Is Global Travel Insurance Legit: Overview, Contacts, Claims, Policy, Pros & Cons

Is Global Travel Insurance Legit: Navigating the world with peace of mind. 

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Explore the authenticity of global travel insurance.

Are you planning a trip abroad and wondering about the necessity of global travel insurance?

This type of insurance covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and unforeseen events during your journey.

But how can you verify the legitimacy of global travel insurance and ensure you’re getting a reliable service?

In this blog post, we’ll assess the credibility of TFG Global, a leading provider of global travel insurance.

The review will encompass company details, basic information, services and products, along with pros and cons, supplemented by frequently asked questions.

By the post’s conclusion, you’ll gain insights into whether TFG Global is a trustworthy company capable of meeting your travel insurance needs.

Company Details

TFG Global, founded in 1999 by David Tompkins, is a Canadian company specializing in international insurance solutions for expatriates, travelers, and global citizens.

The company, with Mr. Tompkins as the current president and owner, boasts a proficient team able to assist with insurance needs and claims.

As a licensed insurance broker in Canada and a Lloyd’s of London correspondent, TFG Global collaborates with major insurance companies like Allianz, Cigna, IMG, and Aetna.

Additionally, the company holds memberships in esteemed organizations such as the Canadian Association of Insurance Brokers, the International Benefits Network, and the International Travel Insurance Journal.

Basic Information

Before purchasing travel insurance plans from TFG Global, familiarize yourself with some key details:

Phone Number +1-604-628-0426
Address #1500 – 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V7Y 1C6
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Accessible on their website
Email Address
Fax Number +1-604-259-0644
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Services and Products

TFG Global provides a range of travel insurance plans tailored to different travel needs.

Options include single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, travel insurance for USA visitors, group travel insurance, Schengen visa travel insurance, and student travel insurance.

Each plan offers diverse coverage options and benefits to accommodate various budgets and travel requirements.

Common benefits of TFG Global’s travel insurance plans include:

Coverage for emergency medical expenses, evacuation, trip cancellation, baggage loss, accidental death, travel assistance, and optional coverages for sports and hazardous activities.

Purchasing insurance can be done conveniently through their website, where you can obtain quotes, compare plans, and make online payments.

Customer service is also available for any inquiries or assistance.

Pros and Cons

As with any insurance provider, TFG Global presents both advantages and disadvantages:


  • A wide array of travel insurance plans for different travelers and destinations
  • Partnerships with reputable and reliable insurance companies
  • User-friendly online application and payment process
  • Responsive and helpful customer service with positive reviews


  • Exclusion of coverage related to COVID-19
  • Lack of “cancel for any reason” or “trip interruption for any reason” coverages.
  • Absence of a mobile app or live chat feature
  • No 24/7 emergency hotline

How to File a Claim with TFG Global

To initiate a claim with TFG Global, follow these steps:

  1. Promptly contact the insurance company or provider indicated on your policy confirmation email or TFG Global’s website.
  2. Complete the claim form and gather essential documents like receipts, invoices, medical reports, and police reports.
  3. Submit the claim form and documents to the insurance company or provider through mail, email, or fax, using the contact details found in your policy confirmation email or on TFG Global’s website.
  4. Await the processing of your claim and notification of the outcome, recognizing that processing times may vary based on claim type and complexity.

How to Cancel or Change Your Policy with TFG Global


Q: Is TFG Global a legitimate and trustworthy company?

A: Yes, TFG Global is a legitimate and trustworthy company with over 20 years in the international insurance business.

They are a licensed insurance broker in Canada and a Lloyd’s of London correspondent.

Partnering with major insurance companies worldwide, they have garnered a high customer satisfaction rating and positive client reviews.

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