Is Policygenius Disability Insurance Legit: Costs, Coverage Options, Features, Competitors And Application

Policygenius disability insurance is a user-friendly online marketplace and independent insurance broker designed to assist individuals in discovering the ideal insurance policy to meet their specific needs

Unlike some places, Policygenius isn’t stuck offering just one company’s insurance. It looks at lots of different options from different companies.

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The Policy Genius Disability Insurance: Your ultimate and Most Legitimate insurer


It’s free to use and gives you a bunch of choices, including renter’s insurance. So, you can pick what works best for you.

How Policygenius Disability Insurance Works

Simplified Disability Insurance Shopping with Policygenius

Policygenius understands that insurance can be confusing, filled with jargon, and have unclear pricing.

To make the disability insurance shopping process easy, Policygenius created a user-friendly tool with clear definitions and a straightforward interface, guiding customers to the best options.

Quick and Clear Quotes Customers provide basic information about their age, health, career, and coverage needs. In less than five minutes, Policygenius offers a quote range for disability insurance policies.

At each step, the tool provides simple definitions for terms customers may find confusing and suggests coverage options.

After reviewing 17 reliable providers, Policygenius presents the best quotes.

Some companies may require additional details and medical exam results for a specific price.

Support and Information For customers with questions, Policygenius offers a learning center for disability insurance, addressing common concerns about coverage and cost.

Representatives are available through chat, phone, or email almost any time of day. They are ready to help customers understand their options and find the most cost-effective plan for their needs.

How Much Does Policygenius Disability Insurance Cost?

Affordable Disability Insurance from Policygenius

Disability insurance purchased through Policygenius usually falls between $30 and $700 per month.

The cost depends on personal details and coverage preferences. Generally, those seeking higher coverage and having a greater chance of disability pay more.

Younger individuals with healthy habits and safe work records enjoy lower rates. On the flip side, older, less healthy individuals with riskier jobs face higher premiums.

While factors like age, career, and health are often beyond your control, you can control monthly premiums through coverage choices.

Opting for longer waiting periods, lower monthly benefits, shorter benefit periods, and minimal riders can significantly reduce costs.

However, it’s crucial to strike a balance. Eliminating too many benefits may leave you without the coverage you need.

We suggest opting for middle-ground benefits, ensuring comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.

Policygenius Disability Insurance Application Process

To show you what applying is like, I’ll tell you about the experience of getting a life insurance quote with Policygenius. It only takes a few minutes.

First, you fill in the details in the widget above.

After that, Policygenius asks you a few questions about why you want life insurance. You could choose from things like making sure your family is safe, protecting your income until you retire, and more.

Once you tell them your reasons, Policygenius asks what type of life insurance you want. You could pick from term, permanent, or say, “I’m not sure.”

Then, you share some basic information like your gender, birthdate, zip code, if you are a citizen, and if you are married or in a relationship.

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The Policygenius Disability Insurance Application Form
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Next, the application needs some personal details, like:

How tall you are
If you’ve used tobacco in the last five years,
If you’ve ever taken medicine or gotten treatment for certain health issues,

How much do you weigh
If your license was ever suspended or revoked, or if you had more than one ticket or accident in the last five years

After that, Policygenius tells you the basic prices for life insurance. It depends on how much coverage you want and for how long.

Policygenius Features

Making Insurance Easy with Policygenius

Live Help: Policygenius makes buying insurance simpler with live chat features. At the bottom of the home page, click “Chat with a life insurance agent” for instant help. Real people, not robots, will answer your questions.

No Pushy Salespeople: Talk to representatives without pressure. They work on salary, not commission. Their goal is to help, not push you into buying something that doesn’t fit. They’re there to guide you, not sell aggressively.

Get Multiple Quotes Easily: Save time and money with Policygenius. Enter your information once and get quotes from many companies. No need to re-enter details on each insurer’s site. This way, you can compare prices from different carriers hassle-free.

No-Medical-Exam Options: Policygenius offers various no-exam life insurance options. Companies like Brighthouse Financial, Lincoln Financial, Foresters Financial, and Mutual of Omaha provide these policies. Brighthouse Financial, for instance, offers affordable term policies with quick decisions, often within 24 hours. Easily get quotes from these companies through Policygenius.

Policygenius Disability Insurance Coverage Options

Policygenius Coverage Options Simplified

While not a direct disability insurance provider, Policygenius serves as an aggregator tool, linking customers to budget-friendly providers offering suitable coverage. You have the flexibility to tailor your preferences in the following areas:

1. Waiting Period:

  • Instead of a deductible, disability insurance requires waiting periods of 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days before coverage begins.
  • Policygenius generally advises a 90-day wait, balancing coverage and cost.

2. Monthly Benefit:

  • Monthly payouts, reflecting a percentage of your pretax income, support you when unable to work.
  • Policygenius lets you choose up to 60%, of the recommended coverage amount.

3. Benefit Period:

  • Opt for coverage until retirement to safeguard against unforeseen injuries or health issues.
  • Alternatively, choose limited-time coverage (2, 5, or 10 years) or until retirement at 65 or 67 for lower premiums.

4. Riders (Add-ons):

  • Own Occupation Disability Insurance: Covers industry-specific disabilities, allowing work in another field.
  • Residual Disability Policies: Protect against income loss due to disabilities affecting occupational duties.
  • Non-cancelable Insurance Policy: Ensures the insurer can’t cancel or alter the policy terms as long as premiums are paid.
  • Future Purchase Option: annual increases in the benefit amount as your income rises.

Policygenius makes it easy to navigate these options and find the coverage that suits your needs. 

Why You Should Use Policygenius

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Ease of Use Getting insurance is more complex than buying a plane ticket, but Policygenius keeps it simple. The user-friendly interface and clear explanations make navigating the insurance world easy. Each section has a little “?” link to explain terms, ratings, and questions.

Helpful FAQs and Guides Policygenius provides extensive FAQs and guides for each insurance type. Explore these resources to understand insurance types and figure out what coverage suits you best.

Knowledge Building As part of its mission, Policygenius educates young consumers on the importance of insurance.

The Insurance Checkup tool assesses if you’re underinsured by asking about your net worth, income, living situation, existing policies, and risk tolerance.

It gently suggests more insurance and saving money.

Real-Life Examples Beyond FAQs, Policygenius offers case studies showcasing suitable policies for different people.

Real-life examples help you see what works for others and what might work for you.

Transparent Information Policygenius openly discusses the pros and cons of each insurer, evaluating aspects like the application process and customer service. Transparency is a key aspect of their approach.

Why Policygenius Might Not Be The Most Suitable  For You

Limited Insurance Options

Not Every Insurer Included: Policygenius works with many top insurers, but it doesn’t partner with every insurance company out there.

You might find a better deal with a company not affiliated with Policygenius.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Preference for Personal Meetings If you’re someone who feels more at ease making decisions face-to-face, Policygenius might not be your best fit.

While they offer phone and online chat support, there’s no option for in-person meetings.

Unique Health Circumstances

Challenges with Unique Health Situations For those with unique health situations, getting life insurance can be tricky.

Policygenius can assist through phone or online chat, but complex discussions may be clearer in person.

Consider the Alternatives

Exploring Other Options If Policygenius doesn’t suit you, or if you prefer dealing directly with providers, here are some alternatives to consider.

1. Policygenius vs Credible:

Different Approaches Policygenius is an aggregator, while Credible is a platform offering various financial products.

Credible provides options for home and auto insurance, working with over 40 providers, and offering a broader range of choices.

Both platforms are free, so checking both can provide more options for homeowners and auto insurance.

2. Policygenius vs Fiona

Different Platforms, Different Focus

Fiona: Simplicity and Savings Fiona, represented by the Even Financial logo, stands out as another comparison platform for insurance, making it onto your radar when you’re in search of coverage.

While Fiona, like Credible, extends beyond insurance to include loans, credit cards, and savings accounts, it’s more straightforward to navigate than Policygenius.

Insurance Offerings Fiona concentrates on auto and life insurance, unlike Policygenius, which is a more comprehensive platform.

Fiona’s user-friendly interface and occasional lower rates make it an attractive option, depending on your location and the type of policy you’re after.

Worth Considering If you’re in the market for a new life or auto insurance, Fiona is worth considering, bearing in mind that it may offer fewer choices compared to Policygenius.

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