Is Kemper Life Insurance Legit ? :Full Analysis

when evaluating an insurance provider like Kemper Life Insurance, it’s crucial to assess its legitimacy and credibility.

Kemper Life Insurance has established itself as a reputable and trustworthy company within the insurance industry.

With a robust history and a track record of serving customers effectively, Kemper Life Insurance offers various life insurance products tailored to individual needs.

They operate under stringent regulatory standards, ensuring compliance and reliability in their services.

Evaluating customer reviews, industry ratings, and the company’s financial stability can further affirm Kemper’s legitimacy, providing peace of mind to potential policyholders like Damian.

Is Kemper life insurance legit
Discover Kemper Insurance—a versatile insurance provider offering a wide array of coverage options across all 50 states. With nearly $15 billion in assets, Kemper Corporation provides various insurance types for individuals, families, and businesses. /PHOTO COURTESY

Should You Get a Term Life Policy Through Kemper Life Insurance?

Kemper’s primary focus on the guaranteed issue segment makes direct comparisons with other life insurance companies challenging.

They don’t provide conventional, affordable term life insurance policies commonly associated with life insurance.

Instead, their product lineup caters specifically to individuals dealing with significant health conditions, unable to qualify for fully medically underwritten policies.

However, within the guaranteed issue niche, Kemper excels as a top performer. Their specialization in this area surpasses that of most competitors.

For those seeking this type of policy, Kemper might be the ideal choice. Exploring various companies offering guaranteed issue policies is recommended.

Feel free to reach out to us, either by phone or by completing the quote request on our website.

We’ll assess whether Kemper Life Insurance or another insurer aligns better with your needs.

As insurance brokers working across the spectrum of providers, we strive to secure the most suitable policy with the lowest premiums for you.

Is Kemper Life Insurance Legit Reviews

Pros Cons
– Diverse insurance offerings – Recent financial challenges and negative customer feedback
– Policy bundling discounts – Higher complaint index score compared to the national average
– User-friendly website and online tools – Complaints regarding poor customer service and claims denials


Kemper Corporation, a substantial insurance conglomerate consisting of multiple smaller entities, manages a wide array of insurance coverages.

From health insurance to commercial auto policies, Kemper Insurance caters to nearly every insurance need of its clientele.

In recent times, particularly in its auto and health sectors, Kemper Insurance has encountered challenging periods.

A.M. Best, an American credit rating agency, adjusted Kemper’s financial outlook to negative in 2022.

This article aims to furnish the most recent details concerning Kemper Insurance for the year 2022.

It will encompass information on its products, services, financial robustness, and overall customer perceptions.

What You Should Know About Kemper Corporation

Kemper Corporation, an insurance provider, operates across all 50 states, managing assets totaling nearly $15 billion and servicing more than 6.6 million policies.

Under its parent company, Kemper oversees various business entities, including:

  • Kemper Auto
  • Infinity Insurance (specific to California)
  • Kemper Personal Insurance
  • Kemper Health
  • Kemper Life

Established in 1990, the company underwent multiple ownership changes. Initially known as Unitrin, Inc., it rebranded to Kemper Corporation in 2011.

Kemper operates as a public company and is listed under the trading symbol KMPR.

Expanding its scope through acquisitions of several smaller entities, Kemper has emerged as the 28th largest insurance company in the United States.

Kemper Insurance Online Platform

Kemper provides a comprehensive and user-friendly website equipped with various tools for customers and agents to access policy information.

For customers, Kemper offers an online quote tool enabling direct quoting.

Additionally, their map search tool assists in locating nearby agents.

Through the Kemper Insurance login portal, users can create accounts to access policy documents, process online payments, file claims, upload photos, and communicate with their insurance agent.

Agents seeking partnership opportunities with Kemper can apply via the “Become an Agent” page on their website.

Contacting Kemper Insurance involves locating their offices across the country via an online search for local offices.

The individuals can reach Kemper using the main phone number, 888-252-2799, or through the online form submission on their website.

The primary corporate mailing address for Kemper Corporation is:

Kemper Corporation

200 E. Randolph St., Suite 3300

Chicago, Illinois 60601

What is the financial strength of Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Corporation oversees various companies operating under its umbrella, all functioning as subsidiaries of the parent company.

While Kemper Corporation boasts an “A” rating from A.M. Best, indicating excellence, the agency revised Kemper’s financial outlook to negative in 2022.

Free photo close up of smartphone money graphs and charts on workplace at office. business concept.

This shift stems from the companies under Kemper reporting substantial earnings decline and reduced capital levels.

Forecasts indicate that these earnings challenges will persist in the foreseeable future.

The majority of the downturn primarily impacted Kemper’s auto division, witnessing a significant surge in claims severity.

The automobile and healthcare sectors faced considerable claims upsurge in 2021 due to supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and inflationary pressures.

These factors collectively impacted Kemper’s financial performance.

Kemper Insurance Customer Reviews

Kemper has amassed numerous customer reviews, primarily linked to local offices and visible on Google.

Across these reviews, the average customer rating stands at 2.5 stars, falling below the typical rating for insurance companies.

The majority of Kemper’s reviews come from auto insurance customers.

Dissatisfaction is prevalent among these customers, with many expressing challenges in receiving reimbursement checks and several encountering complete claim denials.

Numerous complaints highlight inadequate customer service across various local Kemper offices.

However, some customers appreciate the affordability of their insurance policies.

A segment of customers commends professional and supportive local agents aiding in the claims process.

Kemper Insurance reviews present a mixed bag, varying significantly based on insurance type and local office ratings.

Regarding the National Complaint Index Report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Kemper Corporation faced 27 complaints in 2021, culminating in a complaint index score of 5.65.

Compared to the national average complaint index score of one, Kemper’s score signifies a fivefold higher rate of complaints.

The abundance of negative customer reviews and a notably high complaint index score indicate significant customer satisfaction issues within Kemper Insurance.

Kemper Corporation Insurance Coverage Options

Kemper Corporation furnishes a wide array of insurance policies encompassing nearly every coverage type available in the market.

The company offers auto, property, business, life, and health insurance policies, catering to both personal and commercial needs.

Kemper’s Auto Insurance Coverage Kemper delivers customizable personal auto insurance coverage, offering various policies ranging from fundamental liability coverage to comprehensive and collision policies.

Customers may benefit from multiple discounts available, including those for defensive drivers, military personnel, anti-theft measures, and good students.

Kemper’s Property Insurance Coverage Kemper extends several property insurance options such as home, renters, condo, mobile home, and flood insurance.

Each policy type comes with associated discounts like home safety, protective devices, multi-policy, and military discounts.

Kemper’s Business Insurance For businesses, Kemper offers commercial auto, general liability, and business owner’s policies.

These policies cover business operations, property, vehicle fleets, and employee injuries.

Additional Customizable Coverages Kemper Insurance provides customizable policies covering various personal effects, including motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), recreational vehicle (RV), boat insurance, personal valuables, and personal umbrella liability coverage.

The umbrella policy safeguards against exhausted liability limits in standard coverage, encompassing losses from libel, slander, defamation of character, and property in your care.

Kemper’s Life Insurance Kemper offers diverse life insurance products, such as whole life, term life, and accident plans, ensuring financial support for families in case of an unexpected death.

Kemper’s Health Insurance Under Kemper Health, customers access various health insurance benefits, including accident policies, fixed indemnity coverage, hospital confinement, dental and vision plans, home health care, critical illness coverage, and outpatient policies.

Kemper provides an extensive range of insurance coverage options, encouraging rate discounts for bundling policies.

Kemper Insurance Review for 2022: The Bottom Line

Corporation, an insurance entity, offers an extensive array of insurance types available in the market.

The company underwent a rebranding 11 years ago, transforming into Kemper Corporation after changing ownership multiple times.

To acquire coverage, individuals can secure policies through independent insurance agents located throughout the United States.

Additionally, Kemper’s website facilitates access to a quote tool and provides abundant information regarding available coverage types.

Customers benefit from the user-friendly online platform enabling bill payments, document viewing, and claims filing.

However, concerning signs have emerged for Kemper. A.M. Best recently revised Kemper Corporation’s financial outlook to negative due to financial challenges, particularly in its auto and health sectors, accompanied by a surge in claims.

Customer reviews for Kemper tend to skew negative, citing issues such as denied claims and reimbursement exclusions.

The confirmed complaint index for Kemper Corporation stands at five times higher than the national average, raising concerns.

Nevertheless, Kemper’s policies offer affordability, and customers can access discounts by consolidating multiple policies into a single premium.

Overall, potential customers should note certain cautionary aspects before committing to policies with Kemper, as the company presents several red flags.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Kemper Insurance entail?

Kemper Insurance stands as a sizable insurance entity providing diverse coverage options across all 50 states. Comprising numerous smaller entities, it handles a multitude of insurance categories.

  • Is Kemper Corporation a viable insurance option?

Kemper Corporation offers a broad spectrum of insurance types and holds assets totaling nearly $15 billion. However, it’s essential to consider recent financial challenges and adverse customer reviews before selecting this company for insurance needs.

  • What kinds of insurance does Kemper provide?

Kemper covers virtually every insurance category, encompassing auto, property, business, life, and health insurance policies available in both personal and commercial formats.

  • How can I reach Kemper Insurance?

Accessing your local office via an online Google search or using Kemper’s website for online form submissions are viable ways to contact them. The primary Kemper Insurance contact number is 888-252-2799.

  • What’s Kemper’s financial stability?

Although Kemper Corporation maintains an “A” rating from A.M. Best, the agency revised its financial outlook to negative in 2022 due to substantial earnings decline and decreased capital levels. Forecasts indicate continued earnings challenges ahead.

  • What defines Kemper Corporation?

Kemper Corporation operates as an insurance provider offering an extensive range of insurance products and services for individuals, families, and businesses. With several decades in the industry, it has earned a reputation for delivering dependable insurance coverage.


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