Is Yasuragi Insurance Legit: A Deep Dive

Is Yasuragi Insurance a Legit Company? This question arises due to the company’s relatively recent entry into the insurance market, despite gaining notable attention.

In this article, we will conduct a thorough review of Yasuragi Insurance, examining its product offerings, claims process, customer reviews, advantages and disadvantages, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and financial stability.

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Yasuragi Insurance Pros And Cons


  • Competitive rates
  • Wide range of products
  • Online and mobile tools
  • Simple claims process


  • Limited customer service hours
  • Few online resources
  • Mixed customer reviews

Yasuragi Insurance Products

Yasuragi Insurance provides a diverse range of insurance products, encompassing:

  •  Life Insurance: Options include Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life.


  • Health Insurance: Offering Individual and Family Health Insurance plans, as well as Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance.



  •  Homeowners Insurance: Features include Dwelling coverage, Personal Property coverage, Liability coverage, and Additional Living Expenses coverage.


  • Renter’s Insurance: Providing coverage for Personal Property, Liability, and Additional Living Expenses.

Yasuragi Insurance Financial Stability

Although Yasuragi Insurance asserts its financial stability, there is a lack of readily accessible information regarding their fiscal well-being.

This raises apprehensions among prospective clients, as an insurance company facing financial instability might encounter difficulties fulfilling its obligations in the event of a claim.

Discounts Offered By Yasuragi Insurance

Although details about Yasuragi are scarce, here are potential discounts you may be able to take advantage of:

Direct Booking:

Yasuragi offers seasonal discounts on its website, including a summer package with a SEK 200 discount on a 20-minute treatment.

The package includes Japanese bath access, a tea and fruit buffet, activities, yukata and slippers, and a 3-course dinner.

Check their last-minute deals for additional savings.

Third-party Platforms: provides an 8% discount on Yasuragi bookings for app members until December 31, 2023.

Other platforms like KAYAK may offer limited-time promo codes for specific dates or packages.

Special Offers:

Yasuragi partners with companies for special discounts, promoted on their website and social media.

Stay updated on ongoing offers by checking their channels regularly.

Yasuragi Insurance Claim

Regrettably, comprehensive details regarding the claims process of Yasuragi Insurance are not readily accessible in the public domain.

The available information is limited to the following:

Limited Information:

– No official documentation or insights into their claims process can be found online.
– A lone negative Glassdoor review suggests potential fraudulent practices, casting doubt on the legitimacy of their claims handling procedures.


– The specific steps involved in initiating a claim with Yasuragi are not clearly outlined.
– The timeline for processing claims and facilitating payments remains undisclosed.
– Information pertaining to dispute resolution mechanisms or avenues for appeals is conspicuously absent.

Available Courses of Action:

1. Direct Contact with Yasuragi Insurance: Communicating with Yasuragi Insurance directly is the sole viable avenue for obtaining specific details about their claims process. However, given the negative review, relying solely on their response may be insufficient.

2. Exploring Alternative Insurance Providers: If apprehensions arise regarding Yasuragi’s claims process, exploring alternative options with reputable and transparent insurance providers that delineate clear and well-defined claims procedures is advisable.

 Yasuragi Insurance Customer Reviews

Yasuragi Insurance receives diverse customer feedback, with opinions ranging widely.

Satisfied customers highlight positive encounters with exceptional customer service and timely resolution of claims.

Conversely, some individuals raise issues regarding undisclosed fees, assertive marketing strategies, and challenges associated with policy cancellations.

Recognizing the subjectivity and potential bias inherent in customer reviews is essential.

Therefore, it is prudent to conduct thorough research, comparing reviews from various sources, to form a well-informed perspective before drawing any conclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yasuragi Insurance licensed and accredited?

We currently lack sufficient information to verify the licensing and accreditation status of Yasuragi Insurance. To obtain confirmation, we suggest reaching out to the company directly or consulting your local insurance regulatory authority.

 How do I get in touch with Yasuragi Insurance?

You can reach Yasuragi Insurance through their website, phone number, or email address. The relevant contact details should be easily accessible on their official website.

 What is the procedure for filing a claim with Yasuragi Insurance?

Yasuragi Insurance provides multiple avenues for submitting claims, including online, through their mobile app, or via phone. The specific steps for filing a claim will be contingent upon your policy and the nature of the claim. Comprehensive instructions can be found on their website or by contacting their customer service department.


Although Yasuragi Insurance provides cost-effective rates and convenient online services, there are lingering concerns about its customer service, claims processing, and financial stability.

It is imperative to engage in comprehensive research and compare various options before selecting Yasuragi or any alternative insurance provider.

Take the time to carefully assess your priorities and needs to ascertain if Yasuragi aligns with your expectations.


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