Is Occidental a good insurance company?

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Is Occidental a good insurance company?

I have been a loyal customer of Occidental Insurance Company for over five years, and I can confidently say that it is a good insurance company.

I have insured my car, my house, and my personal belongings with Occidental, and I have always received excellent service and fair compensation whenever I needed to make a claim.

Here are some of the reasons why I think Occidental is a good insurance company:

1.Occidental has a strong reputation and credit rating

Occidental Insurance Company Limited is a Kenyan insurance company that provides protection to individuals and organizations against various risks, such as fire, theft, liability, and marine.

It has been in operation for over 35 years and has a strong reputation in the insurance industry.

It has also been accorded a rating of (A- Ke) by Global Credit Rating, which means that it has a strong financial position and ability to settle claims promptly.

2. Occidental has a wide range of products and services

The company offers a wide range of general insurance products and services, both for personal and business needs.

Some of the products include motor private insurance, domestic package policy, personal accident policy, travel insurance policy, fire, and allied perils policy, work injury benefit act policy, contractors all risks policy, and marine insurance policy.

The company also provides customized and flexible coverage and rates according to the needs and preferences of its customers.

3. Occidental has a countrywide presence and customer service

Occidental has branches, agents, and brokers across the country, making it accessible and convenient for its customers.

It also has a dedicated customer service team, which can be reached through telephone, email, or online platforms.

Occidental also has a website, where customers can get information, quotes, and make payments.

The company also has a blog, where it posts useful tips and updates on various topics related to insurance.

4. Occidental has a social responsibility and community involvement

Occidental is not only a good insurance company but also a good corporate citizen.

It has a social responsibility and community involvement program, where it supports various causes and initiatives, such as education, health, environment, and sports.

Occidental also participates in various events and activities, such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and seminars, where it interacts with its customers and stakeholders.


Occidental is a good insurance company, based on its reputation, products, services, and social responsibility.

It has been providing protection and peace of mind to its customers for over three decades, and it continues to innovate and improve its offerings.

I would recommend Occidental to anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable insurance partner.


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