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At WFG, a community of over 70,000 licensed professionals prioritizes their customers, actively contributing to making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.photocourtesyWorld financial group insurance


WFG stands as a trustworthy enterprise and a recognizable name, encompassing entities like World Financial Group Insurance Agency (WFGIA), Transamerica Financial Advisors, and World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc.

For over twenty years, WFG has been dedicated to enlightening people, families, and businesses from diverse backgrounds on how to prepare for their financial destinies.

At WFG, a community of over 70,000 licensed professionals prioritizes their customers, actively contributing to making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

What’s the Role of Agents?

The team of independent agents has opted for our platform to establish their unique businesses.

As they embark on this journey, our agents take on the vital role of educating their clients about the advantages of life insurance.

They highlight how it serves as a safeguard for loved ones, plays a crucial role in family and child protection, influences retirement planning for both couples and individuals and acts as a key component in one’s financial strategy for both the short and long term.

By doing this, agents aren’t just selling policies; they’re making a real impact on the lives of others.

They help people live well in the present and ensure that their loved ones can continue to do so even in the face of unforeseen events.

It gives purpose to their daily efforts, knowing that they contribute to the well-being of those they serve.

Is WFG a Pyramid Scheme?

No, WFG is not a pyramid scheme.

When individuals become part of WFG, there’s no obligation for them to purchase a policy at any point.

Moreover, agents who bring new members into the organization don’t receive any direct payment for their recruitment efforts.

If someone decides to join WFG but opts not to take further actions, like getting licensed or making sales, the recruiter doesn’t experience any gains or losses as a result.

Is WFG considered a multi-level marketing (MLM) company?

WFG operates differently from MLMs.

When a WFG agent decides to establish their own business, they have the option to recruit and expand their team.

Compensation is tied to the sales generated by their teams.

Agents also provide training to fellow agents.

It’s important to note that joining or finding success at WFG doesn’t require agents to purchase any products from the company.

Is WFG a Deceptive Scheme?


WFG operates with utmost integrity, and its team of agents is committed to delivering ethical customer care.

They adhere to the strict standards set by the Department of Insurance in each state or the Insurance Council in provinces.

Moreover, every agent is licensed in the specific state or province where they practice, ensuring transparency and professionalism.

What Inspires Our Team of Agents?

At WFG, our agents are driven by genuine care.

They deeply value the connections with those who hold significance in our lives, such as friends and family. Their focus often extends to the underserved market, aiming to make a positive impact.

As their agents engage with new clients, their mission is to share valuable insights, deliver top-notch service, offer a diverse selection from world-class insurance providers, and contribute to enhancing financial literacy, whether directly or indirectly.

Their extensive network of agents spans across North America, and they all share a common value: the belief that by selflessly serving others, they have the power to significantly transform the future of their clients for the better.

Are agents held responsible?

What to Expect page details what your experience should be like. Do independent agents possess the awareness to recognize when to refrain from excessive ‘selling’?

If you have any feedback suggesting otherwise, we’d genuinely appreciate hearing about it.

Our compliance and supervision teams are dedicated to ensuring that clients of our agents receive respectful treatment with their needs at the forefront.

Feel free to reach out to them via email at

Regardless of whether you decide to join WFG or make a policy purchase, we firmly believe that everyone should learn about financial products and explore opportunities to create strategies that work for their financial well-being.

They are committed to making a significant impact on financial literacy.

So, even if you decline an agent’s offer, we believe that, in the long run, you’ll value the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation.

What’s the Story Behind WFG?

Since 1991, WFG agents have been dedicated to making a positive impact.

Their mission is to inform you about the invaluable advantages of life insurance, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

They are committed to assisting you in financial planning, guiding you toward a future free from debt, and offering you the freedom to live life on your terms.

Their service extends to providing insights into a unique business opportunity.

If you decide to seize it, you can unlock a new form of freedom.

This is not just financial freedom, but also the freedom to supplement your existing income, the freedom to discover how financial literacy can reshape your future, and the freedom to choose your path—whether it’s part-time or full-time, you are in control of your journey to success.

Who Thrives at WFG?

At WFG, success is determined solely by merit, and there are no barriers to hold you back.

Your journey to success is entirely based on your efforts and achievements, unaffected by your gender, ethnicity, place of birth, or even the state you call home.

Your success is not influenced by your sexual orientation, marital status, or the language you spoke as a child.

It’s all about your results when it comes to earning promotions.

What truly matters in this community is your eagerness to learn, your commitment to following guidelines, prioritizing the customer’s needs, and possessing determination to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

It’s about your dedication to serving others and making a positive difference.

Is WFG a Quick Win?

What we engage in today reverberates through the ages, shaping the path for generations to follow.

There commitment runs so deep that often, even our very own kin become part of the journey.

It’s not uncommon for a family member to initially step into the business, paving the way for their significant other to join later.

Alternatively, some might not directly join but contribute in a supportive capacity.

Every agent within our community understands the essence of our work—life insurance isn’t just about safeguarding the present; it’s about securing the future for families and individuals, whether in retirement, a life of prosperity, or amidst the unforeseen tragedy of sudden loss.

Right now, and for the times ahead, lives are under the protective wing of their commitment.


Is World Financial Group a legitimate company?

Is WFG a pyramid scheme?

  • WFG is not technically a pyramid scheme, but its multi-level marketing (MLM) structure has drawn criticism.

Are WFG’s insurance products any good?

  • WFG offers products from various insurance companies, including Transamerica, Nationwide, and American National.
  • The quality of these products varies, so it’s important to compare them with options from other.


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