Kingstone Insurance Company Reviews: What You Need to Know

Kingstone Insurance Company Reviews
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If you need affordable coverage in New England, you may be considering Kingstone Insurance Company.

Having offered policies for over 130 years, they provide various protections for individuals and businesses.

But how reliable and consumer-friendly are they?

This review will evaluate Kingstone across key categories to weigh the pros and cons:

  • Company Background
  • Policy Options
  • Premiums and Coverage Details
  • Claims Process and Reviews
  • Regulatory Standing

The goal is to uncover if Kingstone delivers dependable service and value or if other insurers may better meet your needs.

By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be equipped to determine if their policies make sense for your situation.

The result should provide clarity on whether Kingstone is a smart choice or if it’s wise to continue your search.

Kingstone Insurance Company Overview

Operating for over 130 years since its 1886 founding in Kingston, New York, Kingstone Insurance Company provides property and casualty policies across five Northeastern states.

Now a subsidiary of the publicly traded Kingstone Companies, Inc. holding group, Kingstone specializes in personal lines such as

  1. homeowners
  2. renters
  3. condo
  4. co-op
  5. umbrella
  6.  canine liability coverage.

They also offer a commercial physical damage liability product, ensuring for-hire transport vehicles.

Kingstone maintains strong financial standing and customer satisfaction according to an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating and “B++” assessment from industry analyst A.M. Best.

Their longevity and ratings point to a reliable carrier with experience serving New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts customers.

When considering your personal or small business insurance options, Kingstone emerges as a stable regional choice to meet the area’s core property and casualty needs.

What are the pros and cons of Kingstone Insurance Company?

Kingstone Insurance Company, like any insurer, presents both advantages and drawbacks. Explore the following pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Kingstone Insurance Company
Pros and Cons of Kingstone Insurance Company


  1. Competitive rates: Affordable premiums, especially for bundled policies or eligible discounts.
  2. Diverse coverage options: Wide-ranging choices, including landlord, umbrella, and canine liability insurance.
  3. Excellent customer service: 24/7 support via phone, email, or online chat, along with assistance from independent agents.
  4. Quick claims processing: Efficient online or phone-initiated process aiming for settlements within 30 days.


  1. Limited geographical coverage: operates only in five New England states, restricting accessibility for customers in other regions.
  2. Costly policy options: higher premiums for some options, like canine liability insurance, maybe possibly for budget-conscious customers.
  3. Fewer online tools and resources: Lack of a mobile app, claims FAQ or blog may hinder customer information access and policy management online.
  4. Strict eligibility criteria for discounts: Criteria like a good credit score or having a burglar alarm may be challenging for some customers to meet, making them ineligible for discounts.

How does Kingstone Insurance Company work?

Kingstone Insurance Company operates by offering insurance coverage in exchange for a premium, the amount customers pay for their policies.

Customers can select different policy types, customize them with options like endorsements or deductibles, and purchase directly or through independent agents.

On the other hand, Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

They Manage their policies conveniently online or by phone for changes, renewals, or cancellations.

In case of a covered loss or damage, customers can file claims online or by phone.

Insurance investigates and evaluates claims, paying customers based on policy terms and conditions.

Kingstone Insurance Company covers

Insurance Company offers various types of coverage for individuals and businesses.

Here are some of the main coverage options that Kingstone Insurance Company provides:

  • Homeowners Insurance: Protects home and belongings from damages, covering liability for injuries or damages to others. This may include additional living expenses.
  • Landlord Insurance: Safeguards rental property against damages, covering liability for injuries or damages to tenants. This may include loss of rental income.
  • Condo and Co-op Insurance: Shields condo or co-op unit, covering damages and liability for injuries or damages within the unit or building. This may include improvements.
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance: Offers additional liability coverage beyond primary policies, such as homeowners or auto insurance. Covers various liabilities and legal expenses.
  • Canine Liability Insurance: Covers liability for injuries or damages caused by the customer’s dog. Includes medical expenses, property damage, and legal fees.
  • For Hire Physical Damage Liability Only Insurance: Covers liability for physical damage to a rented, leased, or borrowed vehicle for business purposes. Includes repair or replacement costs for collisions or comprehensive claims. Does not cover liabilities to others.


Kingstone Insurance Company claim process reviews

Kingstone Insurance Company has a simple claim process, which can be initiated online or by phone. Here are the steps that customers need to follow to file a claim with Kingstone Insurance Company:

  • Report the Claim:
    • Online: Use the Kingstone Insurance website.
    • Phone: Call 1-800-364-7045.
    • Provide policy number, contact info, and loss details.
    • Take photos or videos of damage and obtain a police report, if needed.
  • Receive Claim Number:
    • Track claim status online or by phone.
    • Assigned claim representative contacts within 24 hours to confirm details.
  • Schedule Inspection:
    • Schedule property or vehicle inspection with the Kingstone adjuster.
    • Choose your own contractor or repair shop, and submit an estimate for approval.
  • Receive Settlement:
    • After inspection, receive a settlement offer reflecting entitlement based on policy terms.
    • Accept, reject, or negotiate offer.
    • Choose payment method: check or direct deposit.
  • Complete Repairs or Replacements:
    • Use your preferred contractor or repair shop.
    • Keep receipts and invoices for repairs.
    • Submit for reimbursement if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kingstone Insurance Company

Where can I find reviews for Kingstone Insurance Company?

Reviews for Kingstone Insurance Company can be found on various platforms, including their official website, consumer review websites, and social media.

What are the common positive aspects mentioned in Kingstone Insurance Company reviews?

Positive aspects often highlighted include competitive rates, diverse coverage options, efficient claims processing, and responsive customer service available 24/7.

Are there any limitations mentioned in Kingstone Insurance Company reviews?

Some reviews note limitations such as the company’s limited geographical coverage, potentially higher premiums for certain policies, and fewer online tools compared to competitors.

How do customers typically rate Kingstone Insurance Company’s claims process?

Many customers express satisfaction with Kingstone Insurance’s claims process, citing its simplicity, online and phone initiation options, prompt assignment of claim representatives, and transparent communication.

Can I trust Kingstone Insurance Company based on reviews?

Trust in Kingstone Insurance Company varies among customers. While positive reviews highlight competitive rates and efficient claims processing, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and needs when evaluating the company.

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