Is thimble insurance legit? A Comprehensive Review

Thimble Insurance stands out as a legitimate and reliable option for safeguarding your business interests.

Thimble Insurance, an online insurer, provides swift, affordable coverage tailored for small businesses.

Setting itself apart, Thimble allows adaptable coverage aligned with your business requirements.

Specializing in event-based insurance, it caters to freelancers, seasonal business owners, and diverse independent contractors.

thimble insurance
thimble insurance
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In this impartial review of Thimble Insurance, we delve into its pricing, features, customer reviews, and more to assist in determining if it suits your small business insurance needs.

Cost Structure of Thimble Insurance

Thimble’s pricing is highly competitive, offering affordability and flexibility.

You have the option to select from a concise menu of policies, tailoring your coverage to match your business requirements.

Similar to many insurers, Thimble provides personalized quotes based on factors such as location, business size, and chosen coverage options.

What sets Thimble apart is its near-instant quoting system.

Upon receiving a quote you’re content with, you can swiftly make an online payment and obtain immediate coverage, a feature not commonly found among other insurers.

Acquiring a Thimble Business Insurance Package

When you navigate to Thimble’s site, you’ll input your ZIP Code. Unless you’re in Washington or New York (where Thimble Insurance isn’t available), you’ll select either general business insurance or event-specific coverage, like for festivals or concerts.

Next, specify your profession—e.g., photographer, landscaper—using autofill suggestions to narrow down your industry.

Once chosen, you’ll receive recommendations for relevant coverage types.

Answer a brief set of queries regarding your business: income, address, and workspace type.

Home-based businesses can’t get building coverage but can insure property within the home.

After responding, an immediate price quote appears.

Pay the initial and final month’s premium to activate same-day coverage. Additional options like equipment breakdown or auto coverage can be added.

Thimble’s price quote impressively includes details on deductibles, policy limits, and coverage specifics—offering clarity on what’s covered and to what extent.

Transparency is crucial in business insurance, an aspect Thimble excels in

Characteristics of Thimble’s Small Business Insurance

An important aspect to highlight is that Thimble doesn’t directly underwrite the policies it offers.

Instead, it partners with top-rated insurance providers.

Customer feedback suggests that this approach is effective.

Thimble provides competitively priced coverage, meeting customers’ apparent satisfaction.

However, all interactions with Thimble are conducted online, accessible via desktop or through their well-regarded mobile app.

Now, let’s delve into a couple of key specifics about Thimble Insurance

Thimble coverage options

Thimble Insurance provides commonly sought-after business insurance types alongside a few less conventional policies.

However, for comprehensive business insurance coverage, Thimble might not be the optimal choice.

Nevertheless, Thimble seems to offer fitting policies for its intended audience.

Here’s an overview of Thimble Insurance policy types:

Thimble’s Business Owners Policy (BOP) consolidates general liability and commercial property insurance.

This combination represents the typical core of a BOP.

You have the option to augment your Thimble BOP with additional coverage like business interruption, equipment breakdown, and hired or non-owned vehicle liability.

Thimble’s BOP encompasses up to $10K coverage for theft, loss, and accidental damages to any business property taken off-premises

Insurance for Events by Thimble

You have the option to acquire special event insurance, safeguarding against liabilities when organizing or participating in occasions like tournaments, parties, concerts, banquets, funerals, and more.

Thimble offers immediate coverage, enabling you to display a certificate of insurance (COI) through their app.

Thimble’s event coverage encompasses third-party bodily injury, property damage, and liquor liability.

However, for businesses involved in alcohol sales or service, considering additional retail liquor liability coverage is recommended.

Event cancellation coverage isn’t part of Thimble’s event insurance package.

Nonetheless, due to Thimble’s flexible insurance approach, you can cancel your coverage and receive a full refund until the scheduled start time of your event.

Specific pricing for your event will be determined through a personalized quote.

As a point of reference, Thimble estimates a range of $115 to $340 for a one-day policy, the final amount contingent on the event type and anticipated attendance (from 15 to 1,000 people)

industry coverage

Certainly! Here’s a more structured and presentable format for the specialized packages offered by Thimble to businesses in various categories:

  1. Contractors and repair professionals
  2. Landscaping services
  3. Cleaning and janitorial services
  4. Event planning
  5. Independent contractors and consultants
  6. Photography and videography services
  7. Beauty and haircare professionals
  8. Fitness trainers
  9. Pet sitting services
  10. Retail establishments
  11. Restaurants

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