Is Travel Insured International Legit? Phone Number, Products, Reviews, Ratings, Login, Claims and Worldwide Trip Protector

Is Travel Insured International Legit? And how does it compare to other travel insurance companies?

Travel Insured International is a leading travel insurance provider that has been serving global travelers since 1994.

The company provides a range of travel protection solutions and services, encompassing both insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services.

Travel Insured International is dedicated to delivering reliable coverage and establishing meaningful bonds within its community of travelers.

This article aims to assess the offerings, services, customer reviews, and additional aspects of Travel Insured International.

Our goal is to assist you in determining whether it aligns with your travel requirements.

Travel Insured International
Behind the Scenes of Travel Insured International: Delve into our investigation of this leading travel insurance provider, examining offerings, customer experiences, and ratings. Your essential guide to making travel decisions with confidence. PHOTO: Freepik


Travel Insured International Contact Information

If you require assistance or wish to contact Travel Insured International for any reason, you can choose from the following contact alternatives:

Information Details
Phone Numbers 1-800-494-9907 (Toll-Free US/Canada), 1-603-328-1707 (Collect Outside US/Canada)
Customer Service Contact 1-800-243-3174
Operating Hours Weekdays, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm ET
Claims Phone 800-243-3174
Claims Hours of Operation Weekdays, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET
Claims Email
Fax Number 860-430-2363
Mailing Address Travel Insured International, P.O. Box 6503, Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033


Travel Insured International Products and Services

Travel Insured International offers a range of travel insurance products and services designed to safeguard the investment and provide peace of mind for travelers during their journeys.

Travel Insured International provides a range of products and services, including:

  • Travel Protection Plans

These extensive plans encompass a range of risks and advantages associated with travel, including trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, missed connection, baggage loss or delay, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and more.

Travel Insured International provides four distinct travel protection plans: Worldwide Trip Protector, Worldwide Trip Protector Plus, Worldwide Trip Protector Lite, and Worldwide Trip Protector Preferred.

  • Optional Upgrades

These extra features can be incorporated into travel protection plans to enhance coverage and flexibility.

Some of the optional upgrades are:

Flexible Trip Cancellation (FTC): Allows travelers to receive a partial refund by canceling their trip for any reason.

Flexible Trip Interruption (FTI): Allows travelers to pause their journey for any reason and receive a partial refund.

Travel Inconvenience Coverage: Precautions to mitigate costs resulting from canceled events, shuttered attractions, misplaced or stolen passports, and various travel-related inconveniences.

Rental Car Protection: Offers protection for the repair or replacement of a leased vehicle in the event of an accident or theft.

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance

This service offers travelers the opportunity to connect with a dedicated team of travel specialists, ready to assist with a range of issues and emergencies throughout their journey.

This includes services like medical referrals, legal support, tracking lost baggage, rebooking flights, and more.

  • Cruise Travel Protection Plan

Introduced in October 2021, this novel product caters specifically to cruise enthusiasts, providing upgraded features like coverage for cruise change fees, cruise itinerary changes, cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, and missed port of call during a cruise.

Travel Insured International Reviews

As of December 6, 2023, Travel Insured International holds a total rating of 4.39 stars out of 5 on Squaremouth, derived from 3,364 reviews.

  • Real Customer Reviews

“Your claims process was easy and your decision was fast. Thank you. We will definitely use you for future trips.” Rex G.

“An outstanding and helpful staff person made it an easy and positive experience.” Agustin B.

“My claim was handled in a timely manner and I received the refund shortly after it was approved!” Karyl N.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Travel Insured International, based on customer reviews:


  • Less expensive than the typical cost.
  • You can choose between annual policies or single-trip options.
  • Optimal healthcare-exclusive coverage when coupled with trip interruption benefits provided by a credit card.


  • You cannot enhance CFAR through an additional add-on.
  • The fundamental package includes medical coverage only, with the next tier incurring costs higher than the average.

Travel Insured International Ratings

Travel Insured International holds an A+ (Superior) rating as per the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This rating reflects the company’s outstanding reputation and its commitment to delivering high-quality interactions with customers.

Travel Insured International Login

To access your Travel Insured International account, proceed with the following steps:

  • Visit the Travel Insured International website:
  • Select the “Log In” button located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Enter your email address and password in the provided fields.
  • Select the “Sign In” button.

In case you’ve misplaced your password, you can initiate a reset by selecting the “Forgot Password?” link located beneath the “Sign In” button.

After successfully logging into your account, you can access your policy details, submit claims, and adjust your account preferences.

Travel Insured International Claims

In order to initiate a claim with Travel Insured International, you will need to submit specific documents.

These documents may include:

  • Copies of your airline tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel documents.
  • Copies of your receipts for any travel-related expenses that you are claiming.
  • A letter from your doctor if you are claiming for a medical reason.
  • A police report if you are claiming for a loss due to theft or crime.

If you need assistance with the claims procedure, feel free to reach out to them by dialing 1-855-752-8303 during their office hours, which run from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Travel Insured International Worldwide Trip Protector

The Travel Insured International’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan is an all-encompassing travel insurance option providing a diverse array of coverage choices.

It covers trip cancellation, interruption, baggage and personal belongings, medical costs, and additional features.

Here are several prominent attributes of the Worldwide Trip Protector plan:

Coverage Maximum Coverage Covered Reasons
Trip Cancellation Up to 100% of Trip Cost Covered reasons for trip cancellation
Trip Interruption Up to 150% of Trip Cost Covered reasons for trip interruption
Baggage and Personal Effects Up to $1,000 Coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage
Medical Expenses Up to $100,000 Coverage for medical expenses during the trip


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For further information about Travel Insured International, please refer to the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

  • Does Travel Insured International travel insurance cover Covid?

Yes, Travel Insured International offers travel insurance plans that include coverage for Covid.

This ensures that you are eligible for reimbursement of Covid-related medical costs, as well as compensation for trip cancellations and interruptions.

The Worldwide Trip Protector plan has earned a 5-star rating in our evaluation of the top Covid travel insurance plans.

  • Does Travel Insured International offer ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage?

Travel Insured International provides the option to add “cancel for any reason” travel insurance to both the Worldwide Trip Protector and Annual Multi-Trip Protector plans.

  • Does Travel Insured International cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, Travel Insured International provides coverage for pre-existing conditions, contingent upon obtaining a waiver for pre-existing medical condition exclusions.

If you require medical treatment for a pre-existing condition during your travels, your insurance plan will not cover the expenses for the medical care.

  • How does Travel Insured International trip insurance work?

Typically, it is necessary to submit a claim once you have accrued expenses.

Travel Insured International highly advises utilizing the online filing option.

Subsequently, you can monitor the progress of your claim through your portal.

Upon approval of your claim, you will be reimbursed.

In certain cases, the insurer issues a predetermined amount for approved claims.

  • What is covered under Travel Insured International insurance?

Travel Insured International provides a range of plan benefits, encompassing trip cancellation or interruption, mileage or rewards reimbursement, Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) or Interrupt For Any Reason, travel delay, missed connection, change fee coverage, itinerary change, accident and sickness medical expense, baggage delay, rental car damage, and additional features.

Each plan is unique, and there is the flexibility to include optional add-ons based on individual preferences.


Travel Insured International is a reputable provider offering diverse plans for domestic and international travel.

Despite positive customer reviews and a high Better Business Bureau rating, it has limitations, including low medical coverage, no adventure sports upgrade, and a restricted cancel for any reason option.

Prior to purchasing, compare with other options and scrutinize the details to ensure it aligns with your needs.

I believe this article offered a mix of both enjoyment and valuable insights as you explored the intricacies of Travel Insured International.

Discover more articles on our blog that explore a range of insurance-related topics, similar to the one you’re currently reading.

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