Is Viking Insurance Wisconsin Legit? Deep Analysis

Is Viking Insurance Wisconsin Legit?

Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin is a localized property and casualty insurance company.

It operates as part of the Viking Insurance group alongside Viking County Mutual Insurance Company and Peak Property and Casualty Company.

Specializing in auto insurance, the company caters to drivers facing challenges in securing standard insurance rates.

This has made it possible for them to reach customers through a network of over 7,900 independent agents across 27 states.

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Is Viking Insurance Wisconsin legitimate?

Yes, Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin is a legitimate entity, established in 1971 and later acquired by Sentry Insurance Group in 2005.

Sentry Insurance, a well-established mutual insurance company founded in 1904, serves as the parent company of Viking Co. of Wisconsin.

Sentry Insurance, with over a century of experience, offers a comprehensive range of insurance coverages for businesses, families, and individuals and is regulated by industry authorities.

How Viking Insurance Wisconsin Operates

Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin has been providing specialty auto insurance for over three decades

It concentrates on individuals facing difficulties obtaining and maintaining continuous coverage.

The company predominantly writes private passenger auto liability coverage (90 percent) and automotive physical damage insurance (10 percent).

It has a significant presence in California, Washington, and Colorado, among other states.

The company stands out by offering coverage that is easily accessible, featuring advantages over competitors.

Viking CO of WI simplifies the process for drivers who struggle to find suitable auto insurance coverage, offering low down payments and affordable payment plans.

The company provides optional coverages such as comprehensive, collision, towing, rental, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Viking Insurance Wisconsin: Legitimacy and Services

Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin ensures quality and customer-oriented services.

With a focus on helping clients overcome challenges related to obtaining and maintaining continuous coverage, the company stands out with its low down payments, easy payment plans, and optional coverages.

Clients can benefit from a toll-free, bilingual customer service center that emphasizes accessibility and assistance.

Viking Insurance Wisconsin: Distribution and Contact

Viking Insurance is exclusively distributed through independent agents in various states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, and more.

Clients seeking information or assistance can contact the company directly at (715) 346-6000.

Conclusion: Is Viking Insurance Wisconsin Legit?

Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin, under the umbrella of Sentry Insurance Group, emerges as a reliable option for individuals facing challenges in securing standard auto insurance rates.

While the company has a notable presence in several states and emphasizes accessibility and customer assistance, prospective clients should consider individual needs and preferences before making a decision.

The company’s legitimate status, long-standing presence, and commitment to customer-oriented services position it as a viable choice in the insurance landscape.

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