Is Ultra Car Insurance Legit: A Guide to Non-Standard Auto Insurance

Specializing in non-standard auto insurance, Ultra Car Insurance provides alternatives for individuals with imperfect driving records or challenges securing conventional coverage.
It claims to offer affordable and accessible coverage options for drivers with varying driving profiles.

But is Ultra Car Insurance legit? How does it work, and how does it compare to other insurance providers?

In this article, we will answer these questions and more, providing you with a guide to Ultra Car Insurance and non-standard auto insurance.

We will cover the following topics:

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of Ultra Car Insurance and non-standard auto insurance, and be able to make an informed decision about your auto insurance needs.

 Ultra Car Insurance
Ultra Car Insurance

Provide Evidence of Ultra Car Insurance’s Legitimacy

The first question you may have is whether Ultra Car Insurance is a legitimate and reputable insurance agency.

The answer is yes. Ultra Car Insurance is a licensed and registered insurance agency partnered with various insurance carriers to offer a range of non-standard auto insurance plans.

It is backed by reputable insurance companies and holds licenses from relevant state insurance departments.

Here are some of the evidence of Ultra Car Insurance’s legitimacy:

Licenses and Registrations:
Ultra Car Insurance is licensed and registered in 34 states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and more. Compliance with state regulations ensures oversight and supervision by relevant authorities. Verify their status on state insurance department websites or through direct contact.
Partnerships with Insurance Carriers:

Teaming up with industry leaders like Progressive, Dairyland, The General, and Safeco, Ultra Car Insurance delivers diverse non-standard auto insurance products. These reputable carriers, known for stability, handle underwriting and claims for policies offered by Ultra Car Insurance. Verify partners on their website or by direct contact.

Positive Customer Reviews:
  • Ultra Car Insurance has received positive feedback from its customers, who have praised its customer service, affordable rates, and claims handling. You can read some of the customer reviews on Ultra Car Insurance’s website or on third-party review platforms, such as Sitejabber. Here are some examples of what customers have said about Ultra Car Insurance:
  • “I was going wild trying to find an FR44 policy without the car that I could afford, and no one seemed to be very helpful, and was getting outrageous prices until I contacted this company. The agent (Justin) was very pleasant and patient, and she knew the answers to all my questions. The process of filing the FR44 was very quick and the rate I got was much lower than I was quoted elsewhere. I am a very satisfied customer, and have already referred them to my friends.”
  • “Ultra Car Insurance was literally the only company I was able to get an affordable SR22 insurance policy with. After calling every company I could find and spending a month shopping for quotes, they were the best. Even though I got myself into this predicament, it is rough when you can’t afford to correct your own mistakes.
  • “Extremely helpful in insuring me in a timely and cost-effective manner. Justin the agent was professional and very aware and knowledgeable of all my insurance needs. Thanks again!”
 Ultra Car Insurance images
an image illustration of Ultra Car Insurance

Some common concerns and questions about Ultra Car Insurance are:

    • How do I get a quote from Ultra Car Insurance?
    • What are the benefits of choosing Ultra Car Insurance?
      • Ultra Car Insurance offers several benefits to its customers, such as:
        • Fast and easy filing of SR22, FR44, and non-owner policies with the state DMV
        • Competitive rates and flexible payment plans
        • Friendly and knowledgeable agents who can answer your questions and help you find the best coverage
        • Access to a network of reputable and reliable insurance carriers
        • Online account management and customer service
    • What are the drawbacks of choosing Ultra Car Insurance?
      • Ultra Car Insurance is not a direct insurance provider, but a broker that works with multiple insurance carriers. This means that you may not have a consistent relationship with one insurer, and you may have to deal with different policies, terms, and conditions from different carriers. You may also have to pay a broker fee to Ultra Car Insurance for their services, which may increase your overall cost. Additionally, Ultra Car Insurance may not offer some of the discounts or features that other insurers may have, such as multi-policy, loyalty, or accident forgiveness discounts.

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