Jerry Insurance Reviews: Is Jerry Legit and Reliable?

Jerry Insurance Reviews.

Jerry is a mobile app that lets you compare and purchase car insurance from 50+ providers.

It saves around $800 yearly on average and provides additional services like auto loan refinancing, roadside aid, and car maintenance reminders.

This review assesses Jerry’s legitimacy, functionality, pros, cons, ratings, customer opinions, and alternatives to assist your choice for car insurance.

Jerry Insurance Reviews
Jerry Insurance Reviews: Is Jerry Legit and Reliable?


Is Jerry Reliable Insurance?

Jerry is an accredited insurance broker connecting you to reputable insurers like Progressive, Nationwide, and AAA.

With a BBB A+ rating, Jerry provides accurate quotes, policy management, and automatic deal hunting through its app.

Your data is safeguarded with DataLock™ Guarantee.

Jerry doesn’t control insurers’ service quality or claims.

It excludes home, renters, motorcycle, and RV insurance.

Who Owns Jerry?

Jerry, founded in 2017 by Art Agrawal, Musawir Shah, and Lina Zhang, launched its mobile app in January 2019.

Jerry Insurance Reviews
Image Credits: Jerry co-founders Lina Zhang, Art Agrawal and Musawir Shah / Jerry.


Agrawal, former co-founder of YourMechanic, serves as CEO, Shah, with past roles at Google and Microsoft, is CTO, and Zhang, previously at McKinsey & Company and Airbnb, is COO.

Jerry secured funding from notable backers including Y Combinator, SV Angel, FundersClub, and more, amassing over $57 million by April 2021.

Does Jerry Run Your Credit?

Using Jerry to view insurance or loan quotes won’t harm your credit score.

Initial quotes involve a soft credit pull, which has no impact.

If you apply for a loan, Jerry’s lenders perform a hard credit pull, affecting your score.

Jerry considers your credit score for insurance or loan eligibility and rates.

A higher score suggests better payment reliability.

Higher credit scores generally mean lower rates.

Which Is The Best App To Buy Car Insurance?

No single best car insurance app; suitability varies based on individual needs and preferences.

Factors to consider when choosing an app include:

  • The number and quality of insurers that the app partners with.
  • The ease and speed of getting quotes and buying policies.
  • The features and functions that the app offers.
  • The ratings and reviews that the app receives from users.
  • The customer service and support that the app provides.

Top car insurance apps in 2021, according to these criteria:


GEICO’s mobile app boasts a 4.8/5 rating on Google Play and Apple App Store.

GEICO Mobile app.


It offers access to insurance ID, policy info, claims filing, coverage review, and roadside help.

GEICO Explore uses augmented reality to find local spots and your parked car.

  • State Farm

State Farm’s mobile app has an impressive 4.8/5 rating on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

State Farm
State Farm Mobile app.


It enables users to access insurance ID cards, view policies, file claims, track their status, and connect with agents.

Additionally, State Farm’s app features the Drive Safe & Save™ program, which monitors driving behavior and offers discounts for safe driving.

  • Farmers

Farmers’ mobile app boasts a remarkable 4.8/5 rating on Google Play and Apple App Store.

It provides easy access to your insurance ID card, policy details, claim filing, status tracking, and agent contact.

Farmers’ Signal® program monitors driving habits for safe driving discounts.


Jerry is a mobile app that compares and sells car insurance from 50+ providers, potentially saving you $800 annually.

It offers additional features like loan refinancing, roadside aid, and maintenance reminders.

Jerry is a reputable insurance broker, not a company, and doesn’t check credit for quotes (but might for loans).

Compare Jerry with apps like GEICO, State Farm, and Farmers for the ideal fit.

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