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Selecting reliable insurance company is crucial when negotiating the complicated financial landscape of today. 

If Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) has captured your attention, you should naturally want to know if it is legitimate.

To do this, a detailed analysis of several critical facets of GTLIC’s business operations is required.

Background of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC)


GTLIC came into existence in 1936, amassing over 80 years of industry experience.


The company articulates its mission as delivering “competitive health, accident, and life and special risk insurance programs” to ensure “financial security and peace of mind for our policyholders.”

Industry Standing

GTLIC holds a reputable position in the insurance sector, providing products in the United States and Canada.

Renowned for its strong presence in the Medicare Supplement market, the company is acclaimed for its steadfast dedication to customer service.

Contact Information for Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC)

Here is the contact information for GTLIC:

Department Phone Fax Email
Policyholder Service 800-338-7452 847-699-6309 Inquiry Form
Provider Inquiries 866-851-0284 847-699-1048 Inquiry Form
Student Claims / Special Risk 800-622-1993 847-699-1048 Inquiry Form
Claims Inquiries 800-338-7452 847-699-1048 Inquiry Form
Life and Health Agents 800-323-6907 847-699-0895
Special Risk Agents 800-592-7933 N/A N/A
Credit Agents 800-551-8274 847-699-0987
Underwriting Questions 800-635-1993 847-699-8493
Human Resources 847-699-0600 847-699-2355 N/A
Public Relations N/A N/A

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) Regulatory Compliance


GTLIC possesses the requisite licenses to operate as an insurance provider across all states where it extends its products, a fact verifiable through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website.


Regulatory bodies such as the NAIC and state insurance departments closely monitor GTLIC’s operations, ensuring strict adherence to financial and operational standards.

Compliance Record

GTLIC’s compliance record is commendable, with no significant legal issues or major non-compliance violations reported.

How to file a claim with Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC)

To file a claim with Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC), follow these steps:

  1. Contact GTLIC: Reach out to GTLIC promptly after the event triggering your claim. Utilize various channels:
    • Customer Service: Call the number on your policy documents.
    • Online Portal: Check for an electronic claim initiation option.
  2. Gather Information: Collect the necessary details and documentation:
    • Policy specifics
    • Incident information (date, time, location)
    • Supporting documents (medical records, police reports, etc.)
  3. Speak to a Claims Representative: Connect with a GTLIC claims representative, providing relevant claim information. They will guide you and may request additional documentation.
  4. Submit Documents Promptly: Submit all required paperwork promptly to expedite claim processing.
  5. Track Your Claim: Use GTLIC’s online portal or contact the claims department to track your claim’s status. Stay informed and follow up as needed.
  6. Review and Approval: Once documents are submitted, GTLIC reviews your claim, determining eligibility and the claim amount.
  7. Receive Payout: Approved claims prompt GTLIC to process payments promptly. You’ll be informed of the payment method and timeline.
  8. Follow-up: After receiving the payout, review the details for accuracy. Reach out to GTLIC’s customer service with any questions or concerns.

This streamlined guide ensures a smooth claim filing process with GTLIC.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) Financial Details

Agency Ratings

GTLIC secures favorable financial strength ratings from esteemed agencies like A.M. Best (A-) and Standard & Poor’s (BBB+), signifying robust financial stability and a minimal risk of insolvency.

Financial Reports

Consistent profitability and a robust capital base characterize GTLIC’s financial reports, providing additional reassurance of its ability to meet policyholders’ financial obligations.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) Customer Reviews

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently praise Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) for its excellent handling of claims and payouts.

They highlight the efficiency and responsiveness of GTLIC’s services, expressing deep satisfaction with the prompt and effective claim processing.

Many commend the company’s strong commitment to customer service, emphasizing the ease with which claims are managed.

This positive sentiment not only underscores GTLIC’s dedication to meeting policyholders’ needs but also contributes significantly to the overall positive reputation enjoyed among its clientele.

Negative Feedback

Despite widespread praise for GTLIC, a few isolated complaints have surfaced, mainly concerning specific issues within the claims process.

Some customers express dissatisfaction with certain aspects, citing delays or difficulties in resolution.

It’s crucial to note that these negative reviews seem to be exceptions, and GTLIC actively addresses and resolves such concerns.

Despite these isolated instances, the overall trend in customer reviews reaffirms GTLIC’s standing as a reliable and customer-centric insurance provider.

GTLIC Product Offerings

Diverse Portfolio

GTLIC presents a varied portfolio of insurance products, encompassing:

  1. Medicare Supplement Insurance
  2. Life Insurance (including term life, whole life, and universal life options)
  3. Accident and health insurance and specialized solutions for students
  4. athletes
  5. individuals facing unique risks


GTLIC ensures transparency by furnishing detailed information about policies on its website, aiding potential customers in making informed decisions aligned with their insurance needs.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) Customer Feedback

Online Reviews

Online platforms such as Google Reviews and Trustpilot echo a positive customer sentiment, with policyholders lauding GTLIC for responsive customer service and efficient claims handling.


While isolated complaints exist, GTLIC demonstrates a commitment to fair and prompt resolution, further strengthening its credibility.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) Communication and Support

Customer Support

GTLIC offers multiple avenues for customer support, including:

  1. a toll-free phone number
  2. online chat
  3. email

Communication Channels

GTLIC employs multiple communication channels, such as:

  1. online account access
  2. email updates and print statements to ensure clear and timely communication regarding policy details and the status of claims.

Conclusion: Is Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC) legit?

After a thorough examination of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co.’s history, compliance, stability, products, and customer feedback, evidence supports its legitimacy.

Positive reviews, financial strength, and regulatory adherence highlight its commitment to reliable insurance solutions.

While GTLIC is reputable, due diligence, quote comparisons, and financial advice are crucial for choosing the right fit.

Careful consideration and research are essential in significant financial decisions, like selecting an insurance provider.

Invest time in exploring options to confidently choose a company that aligns with your needs, ensuring the assurance and peace of mind you seek.


What is Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (GTLIC)?

GTLIC is an insurance provider with over 80 years of experience, offering various insurance products in the United States and Canada.

What types of insurance does GTLIC offer?

GTLIC provides a diverse range of insurance products, including Medicare Supplement, life insurance (term, whole, and universal), accident and health insurance, and specialty risk products.

How can I contact GTLIC’s customer service?

You can contact GTLIC’s customer service through the phone number provided on your policy documents. Check if there is also an online portal for electronic communication.

How do I file a claim with GTLIC?

Follow the steps outlined in GTLIC’s claims filing guide, which typically involve contacting the company, gathering necessary information, speaking to a claims representative, submitting required documents, and tracking your claim.

What information do I need to have when filing a claim?

When filing a claim, gather essential information, including policy details, incident specifics (date, time, location), and any supporting documents like medical records or police reports.

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