Is Taian Insurance Legit? A Closer Look at the Taiwanese Insurer

Is Taian Insurance Legit? A name that often surfaces in the quest for insurance options in Taiwan.

This piece thoroughly examines the credibility of Taian Insurance by scrutinizing its background, financial stability, customer reviews, and other relevant factors.

Our goal is to empower you with the information needed to make a well-informed decision.

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yes, Taian Insurance is a legitimate and reliable insurance provider. Here’s why: PHOTO “Freepik” .


Established And Growing

Established in 1961, Taian has built a robust and prosperous legacy in the insurance sector of Taiwan.

As one of the pioneering private non-life insurance companies, it was initially supported by influential individuals.

This rich history serves as a testament to Taian’s steadfast stability and unwavering dedication to the industry.

 Tian Financial Strength

Taian Insurance has a strong capital base ofNT$2.97 billion, which exceeds regulatory requirements and provides a safety net for policyholders.

Renowned rating agencies like S&P Global and Taiwan Ratings have awarded Taian “A-” and “twAA” ratings respectively, indicating a very strong financial standing.

Both agencies maintain a “stable” outlook for Taian, suggesting continued financial stability and resilience in the foreseeable future.

Taian Insurance  Products And Services

Personal Lines:

Auto Insurance:

Our comprehensive auto insurance provides coverage for third-party liability, collision, theft and fire, personal accident, medical expenses, and roadside assistance.

Enjoy additional features such as Lady’s Care and Young Driver discounts.

Motorcycle Insurance:

Similar to our auto insurance, our motorcycle coverage includes comprehensive options with additional benefits like helmet cover and towing.

Travel Insurance:

Safeguard your travels with coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and personal liability abroad.

Choose from various plans tailored to different travel durations and needs.

Home Insurance:

Protect your home with coverage against fire, theft, natural disasters, and personal liability for both homeowners and renters.

Customize your plan with optional add-ons like jewelry and electronics protection.

Health Insurance:

Ensure your well-being with coverage for hospitalization, surgery, critical illness, and outpatient medical expenses.

Explore various plans with different coverage levels and deductibles to suit your needs.

Accident Insurance:

Receive financial compensation for accidental injuries, including death, disability, and medical expenses. Choose between lump-sum payouts or monthly income benefits.

Commercial Lines:

Property Insurance:

Safeguard your business assets with coverage for buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory against fire, theft, and natural disasters. Our tailored solutions cater to different industries and business sizes.

Liability Insurance:

Protect your business from financial losses due to lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage caused by your products, services, or operations.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Ensure financial stability by covering lost income and ongoing expenses if your business is forced to close temporarily due to a covered event.

Marine Insurance:

Safely transport your cargo with coverage for cargo, hull, and machinery against loss, damage, and theft. Choose from various coverage options based on the type of cargo and voyage.

 Taian Insuarance Track Record

Decades of Expertise: Boasting a rich history spanning over 60 years, Taian has demonstrated unwavering commitment to customers and a commendable record in claims settlement.

Extensive Product Range: Taian’s offerings encompass a diverse array of non-life insurance products, tailored to meet the distinct needs of both individuals and businesses.

Innovative Solutions: Taian distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation, exemplified by the introduction of pioneering services such as the ISO-accredited motor claim service and the specialized “Lady’s Care” for female drivers.

High Customer Approval: Consistently positioned within the top 20% of insurers for customer satisfaction, Taian attains this accolade through assessments based on the “Principle for Financial Service Industries to Treat Clients Fairly.

Taian Potential Concerns

Limited Global Presence:

Taian primarily caters to the Taiwanese market, potentially limiting accessibility for international users.

Language Challenge:

Non-Chinese speakers may face difficulties navigating their website and materials, which are predominantly in Mandarin.

 Taian Customer Reviews

Although online reviews are subjective in nature, they provide valuable perspectives on customer experiences.

Taian consistently garners positive feedback, with customers commending its efficient claims service, helpful staff, and diverse product offerings.

Nevertheless, a few reviews note occasional challenges in communication or policy clarity.

Taian Insurance FAQs

  • Is Taian Insurance legit? Certainly, Taian Insurance is a trustworthy and well-established insurance company, boasting a robust financial position and favorable ratings..
  • What types of insurance does Taianoffer?They provide an extensive array of insurance solutions for both individuals and businesses, encompassing auto, travel, home, health, accident, property, liability, and marine coverage.
  • What are the benefits of being a Taian policyholder? You’ll enjoy discounts, 24/7 customer support, efficient claims service, innovative products, and value-added benefits like partnerships with other merchants.


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