Marquee Insurance Group Reviews:

Marquee Insurance Group Reviews
Marquee Insurance Group Reviews


Finding insurance tailored to your niche sector can be challenging. This is where independent agencies like Marquee Insurance Group come in.

Specializing in focused markets from trucking and freight to cyber liability, Marquee aligns customized policies for specific operation types.

But how well do they execute niche protection?

This comprehensive review of Marquee aims to analyze if their targeted strategy translates into value.

We’ll explore coverages offered, client feedback, financial standing, claims handling, costs, and risk management services.

My goal is to study how Marquee serves specialty sectors to help you determine if their industry-specific approach warrants consideration.

By evaluating both strengths and shortcomings through an independent lens, companies can analyze if Marquee offers the right insurance fit or if expanding your search is prudent.

Marquee Insurance Group Overview

Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Marquee Insurance was formed in 2014 as an independent niche market-focused agency.

Aligning with select carriers, they develop tailored coverage for clients in specialized sectors like trucking, cyber security, and freight brokering.

Marquee leverages industry knowledge and tech integration to simplify the insurance process for partners and customers alike.

Their approach has earned Marquee honors including an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Ward’s 50 Top Performers designation, and ValChoice’s Best Value Georgia Auto Insurance award.

Continued growth and recognition reflect Marquee’s commitment to bringing both competitive pricing and custom protection to underserved business segments.

Companies wanting an agent well-versed in their field may find Marquee’s focused strategy resonates.

Marquee Insurance Group Coverage Options

Marquee Insurance Group offers different types of insurance coverage depending on their specialty.

Some of the coverage options include:

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Marquee Insurance Group Customer Reviews

Insurance Group has garnered a mix of customer reviews, with commendations for its service and products, alongside grievances about pricing and claims processing.

Here are examples of both positive and negative customer feedback:

Positive Review

“I’ve been with Marquee for over a year, and I’m extremely pleased with their service. They’re consistently friendly, helpful, and responsive. Their rates and coverage options are great, and they truly understand the nuances of the trucking industry and my specific needs. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking trucking insurance.” – Mike, Georgia

“Marquee is a great insurance company. They offer low rates and generous discounts. Their claims handling is fast and fair. I received payment for my claim within a week and even got a rental truck. They’ve been a lifesaver.” – Amy, Texas

Negative Review

“Marquee is a terrible insurance company. They’re overpriced, unprofessional, and dishonest. My claim was denied without reason, leaving me to cover the damages to my website. Dealing with them is a nightmare. Avoid them at all costs.” – Lisa, Florida

Mixed Review

“Marquee is a decent insurance company. Their customer service and financial stability are good. However, their rates are too high, and the lack of discounts is a downside. I believe there are better options out there for cyber insurance.” – Mark, California

“Marquee is a great insurance company. They offer low rates and generous discounts. Their claims handling is fast and fair. I received payment for my claim within a week and even got a rental truck. They’ve been a lifesaver.” – Amy, Texas

Marquee Insurance Group Financial Stability Review

Marquee’s financial stability stands out as a key strength, reflecting its capability to fulfill claims and meet financial commitments.

Independent rating agencies, including AM Best and Standard & Poor’s, have accorded high ratings to Marquee. AM Best, a global credit rating agency, evaluates the financial strength and creditworthiness of insurance companies.

Standard & Poor’s, a global financial services company, offers credit ratings, research, and analysis across various sectors.

Marquee’s ratings from these agencies are as follows:

  • AM Best: A- (Excellent)
  • Standard & Poor’s: A- (Strong)

These ratings affirm Marquee’s robust financial position and a secure outlook, indicating a low risk of payment default or insolvency.

Such assessments play a crucial role for policyholders, offering assurance and instilling confidence in Marquee’s reliability and performance.

Marquee Insurance Group Claims process

Marquee’s approach to handling claims significantly impacts customer satisfaction and its overall reputation.

The company strives to simplify and streamline the claims process for its customers.

To file a claim with Marquee, follow these steps:

  1. Report the claim: You can report your claim through online submission, phone call, or email. Provide essential information, including your policy number, contact details, and incident details.
  2. Review the claim: A Marquee claims representative will assess your claim, reaching out to discuss the next steps. They will assign an adjuster to inspect damages and estimate repair costs.
  3. Settle the claim: After the adjuster completes the inspection and evaluation, they will present a settlement offer. Depending on your satisfaction, you can either accept or negotiate the offer. Upon acceptance, Marquee will issue payment to you or the repair shop.

Customer feedback on Marquee’s claims handling varies, with some praising its promptness and fairness, while others criticize delays and denials.

Here are examples of customer experiences:

Sarah from Georgia had a positive experience after filing a claim due to a cyber attack on her website. Marquee acted swiftly, sent an adjuster promptly, offered a fair settlement, and recommended a reliable IT company for repairs. Sarah was impressed with their service.

David from Florida, however, faced challenges with Marquee’s claims handling. After a carrier lost his cargo, the process was slow and unresponsive. It took weeks to send an adjuster, the settlement offer was low, and Marquee attempted to place blame on David for the loss, refusing to cover the full extent of damages. Dealing with them was frustrating for David.


Marquee Insurance Group Customer Service

Marquee places a strong emphasis on customer service, aiming to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support to both existing policyholders and potential customers.

Various communication channels, including phone, email, and online chat, are available for customers to reach out regarding questions, concerns, or issues related to policies, coverage, billing, claims, or discounts.

Marquee’s customer service operates from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Customers have expressed positive feedback about Marquee’s customer service, praising its friendliness, helpfulness, and expertise.

Experiences shared by customers interacting with Marquee’s customer service team include:

Anna from California contacted Marquee to inquire about their cyber insurance policies. She found the team to be friendly and informative, addressing all her questions, explaining various options and benefits, providing a free quote, and assisting her with the policy application. Anna noted their courtesy and respect.

Ryan from Texas reached out to Marquee’s customer service team to update payment information. He appreciated their helpful and efficient assistance, confirming the changes promptly. The team expressed gratitude for his loyalty and extended a discount, demonstrating professionalism and politeness.

Marquee Insurance Group pricing

The price of Marquee insurance is crucial for customers.

It varies based on coverage type, amount, industry, company size, and risk profile. While generally competitive, it may not be the cheapest or best value for everyone.

It’s recommended to compare rates with other insurers for the best deal.

Additional Services

Beyond insurance policies, Marquee also provides optional risk management and loss prevention services for added fees.

These programs aim to help clients improve safety and security to reduce potential claims.

For instance, trucking customers can access Marquee’s BOOST safety platform featuring online training, tips, and compliance aids.

The goal is to equip drivers with the knowledge that prevents accidents and violations.

Cyber policyholders can tap into Marquee’s risk program to receive vulnerability assessments, incident response plans, and security best practices.

Following recommendations enables companies to shore up IT weaknesses and hopefully avoid damaging breaches.

While adding costs, these services provide an opportunity for Marquee’s niche customers to strengthen defenses in high-risk industries.

For some policyholders, reducing long-term risk exposure may warrant the extra investment.


Marquee Insurance Group is an independent agency specializing in tailored coverage for niche industries like trucking, cyber, and freight brokers.

They boast financial stability and a positive customer service reputation. However, high premiums, mixed claims experiences, and minimal discounts draw criticism.

In summary, Marquee offers focused protection but may not suit every budget or need. Before purchasing, compare their pricing and services to those of other carriers.

They can provide value for those wanting specialty insurance with strong coverage. But if low cost and incentives matter most, alternatives may better align.

Determine if their industry expertise outweighs potential drawbacks based on what you prioritize.

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