Is official .insure legit? :Products, Discounts, FAQS

In the present era, where instances of insurance fraud abound, conducting thorough research before enrolling in a policy has become increasingly crucial.

If you’re contemplating Official. insure, you may be questioning the legitimacy of the company.

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What is Official? insurance? is a website that offers a free and unbiased comparison of insurance quotes from multiple top insurance companies.

It serves as a lead generation platform, collecting user information and selling it to insurance companies, which then use the data to provide customized insurance quotes to consumers

Is Official. Insure Legit?

Official. Insure stands as a credible online platform owned and managed by QuinStreet, Inc., a publicly traded company.

QuinStreet holds membership with the Better Business Bureau, boasting an A+ rating.

Notably, the website has gained recognition in various publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Official. Insure?



  • Collects personal information from consumers
  • Sells consumer information to insurance companies
  • May not be the best option for consumers who are looking for the cheapest insurance rates

Official. Insure Coverages

Our comprehensive offerings encompass:

1. Auto Insurance: Safeguard your vehicle with our reliable auto insurance coverage, ensuring protection on the road against unforeseen events.

2. Home Insurance: Protect your most valuable asset with our home insurance plans, designed to provide financial security and peace of mind for homeowners.

3. Life Insurance: Plan for the future and secure your loved ones with our life insurance options, offering financial support and protection in the face of life’s uncertainties.

4. Health Insurance: Prioritize your well-being with our health insurance plans, covering medical expenses and providing you access to quality healthcare services.

5. Pet Insurance: Extend your care to your furry friends by opting for our pet insurance, ensuring their health and well-being with comprehensive coverage.

At Official. Insure, we understand the importance of having reliable insurance coverage across various aspects of life.

Our commitment is to provide you with peace of mind and financial security through our diverse range of insurance products.

Choose Official. Insure for personalized, dependable, and comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Discounts Offered By Official. Insure

Official. Insure provides a range of cost-saving opportunities on insurance premiums, including:

1. Bundle Discount: Enjoy savings by consolidating multiple insurance policies.
2. Safe Driver Discount: Earn reduced premiums for maintaining a safe and responsible driving record.
3. Homeowners Discount: Benefit from exclusive savings if you own a home.
4. Student Discount: Students can avail special discounts on their insurance coverage.
5. Military Personnel Discount: Members of the military can take advantage of discounted insurance rates as a token of appreciation.

Red flags That Suggest That This Website May Not Be Legitimate

– Official. Insure has a notably low domain authority, indicating potential issues with credibility and trustworthiness.

– Lack of a physical address or phone number makes it challenging to contact for inquiries or concerns.

– The website of contains numerous grammatical errors and typos, suggesting a lack of seriousness in its business operations.

– does not appear to be licensed or accredited by any insurance regulatory agencies, raising concerns about its legal eligibility to sell insurance in your state.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a reputable company?

Certainly, is a legitimate insurance company with licensing to operate in all 50 states.

 How do’s rates compare?’s rates are competitive, aligning with other insurance providers. The company extends various discounts to assist in reducing your insurance premiums.

 What insurance products does offer? provides a diverse range of insurance products, encompassing auto, home, and life insurance.

Can you describe Official.insures claims process? is recognized for its excellent customer service in claims handling. The company boasts a team of seasoned claims adjusters dedicated to expeditiously and fairly processing your claims.


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