Is Squaremouth Travel Insurance Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Squaremouth serves as a travel insurance comparison platform, aiding travelers in discovering the optimal insurance coverage for their journeys.

With a track record of assisting more than 3.2 million travelers in economizing both time and money on their travel insurance, Squaremouth boasts the most user-friendly quoting and comparison engine in the current market.

This platform enables travelers to swiftly acquire a travel insurance policy from all major providers in the United States.

In this piece, we will closely examine Squaremouth, a prominent travel insurance comparison platform, and address the query: Is Squaremouth travel insurance legit?.

Squaremouth Travel Insurance
Squaremouth Travel Insurance: Legit or Not? Delve into the Pros, Cons, and Key Benefits – Your comprehensive resource for understanding the renowned travel insurance comparison platform. PHOTO: Freepik


Squaremouth Travel Insurance Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with Squaremouth Travel Insurance for any purpose, you have the following contact options available:

Information Details
Phone Number 1-800-240-0369
Address 200 Central Ave, Suite 430, St Petersburg, FL 33701
Customer Service Contact U.S. Customer Service Number: 1-800-240-0369, International Customer Service Number: 727-564-9203, Customer Service Email:
Email Address
Operating Hours 8AM to 10PM ET Daily


Squaremouth Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

Wondering if you need travel insurance before booking your trip?

While not mandatory for every destination, some countries insist on it for visitors.

Travel insurance is highly recommended for international travel, providing crucial emergency medical expense coverage since US health insurance doesn’t apply abroad.

It’s especially useful when you’ve incurred non-refundable expenses.

Despite its cost being a fraction of your trip, the peace of mind it offers is valuable.

Although SquareMouth has benefits, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone when shopping for trip insurance.


  • Zero-complaint guarantee for extra support
  • Compare dozens of insurance policies
  • Quickly review multiple quotes


  • Limited customer reviews on the BBB and
  • Doesn’t offer its own insurance policies

Travel Insurance Benefits and Coverages

Travel insurance plans are crafted to provide a bundled set of advantages safeguarding both travelers and their financial commitment in case unforeseen events affect their journey.

This encompasses coverage for situations leading to trip cancellations or interruptions, as well as financial losses incurred due to issues encountered during the travel.

Typically, travel insurance policies are extensive, encompassing various protections such as reimbursement for cancellations, assistance with medical emergencies, compensation for travel delays, and coverage for lost luggage.

Squaremouth outlines the prevalent types of travel insurance benefits usually incorporated into a policy.

  • Travel Insurance Benefit Types

Cancellation: Travel insurance cancellation benefits provide reimbursement for unused trip expenses in the event that travelers need to cancel their trip entirely or cut their journey short due to a covered reason.

Medical & Evacuation: Travel medical insurance provides coverage for the expenses associated with treating an illness or injury that occurs while traveling.

Delay: Travel delay benefits aim to safeguard travelers against financial losses arising from trip delays or missed connections.

Luggage: Travel insurance offers advantages for travelers to acquire necessary items in the event of delayed luggage, and it can also reimburse the expenses incurred due to lost or damaged belongings.

Accidental Death: Travel insurance plans may offer a one-time lump sum payout in the unfortunate event of a traveler’s death or the loss of a limb while on their journey.

Sports: Certain travel insurance plans may encompass benefits that apply to adventurous travelers engaging in activities that would typically be excluded from coverage.

Additional Benefits: Many policies are extensive, providing a range of supplementary advantages.

Though numerous policies offer similar benefits, there can be significant variations in coverage amounts and prices.

It is crucial for travelers to identify the benefits that matter most to them, especially if they are visiting countries that mandate travel insurance.

Squaremouth consistently advises travelers to purchase the most affordable policy that aligns with their required benefits and coverage amounts based on their trip details.

What Are The Key Travel Insurance Benefits?

Many travel insurance plans are designed to address the typical worries of travelers.

In the constantly evolving realm of travel, it’s essential for travelers to identify crucial benefits in a policy.

  • Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation coverage offers reimbursement for a traveler’s pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses in the event of trip cancellation due to unexpected circumstances.

While commonly associated with illness, injury, or death, each policy outlines a specific set of additional covered reasons.

  • Cancel For Covid-19 Sickness

Cancellation coverage due to Covid-19 illness can provide reimbursement for travelers who need to cancel or cut short their journey due to contracting the virus.

  • Cancel For Any Reason

The Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) option is an elective enhancement that offers travelers maximum flexibility.

This feature allows partial reimbursement of prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses in the event of cancellation for reasons not covered by the standard policy.

  • Emergency Medical

Emergency Medical is able to cover the expenses accrued by a traveler in the case of a medical emergency while on their journey.

This coverage includes ambulance services, hospital fees, physician services, and various other medical expenses.

  • Medical Evacuation

In the case of a medical emergency during a journey, Medical Evacuation services can swiftly transport a traveler to the closest suitable medical facility.

  • Medical Coverage For Covid-19

Coverage for Covid-19 medical expenses can provide reimbursement for the healthcare expenses incurred by a traveler if they happen to contract Covid-19 unexpectedly while on their journey and need medical treatment.

  • Travel Delay

Travel Delay coverage provides compensation for expenses related to meals and lodging in the event of an unforeseen delay during a journey.

  • Extension Of Coverage

Coverage Extension refers to the duration during which a traveler’s insurance policy can offer benefits beyond their originally planned return date, in the event that they are unable to return home due to circumstances beyond their control.

SquareMouth Travel Insurance Pricing

SquareMouth collaborates with different insurance providers, resulting in variable pricing based on the chosen plan.

It’s important to note that the travel insurance quote from SquareMouth may not be precise, as the insurance provider could impose additional fees.

Prior to purchasing your plan, the provider will furnish you with a more comprehensive estimate.

Notably, SquareMouth does not levy additional charges for its services.

The amount you pay for a plan through the platform remains consistent with what you would pay when purchasing directly from the insurance provider.

SquareMouth Travel Insurance Financial Stability

While exploring options on SquareMouth for insurance plans, you have the ability to review the AM Best scores of each insurance provider.

AM Best, an impartial platform, assesses companies based on their financial strength.

A higher financial strength rating indicates a more stable insurance provider, alleviating concerns about potential issues such as the inability to fulfill claims or loss of coverage due to a sudden business shutdown.

It’s important to note that SquareMouth, being a relatively new company, lacks a financial strength rating.

However, since SquareMouth doesn’t directly sell its own insurance plans, the security of your insurance coverage is not compromised in the event of SquareMouth facing financial challenges.

Customer Reviews About Squaremouth

As of December 2023, Squaremouth has garnered feedback from 49,040 customers on, achieving an impressive average rating of 5 stars.

SquareMouth Travel Insurance Claims

  • Travel Insurance Claims Center

Travel insurance serves as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances, shielding travelers from financial setbacks caused by flight cancellations, delays, misplaced luggage, injuries incurred abroad, and various other disruptive events during their journeys.

If your trip didn’t go as planned and you need to file a travel insurance claim, continue reading for resources and provider contact information.

What Can You Claim?

Travel insurance offers financial safeguards in case unexpected events interfere with or affect your travel arrangements.

Below are the prevalent complications that travel insurance might address:

  • Delays

Today, travelers often worry about travel disruptions and delays, which are prevalent issues.

In the event that your journey is postponed or you fail to catch a connecting flight due to circumstances beyond your control, travel insurance can potentially cover additional expenses like lodging and meals.

  • Cancellations

This insurance usually provides reimbursement for non-refundable costs in case you have to cancel or curtail your journey for covered reasons, such as illness, injury, or unexpected events.

  • Medical Emergencies

Travel insurance might provide financial protection for medical costs resulting from sickness or injury during your travels.

This coverage can include expenses such as hospital stays, visits to doctors, and emergency evacuations.

It’s important to note that there could be coverage limits and specific exclusions that apply.

  • Baggage

Travel insurance can provide protection in case of lost, stolen, or delayed baggage, offering reimbursement for necessary items and replacement expenses.

Additionally, certain policies may extend coverage to include damage to baggage.

How To Claim Travel Insurance

Every travel insurance claim is distinct and will be addressed accordingly by your travel insurance providers.

To achieve the optimal result, it is crucial to be well-prepared and proactive.

Begin by considering the following suggestions:

  • Contact Your Provider

Contact your insurance provider’s claims team using the information provided in your policy.

They will help you navigate the process, address your questions, aid in preparing your claim, and inform you of the required documentation.

  • Gather Required Documentation

Prior to starting your claim process, ensure that you collect all essential documentation pertaining to your incident.

This might involve original receipts, medical reports, police reports, travel itineraries, and any other pertinent evidence to substantiate your claim.

  • Complete Claim Form and Interview

You may be required to fill out a claim form with your provider.

Accuracy is crucial, so make sure to provide all the necessary details.

Attach supporting documentation to facilitate a prompt assessment of your claim.

Expect a member of your provider’s claims team to reach out to you for further discussion.

  • Submit The Claim

After filling out the claim form and assembling the necessary documents, you are ready to submit your claim.

Providers generally receive claims through email, regular mail, or a secure online portal.

Remember to keep copies of all documents for your personal records.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For further information about Squaremouth Travel Insurance, please refer to the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

  • What is Squaremouth com?

Squaremouth operates as an internet-based platform that assesses travel insurance plans offered by all significant providers within the United States.

  • Will travel insurance cover flight cancellation?

A thorough travel insurance plan should provide coverage for your flight in case you have to cancel or modify your plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

A valid travel insurance policy can safeguard you in case any unexpected issues arise during your vacation.

  • How does SquareMouth work?

SquareMouth serves as a streamlined hub for purchasing travel insurance plans, offering a simplified process.

On the platform, you can easily compare various plans, make payments, and secure coverage from a partnering insurance company.

Notably, SquareMouth does not impose any extra fees for its services.

  • Does SquareMouth handle travel insurance claims?

No. You need to submit a claim directly to your insurance provider.

However, SquareMouth’s zero-complaint guarantee provides support in case you are dissatisfied with your insurance company’s handling of a claim and require additional assistance.

  • Is SquareMouth safe to use?

Yes, SquareMouth is safe to use. This travel insurance marketplace is authentic and collaborates directly with prominent providers.

SquareMouth ensures transparency by eliminating hidden fees or additional charges when purchasing an insurance plan.


Squaremouth travel insurance provides a dependable and user-friendly solution for securing travel insurance for your journey.

With a diverse selection of policies from leading providers, an intuitive website, and a committed customer service team, Squaremouth ensures a seamless experience.

Backed by its Zero Complaint Guarantee and price guarantee, Squaremouth demonstrates confidence in its products and providers.

I believe this article offered a mix of pleasure and valuable insights as you explored the intricacies of Squaremouth Travel Insurance.

Discover more articles on our blog that explore a range of insurance-related topics similar to this one.

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