Is Jenny Life Insurance Legit? A Complete Analysis

Is Jenny Life Insurance Legit? Simplifying Life Insurance with Jenny Life.

Acquiring a life insurance policy is frequently a daunting task, involving extensive paperwork, medical exams, and a multitude of questions.

Jenny Life seeks to revolutionize this industry by streamlining the process.

Is Jenny Life Insurance Legit
Is Jenny Life Insurance Legit: Photo(Life Quote)

Is Jenny Life Insurance Legit? Overview of their approach.

Jenny Life, a life insurance broker founded in Seattle in 2017.

The insurance broker is committed to offering a hassle-free experience, particularly catering to women and mothers.

Recognizing the challenges faced by women, especially those with children, founders Chirag Paricholi and Lief Larson established Jenny Life with the mission of transforming this reality.

Leveraging technology, the company provides a user-friendly platform for discovering and purchasing life insurance.

Jenny Life Contact Information 

Jenny Life, Inc. Address: 107 Spring St Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 1-855-885-3669


Website: www.

Key Highlights of Jenny Life:

App-Based Convenience

Jenny Life adopts an app-based model for life insurance purchases.

As a brokerage, it doesn’t underwrite policies but enables users to explore various providers, obtain free quotes, and apply for policies seamlessly through its website or mobile apps.

Efficiency in Processing

The entire process, from providing information to receiving policy quotes, takes only a few minutes.

The platform employs an intuitive interface, and users can utilize mobile device biometrics to answer questions and sign contracts.

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Competitive Pricing

Jenny Life offers attractively priced policies, with options available for less than $10 per month.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to cancel their contracts at any time.

Diverse Insurance Options

Being a broker, Jenny Life facilitates the purchase of various policy types, including term life and whole life.

Its insurance partners are highly rated by independent industry analysts.

Pros And Cons


Rapid quote and response times

Intuitive and user-friendly app

Reduced bureaucracy, particularly beneficial for women and mothers.


Products may vary by state

No option to convert term coverage to permanent policies

Limited ability to modify coverage amounts later.

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Customer Feedback

Jenny Life has garnered positive feedback, particularly from women who appreciate the simplified and intuitive approach to life insurance.

Users praise the flexibility, accessibility, and competitive pricing offered by Jenny Life.

Some concerns include the inability to convert term policies to whole life and limitations on modifying coverage later.

Is Jenny Life Right for You?

Jenny Life is suitable for those seeking a swift and uncomplicated life insurance purchasing process.

While it provides flexibility in browsing and selecting policies, users may trade off some flexibility in modifying their policies later.

Approval chances are high for those in good health, and even those not immediately eligible can benefit from the simplified process.


Jenny Life’s innovative approach to life insurance aims to democratize access, making it a viable option for those seeking a quick and hassle-free experience.

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