Lemonade Renters & Home Insurance (Review of 2024): Overview, Claims, Coverage, Discounts, Pros & Cons

Lemonade Renters & Home Insurance: Protect Your Home and Belongings with Confidence.!!!

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Protect Your Home and Belongings with Confidence.

If you’re seeking a new insurance provider that offers greater coverage limits, more discounts, and lower premiums compared to your current insurer, while maintaining high-quality service, Lemonade is a viable option to explore.

Lemonade simplifies the process of obtaining quotes for home and renters’ policies, allowing you to do so within minutes through their user-friendly app or website.

Their home and renters’ insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage options, with opportunities to tailor your coverage according to your needs.

Many coverage limits, such as those pertaining to cameras and jewelry, can be adjusted as needed.

Tech-savvy consumers appreciate Lemonade’s acclaimed app and convenient online portal.

What Makes Lemonade Different?

Established in 2015, Lemonade Insurance provides a range of insurance options, including home and renters’ insurance.

It was established by individuals who recognized the outdated nature of traditional insurance rating and issuance methods, believing they weren’t always optimal for everyone.

The company’s automated systems enable swift approval of new policies, often within minutes.

Lemonade Insurance stands out in the insurance industry in several ways due to its innovative approach.

A notable departure from conventional insurance firms is Lemonade’s lack of reliance on agents for product sales.

Instead, customers engage directly with the software.

Obtaining a quote online takes just minutes, and purchasing coverage is facilitated through the app or website, eliminating the need for intermediary interactions.

Claims reporting is also streamlined through the app, with many claims being promptly processed by Lemonade’s software.

Claims beyond the software’s scope are directed to a dedicated claims representative.

Lemonade Insurance: What is it Best for?

lemonade home insurance
Explore an in-depth review of Lemonade’s renters and homeowners’ insurance, including pros and cons, customer service experiences, and coverage details.

Lemonade is an excellent option for those looking for a home or renters’ insurance.

They offer replacement cost coverage for your belongings, which means if something is damaged or stolen, they will pay the cost to replace it.

Best for Not so great for
Tech-savvy consumers older consumers
Fast claims processing Those wanting a local agent.

Where Lemonade is Available?

Arizona Iowa Ohio
Arkansas Maryland Oklahoma
California Massachusetts Oregon
Colorado Michigan Pennsylvania
Connecticut Missouri Rhode Island
District of Columbia Nevada Tennessee
Georgia New Jersey Texas
Illinois New Mexico Virginia
Indiana New York Wisconsin

Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Lemonade home insurance is affordable.
  • Lemonade has solid financial backing from Lloyds of London, one of the most significant insurance underwriters in the world.
  • Claims reporting is fast and easy.
  • All major lenders accept lemonade Insurance.
  • Lemonade home insurance is not available in all states.
  • Does not offer a companion policy.

How Does Lemonade Home Insurance Rates Compare to Other Companies?

Carrier Annual Premium
Lemonade $1,058
State Farm $1,470
Allstate $1,525
Nationwide $1,682

What we compared: $300,000 home with $1,000 deductible located in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is Lemonade’s Standard Home Insurance Coverage?

Dwelling and Separate Structures Coverage

Your Dwelling Separate Structures
Covers damage to the structure of your home. Covers damage to a separate structure, such as a shed or detached garage.
Pays to reconstruct your home Pays to reconstruct your separate structure.


Examples of Dwelling and Separate Structure Claims:

  • Strong winds result in a tree striking your residence, leading to structural damage.
  • Hurricane-force winds cause harm to your siding, windows, and roofing.
  • A burst frozen pipe results in water damage to your walls, ceilings, and flooring.
  • Extensive smoke and fire damage occur due to a grease fire in your kitchen.
  • A fire ignites in your shed after gas leaks from your lawnmower stored inside, causing it to burn down.

Lemonade Personal Property Coverage

  • Natural Disasters
  • Fire and lightning.
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Volcano eruption
  • Damage from ice, snow, or sleet.
  • Damage from freezing.
  • Explosions
  • Riot
  • Planes
  • CarsSmoke damage
  • Damage from vandalism.
  • Total or partial Theft
  • Accidental water discharge
  • Damage from sudden and accidental tearing, cracking, burning, or bulging.
  • Damage from short-circuiting Damage from falling objects.

Personal Property Claims Examples

An infographic illustration of Personal Property Claims Examples

Portable Electronics:

  • This coverage includes protection for damages to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other portable gadgets, including headphones.
  • It necessitates a separate, standalone limit from the overall personal property coverage.

Loss of Use:

  • This aspect of the policy covers the additional expenses incurred from living elsewhere while your home undergoes reconstruction.
  • Examples of Loss of Use Coverage:
    • Loss of use covers the apartment expense if a fire damages your residence, requiring you to move until repairs are done.
    • If a fire destroys your kitchen, making your stove unusable, and you have to eat out, loss of use covers the additional dining costs.

Personal Liability:

  • This feature pays for damages for which you are legally responsible.
  • Examples of Personal Liability Coverage:
    • If a guest slips on your wet floor and suffers a hip fracture, the damages would be covered under personal liability.
    • If your neighbor asks you to remove a dead tree from your property to prevent damage to his belongings, and then the tree falls on his new car the following month, personal liability would cover the damages.

Medical Payments to Others

  • In contrast to the liability section of the policy, this segment covers medical expenses related to incidents on your property for which you may not be legally responsible.
  • For instance, if someone trips over their long dress at a party in your backyard and injures their knee, while you may not be legally liable for the accident, the policy’s medical payments will cover the bills up to the policy limit.

Additional Coverages:

Water Backup:

  • This coverage addresses damages resulting from the failure of your sump pumps.
  • It covers the costs of cleaning up sewage inside your house when there’s a broken pipe or faulty equipment.

Swimming Pool Liability:

  • This provision compensates for damages or injuries arising from pool ownership.

Extended Replacement Cost

  • Extended replacement cost is an incorporated feature that disburses up to 125% more than your coverage limit, if necessary, to rebuild your home.
  • For example, if your home insurance covers $300,000 for your house, and it costs $350,000 to rebuild it because wood prices went up after a tornado or fire, the policy will pay $350,000 because of the extended replacement cost feature that covers 125%.


  • This coverage addresses damage to your home caused by sinkholes or undermining.

Appliance/Equipment Breakdowns:

  • It covers damages resulting from appliance or equipment breakdowns, such as when the motor in your clothes dryer ceases to function.

Buried Utilities:

  • This coverage encompasses damages to buried utilities like water, gas, and sewer lines.

 Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Discounts

  • Claims-free: Gives a discount on premiums to people who haven’t made any claims for five years in a row.
  • Fire alarm: Grants a discount to policyholders who have installed a fire alarm in their homes.
  • Burglar alarm: Gives a price cut to people who have a burglar alarm that’s watched.
  • New home: Provides a premium discount for homeowners whose residences are ten years old or newer.

How is Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Rated?

J.D. Power (out of 1,000) 870
NAIC Complaint Index 1.94


Q. How does Lemonade handle claims?

A. Lemonade has streamlined the claims process to make it as quick and hassle-free as possible.

You can directly file a claim through the Lemonade mobile app or website, and in many cases, we process claims instantly.

Lemonade utilizes AI technology to review and approve claims rapidly, often within minutes.

If a claim requires further review, it will be assigned to a claims representative who will assist you throughout the process.


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