Is Thimble Business Insurance Legit? A Comprehensive Analysis

Is Thimble Business Insurance Legit? Swift Coverage for Dynamic Ventures.

Thimble Insurance, established in 2016, specializes in providing on-demand business insurance tailored to the needs of gig workers and small business owners.

Offering policies for as little as an hour, day, week, or month, Thimble aims to provide cost-effective coverage that aligns with the intermittent nature of freelance work.

Is Thimble Business Insurance Legit
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Key Features of Thimble Business Insurance

  1. Thimble App: Manage policies conveniently through the Thimble App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Obtain a Certificate of Insurance (COI) within minutes, demonstrating proof of insurance.
  2. Insurance by the Hour: Thimble allows policyholders to acquire coverage for short durations, enabling cost management by obtaining insurance only during active work periods.
  3. Comprehensive Help Center: Access a well-organized help center with resources like the Insurance 101 library, offering information on various insurance topics.

Policy Exclusions

Thimble provides different types of insurance, each with specific exclusions.

For instance, general liability policies may not cover business property or employee injuries.

Business owners are advised to review policy details to understand applicable exclusions.

On-Demand Policy Modifications

Contact Thimble to add riders or endorsements to the policy, modifying or enhancing coverage.

The Thimble App facilitates easy addition of endorsements, such as the additional insured endorsement.

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Filing a Claim

Claims can be filed by anyone with the policy number.

The Thimble system simplifies the claims process, with options to manage claims through the Thimble App or web application.

Instant Coverage

Thimble emphasizes quick policy issuance, with an application process that takes only minutes.

The seamless process, from quote to application, ensures minimal disruption to work.

Getting a Thimble Business Insurance Policy

Thimble Insurance is accessible through an online quote and bind system, utilizing AI to guide small business owners in selecting the right policy at a reasonable price.

Eligible Businesses

Thimble covers various business types, including contractors, handymen, landscapers, event organizers, freelancers, consultants, photographers, videographers, fitness trainers, and more.

Insurance Discounts:

While Thimble offers competitive rates, there is no explicit mention of discounts on their website.

Bundling discounts or other promotional offers are not prominently featured.

Insurance Cancellation

Policyholders can cancel their insurance directly through the account log-in or the Thimble app.

Unearned premium, if any, will be refunded.

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Is Thimble Business Insurance Legit? Products

Thimble offers essential insurance products, including Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), general liability insurance;

Commercial property insurance, professional liability insurance, tools and equipment insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Is Thimble Business Insurance Legit? Pros And Cons

Pros of Thimble Business Insurance

  • On-demand Coverage: Tailored policies for short durations, allowing cost-effective coverage during active work periods.
  • Quick Quotes: Rapid online quote and issuance process within minutes.
  • Top-Rated Insurer: Backed by A-rated insurance carriers, demonstrating financial stability.

Cons of Thimble Business Insurance

  • New Carrier: Thimble is a relatively new entrant in the insurance industry, established in 2016.
  • Not a Marketplace: Thimble operates as a carrier, offering policies directly without shopping around for market rates.

Cost of Thimble Business Insurance

Premiums for Thimble Insurance vary based on policy type, location, and duration.

Quotes for an office occupation ranged from approximately $12.17 for a few hours to $24.87 for a day, showcasing the flexibility in pricing based on coverage duration.

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