JM Specialty Insurance Company(Wisconsin); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings and Benefits

JM Specialty Insurance Company distinguishes itself in the insurance sector as a dependable and customer-focused provider. In a world filled with uncertainties, the importance of selecting the right insurance company cannot be overstated, and JM Specialty Insurance has emerged as a trusted ally for numerous individuals and businesses. Let’s explore the different aspects that contribute to JM Specialty Insurance Company’s prominence in the industry.

JM Specialty Insurance Company

A Brief Overview of JM Specialty Insurance Company

JM Specialty Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, was established in 2017 in Wisconsin. They focus on providing specialty insurance products, such as jewelry insurance, jewelry business insurance, and shipping insurance.

The company is dedicated to delivering top-notch insurance products and services. With a team of experienced professionals, JM Specialty aims to assist customers in understanding their insurance needs and selecting the most suitable coverage.

JM Specialty offers diverse jewelry insurance products, encompassing personal jewelry insurance, business jewelry insurance, and jewelry appraisal insurance.

Personal jewelry insurance safeguards against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. On the business side, jewelry business insurance protects against various risks like theft, damage, and liability. Additionally, jewelry appraisal insurance covers the replacement cost of a jewelry appraisal in case of loss or damage.

Contact Details Of JM Specialty Insurance Company

Personal Policy
Phone 888-884-2424
Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm CST
Friday 7am-6pm CST
Personal Policy Inquiries
Business Policy or Agency
Phone 800-558-6411
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST
Agency & New Policy Inquiries
Jewelry Business Billing Inquiries
Jeweler Programs Inquiries
JM® Care Plan
Phone 800-582-4916
Monday-Friday 8am-5 pm CST
JM Care Plan Sales Inquiries
JM Care Plan Claims
Shipping & Zing® Platform
Phone 833-970-9464
Monday-Friday 8am-8 pm CST
Privacy Inquiries
Phone 877-238-5595
Monday-Friday 7am-5 pm CST
Media Inquiries
R. Harder Gallery of Gems & Minerals
Free / Open to Public Yes
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm CST
Address 24 Jewelers Park Dr
Neenah, WI 54956

Services and Products Offered by JM Specialty Insurance Company

JM Specialty Insurance Company provides specialized insurance products for jewelry, offering coverage for various situations:

  1. Personal Jewelry Insurance

    • Active Coverage: Shields your jewelry from loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance.
  2. Business Jewelry Insurance

    • Comprehensive Protection: Safeguards jewelry businesses from risks including theft, damage, and liability.
  3. Jewelry Appraisal Insurance

    • Replacement Assurance: Covers the cost of replacing a jewelry appraisal in case of loss or damage.

Jewelry Business Insurance

JM Specialty caters to the specific needs of jewelry businesses with tailored insurance options:

  1. Inventory Insurance

    • Protection Plan: Covers jewelry businesses against the loss or damage of their inventory.
  2. Shipping Insurance

    • Safe Transit: Protects against the loss or damage of jewelry during shipment.
  3. Liability Insurance

    • Legal Safeguard: Shields jewelry businesses from liability claims arising from their activities.

Shipping Insurance

JM Specialty’s shipping insurance provides added security for jewelry in transit:

  1. Shipping Insurance for Jewelry

    • Safe Passage: Ensures coverage against loss, theft, and damage during the shipment of jewelry.

In addition to insurance products, JM Specialty goes beyond with valuable services:

  1. Online Tracking and Claims Reporting

  2. Risk Management Services

  3. Jeweler Solutions

    • Business Support: Offers various solutions to help jewelers manage their businesses more efficiently.

JM Specialty Insurance Company


JM Specialty Insurance Company adjusts its product premiums based on coverage type, the insured item’s value, and the customer’s risk factors. For instance, if you own a high-value jewelry collection, expect a higher premium compared to someone with a low-value collection.

Payment Options

You have flexibility with JM Specialty Insurance Company. They provide monthly and annual payment choices for their products. You get to pick the payment option that suits you best.


Get ready for discounts with JM Specialty Insurance Company. They offer various types, including:

  1. Multi-policy discount: If you buy multiple policies from JM Specialty Insurance Company, you might qualify for a multi-policy discount.
  2. Claim-free discount: Keep a clean record – if you haven’t filed a claim for a certain period, you could snag a claim-free discount.
  3. Safety and security features discount: Secure your space. If you have safety features like alarms or safes, you might snag a discount.

Promotional Offers

JM Specialty Insurance Company sometimes rolls out special deals. For example, they might give a discount to new customers or those switching from another insurance company.

To get the lowdown on premiums, payment options, discounts, and promotional offers from JM Specialty Insurance Company, reach out to them directly.

Claims Filing Process with JM Specialty Insurance Company

Claims Filing with JM Specialty Insurance Company:

  1. Report the Claim: Don’t delay—let JM Specialty Insurance Company know about your claim ASAP. You can report it online, by phone, or through mail.
  2. Give All the Info: Share all the details JM Specialty needs about the claim. This includes when and where it happened, a description of what’s lost or damaged, and any other important info.
  3. Support with Documents: Back up your claim with documents. This might mean providing police reports, appraisals, or receipts.
  4. Cooperate with the Investigation: Work with JM Specialty during their investigation. This might involve answering questions or giving more info.
  5. Wait for the Decision: After JM Specialty wraps up its investigation, it’ll decide on your claim. They’ll inform you about what they’ve decided.

If your claim is approved, JM Specialty Insurance Company will pay you for the value of the lost, stolen, or damaged items, minus your deductible.

JM Specialty Insurance Company

JM Specialty Insurance Company boasts a strong financial rating and receives positive customer reviews.

Financial Rating

Rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best, a leading credit rating agency, JM Specialty Insurance Company showcases a robust financial position. This rating assures policyholders that the company can meet its financial commitments effectively.

Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, a customer review website, JM Specialty maintains a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on over 3,000 reviews.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with JM Specialty Insurance Company, citing:

  • My experience with JM Specialty Insurance Company was excellent. They handled my claim quickly and efficiently, and I’m very happy with the result.”
  • As a long-time customer, I’ve always been impressed with JM Specialty Insurance Company’s customer service and the quality of their coverage.
  • “Working with JM Specialty has been a great experience. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.”


You have the freedom to cancel your JM Specialty policy whenever you wish, but you must let the company know in writing. The notice period depends on your policy type.

For instance, canceling a personal jewelry insurance policy might need a 30-day notice, while canceling a jewelry business insurance policy might require a 60-day notice.

If you cancel before your policy term ends, you might get a refund for the part of your premium that hasn’t been used. Keep in mind, though, there could be a cancellation fee if you cancel early.


JM Specialty gives you a heads-up with a renewal notice 30 days before your policy ends. This notice contains details about your current coverage and the premium you pay. Any changes to your policy or premium will also be in there.

To renew, just pay the premium. You can do this online, by phone, or by mail. But remember, if you don’t pay by the due date, your policy will lapse.

Benefits of Joining JM Specialty Insurance Company

  1. Complete Coverage: JM Specialty Insurance Company provides a broad range of specialty insurance products to safeguard jewelry businesses and individuals from various risks. This includes personal jewelry insurance, business jewelry insurance, jewelry appraisal insurance, inventory insurance, shipping insurance, and liability insurance.
  2. Competitive Rates: Get cost-effective rates with JM Specialty. They offer competitive prices on their insurance products.
  3. Outstanding Customer Service: Count on excellent customer service from JM Specialty. Their team of skilled insurance professionals is dedicated to helping you understand your insurance needs and selecting the right coverage for your situation.
  4. Jewelry Industry Expertise: JM Specialty, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, brings over 110 years of experience in the jewelry industry. This means they truly understand the unique needs of both jewelry businesses and individuals.
  5. Value-Added Services: Enjoy additional benefits with JM Specialty, including online tracking and claims reporting risk management services, and jeweler solutions. They go beyond basic coverage to provide extra value to their customers.


  1. What types of insurance does JM Specialty Insurance Company offer?
    • JM Specialty Insurance Company provides a wide range of insurance services, including property, liability, and specialty coverage.
  2. Can I choose between monthly and annual payment plans?
    • Yes, JM Specialty Insurance Company offers both monthly and annual payment options for added flexibility.
  3. Are there any discounts available for policyholders?
  4. How efficient is the claims filing process with JM Specialty Insurance Company?
  5. What sets JM Specialty Insurance Company apart from other insurance providers?
    • JM Specialty Insurance Company distinguishes itself through its transparent approach, diverse coverage options, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, JM Specialty stands out as a reliable and customer-focused insurance provider. With a rich history, comprehensive coverage options, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has earned its place in the competitive insurance market.

Joining JM Specialty not only ensures robust coverage but also comes with the added benefits of discounts, efficient claims processing, and a customer-friendly approach.

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