax Number (847) 572-8081
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm CST; Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm CST

Services & Products

Endurance offers various services and products for protecting your vehicle:

  • Extended Car Warranties: With six different plans covering different vehicle components, Endurance accommodates vehicles up to 20 years old and with up to 200,000 miles.
  • Endurance Elite Benefits: Plans include a complimentary year of Endurance Elite benefits, featuring perks like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption coverage, and more.
  • Endurance Protect App: A mobile app for accessing policy details, requesting roadside assistance, tracking maintenance history, and receiving discounts on car-related services.
  • Endurance Learning Center: A website and blog sharing information and tips on car maintenance, repair, warranty, and ownership.

Pros and Cons

Like any company, Endurance has its strengths and weaknesses:


  • High customer satisfaction rating (4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 900 reviews).
  • Diverse plans and benefits for flexibility and value.
  • Support and education for customers, with positive industry reputation.


  • Limited coverage for specific vehicle makes and models.
  • Non-user-friendly website lacking features for online comparison and enrollment.
  • Restricted operating hours and no live chat option on the website.

How to Enroll with Endurance:

If you wish to enroll with Endurance, here’s a simple guide to follow:

  1. Initiate Contact: Reach out to Endurance by calling (877) 374-1840 or completing a form on their website for a free quote and to connect with a representative.
  2. Provide Information: Answer questions about your vehicle and personal details. This includes your vehicle’s make, model, year, mileage, and condition, as well as your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  3. Review and Compare Plans: The representative will present available plans that match your vehicle and preferences. They will explain plan features, costs, and terms, assisting you in making an informed choice.
  4. Application and Payment Setup: Upon selecting a plan, the representative will aid in completing the application, submitting it to Endurance. They’ll also assist in setting up your payment method and confirming your enrollment.
  5. Confirmation and Follow-Up: After enrollment, expect a confirmation email with policy details and contact information. The representative will ensure you receive your welcome kit and Endurance Elite membership card.

How to Cancel or Change Your Plan with Endurance

If you need to cancel or alter your plan with Endurance, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Endurance: Call (877) 374-1840 or email to communicate your decision.
  2. Reasoning and Alternatives: The representative will inquire about the reason for your decision and offer alternatives if possible.
  3. Guidance through Process: If you still wish to proceed, the representative will assist in the cancellation or change process. They’ll inform you of any associated fees, penalties, or consequences.
  4. Confirmation and Satisfaction Check: Post cancellation or change, a confirmation email with updated details will be sent. The representative will follow up to ensure your satisfaction with the service.

How to File a Claim or Appeal with Endurance

If you need to file a claim or appeal with Endurance, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate Contact: Call (877) 374-1840 or use the Endurance Protect app to report your claim or appeal.
  2. Provide Information: Furnish your policy number, claim number, and relevant details. Additionally, provide any supporting documents or evidence like repair invoices or diagnostic reports.
  3. Submission and Updates: The representative will submit your claim or appeal to Endurance, keeping you informed about the status and outcome. They’ll assist with any questions or issues that may arise.
  4. Resolution Confirmation: Once your claim or appeal is resolved, expect a confirmation email detailing the result and any payment or adjustments. The representative will follow up to ensure your satisfaction with the service.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Endurance:

Q: Is Endurance a car insurance company?

A: No, Endurance is not a car insurance company.

Endurance is a company that offers extended car warranties, also known as vehicle service contracts.

The Company plans cover the cost of repairs for certain parts and systems of your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Endurance plans do not cover damages caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters1.


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