Is Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Review Legit? A Comprehensive Guide

Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Review
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As an insurance expert with almost five years of experience, I can tell you whether Worth Avenue Group Insurance is good or bad.

Worth Ave Group, I will tell you that it is one of the best electronic device insurances for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals I can recommend.

In this article, I will review the history of Worth Ave Group, its Advantages and drawbacks, its legitimacy, how it works, Coverage details, claim process and customer service

But first, before I go deep into a review of Worth Ave Group Insurance, you might go through the infographic poster presented below to understand what I’m talking about.

Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Review

What is Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance?

Here is an overview of the company from the industry, including the year it was founded, its headquarters, and its products:

Company Type Private
Industry Insurance
Founded 1972
Headquarters Stillwater, Oklahoma
Products Insurance


The purpose of its establishment was to cover accidental damage, theft, vandalism, fire, floods if they hit your premises, and natural disasters.

It can also cover cracked screens, liquid damage by accident, and if your machine has failed to work.

To be honest, before choosing Worth Ave Group insurance, the question that you might need to ask yourself is: does it cover only new or old devices?

The answer is yes, but what you need to know is if they are in good condition.

If you want to become a member of Worth Ave Group Insurance, all you need to do is go to the online portal or by phone.


What advantages and drawbacks does Worth Ave Group Insurance Company offer?

Worth Ave Group is like any other insurance provider; they do have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages discussed below:


  • Tailored to Your Needs: Worth Avenue Group lets you customize your coverage. Select a plan and deductible that meet your financial needs, and if necessary, add on extras like loss and accessory protection.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Their insurance has you covered for just about anything that could happen to your phone. Cracked screens, liquid damage, mechanical issues—but also theft, vandalism, fires, floods, and other disasters. If something can break your phone, they’ll fix it.
  • No Claim Limits or Waiting: File as many claims as necessary; there’s no cap and no waiting period between them. Your phone is continuously protected.
  • Global Coverage: Whether at home or traveling the world, your Worth Avenue Group insurance follows your phone. As long as you can prove ownership, you’re covered anywhere.
  • Hassle-Free Claims: The claim process is designed for convenience. File online or by phone, and receive a resolution within 24 hours. Choose a replacement, repair, or compensation payout.


  • Normal Wear Excluded: Worth Ave Group’s coverage doesn’t apply to cosmetic wear and tear like scratches or dents that don’t affect functionality.
  • Manufacturer Issues Not Covered: If your device has a defect or is part of a recall, you’ll need to go through the manufacturer for repairs or replacement under warranty.
  • Modifications Void Protection: Any unauthorized repairs, jailbreaking, rooting, or unlocking of your phone will void Worth Ave Group’s insurance coverage completely.
  • Premium Phones Mean Larger Deductibles: High-end devices like the latest iPhone or Galaxy model come with significantly higher deductibles, potentially $100-$300, if you need to file a claim.

Is Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Worth It?

To be honest, if you are planning to become a member of Worth Avenue Group Phone Insurance, you may need to consider a couple of factors.

This will decide if it is worthwhile or not.

It’s a wise choice if:

  • Your phone is a constant companion for work, school, or staying connected
  • You’ve invested in a premium, expensive device that’s costly to replace
  • You frequently travel or reside in a place where theft and natural disasters are common.
  • Peace of mind against the unexpected is important to you

However, it may not be necessary if:

  • You use your phone infrequently for non-essential tasks
  • You have an inexpensive or older model that’s easily replaceable
  • You spend most of your time at home in a secure environment
  • You are certain that you will not need to submit a claim because you are so cautious.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal decision based on weighing the advantages and disadvantages against your lifestyle, budget, and how that device matters in your daily life.

How Does Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Work?

Worth Ave Group operates according to its own procedures, just like any other insurance provider.

In order to purchase Worth Ave Group Phone insurance and submit a claim, you should do the following steps:

  1. Get Covered Grab a Worth Ave Group phone insurance plan online or over the phone. Provide the details on your device, pick your coverage level and deductible, and pay the premium.
  2. File a Claim If something happens to your phone, file a claim right away online or by phone. Give them a rundown of the event, send in any necessary paperwork, such as a police report, and settle the deductible.
  3. Get Made Whole Within 24 hours, Worth Ave Group reviews your claim. Then you can choose to get a repair, replacement phone, or cash payout for your device’s current value minus the deductible. For repairs, they’ll cover costs and shipping. Replacements will be the same model or comparable.

How Expensive Is Ave Group Phone Insurance?

There are several factors that affect Worth Ave Group Insurance, such as the type of phone model, cost, available insurance plan, and deduction method.

Worth Ave Group phone insurance costs vary based on factors like phone model, value, plan, and deductible.

Examples include:

How expensive is Worth Ave Group Phone insurance

For premium phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB),

  • $129/year, $199/2 years, and $249/3 years
  • $100 deductible

Google Pixel 6 Pro (128GB)

  • $99 annually, $149 twice, and $199 three times
  • $75 deductible

Select Moto G Power (64GB) on a budget

  • $39/year, $79/two years, and $99/three years.
  • $50 deductible

Standard coverage includes accidental damage, theft, disasters, etc. For an additional $20/year, $30/2 years, or $40/3 years (with a $150 loss deductible), add loss/accessory protection.

Coverage Details of Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance

Here are 5 key things to know about Worth Ave Group’s phone insurance coverage in a concise, natural way:

  1. Comprehensive protection against accidents, theft, disasters, and more, including cracked screens and liquid damage. If something can wreck your phone, they’ve got you covered.
  2. Normal wear and tear, manufacturer issues, unauthorized modifications? Those aren’t included. It has to be an unexpected incident that damages your phone’s functionality.
  3. Worldwide coverage: As long as you can demonstrate that you are the owner of the device, your policy follows you wherever you go.
  4. Unlimited claims with no waiting periods, as long as you’re within your policy’s limits. Keep that peace of mind.
  5. Deductibles scale with your phone’s value. Higher-end models like the latest iPhones or Galaxies could see deductibles ranging from $100 to $300. But you can opt for a lower deductible by paying more upfront.

Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance Claim Process and Customer Service Reviews

Key to any insurance is how easy it is to file a claim and the quality of customer service.

Is it quick and straightforward to file a claim and receive compensation?

Is the customer service team helpful and responsive?

What do customers think about their experience?

A compilation of member testimonials about Worth Ave Group Phone Insurance can be found here.

Additionally, I only have a small number of them, but I am aware that it is not a smooth ride for the business because some opinions are based on customer positivity and negativity.

“My interaction with Worth Ave Group was truly satisfactory. Unfortunately, my phone was stolen, but I promptly filed a claim through their online platform. Their response time was commendable, and they swiftly approved my claim request. Within a week, I received a check in the mail, which was an impressively fast turnaround. Throughout the process, their customer service representatives were courteous, amiable, and highly supportive. Based on this positive experience, I would wholeheartedly endorse Worth Ave Group to anyone seeking reliable phone insurance coverage.” Give 5 Stars


“Worth Ave Group is an utter disappointment. Despite having a brand-new phone and purchasing their insurance coverage on the same day, they unjustly denied my claim, falsely stating that my device was not in good working condition. It’s evident that they’re solely interested in taking your money without intending to honor their obligations. Their customer service representatives were discourteous and unprofessional, even hanging up on me multiple times during our conversations. Save your hard-earned money and steer clear of this shameless scam.” Given 1 star.


“Worth Ave Group provides an average experience, but it’s far from being the best option out there. When my phone suffered water damage, I filed a claim through their online portal. However, their response time was sluggish, and they requested an extensive array of documentation from me. Although they eventually approved my claim, the replacement phone they sent was a cheaper model than my original device. While their customer service representatives maintained a polite demeanor, they were not particularly helpful and claimed they couldn’t do anything to rectify the situation. All in all, my experience with Worth Ave Group left me feeling dissatisfied.” 3 stars.

Worth Ave. Group Phone Insurance Regulatory Compliance

Worth Avenue Group’s phone insurance is regulated by state authorities nationwide.

Licensed in all 50 states and D.C., the company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Since it was established in 1971, Worth Ave Group has built a solid reputation in the insurance field.

Their phone protection plans comply with relevant state and federal regulations, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

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