Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina, North Carolina: Overview, Contacts, Services, Finances, Coverage, Claims, Compliance, Renewal & Cancellations, Reviews

Your Trusted Shield in Medicine: MMICNC – Where Physicians Find Peace of Mind.

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Your Trusted Partner in Medical Liability Insurance – MMICNC: Physicians’ Assurance Since 1975.

If you’re a physician seeking dependable and cost-effective medical professional liability insurance, consider the Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina (MMICNC).

Founded by doctors for doctors in 1975, this physician-owned and operated company has been supporting the medical community for nearly half a century.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into MMICNC’s:

History, services, products, financial health, coverage details, claims process, legal and compliance standards, renewal and cancellation policies, company culture, and the experiences of its satisfied clients.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of why physicians trust MMICNC.

Company Overview

History and Founding Year:

Founded in 1975 in response to the malpractice crisis threatening physicians’ access to affordable liability insurance, MMICNC has grown into the largest physician-owned medical professional liability insurer in North Carolina and one of the Southeast’s largest.

The North Carolina Medical Society exclusively endorses MMICNC, which also sponsors several regional medical associations.

CEO and Leadership Team: 

MMICNC is led by a team of seasoned professionals who comprehend physicians’ unique needs and challenges.

Dale Jenkins, MMICNC’s CEO since 1994, guides the company’s direction.

The board of directors, comprised of 15 physicians elected by the members, ensures that physician perspectives are at the core of decision-making.

Additionally, a 25-member advisory board of physicians provides valuable input and feedback on the company’s offerings.

Market Reach:

With a market share of around 40% in North Carolina, MMICNC serves more than 13,000 physicians and 500 medical practices across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland.

Their financial stability is evident through their A (Excellent) AM Best rating since 2004 and Ward’s 50 designation since 2020.

With a retention rate of over 95%, MMICNC maintains a loyal and content customer base.

Company Contacts

For your convenience, here is some basic information about MMICNC:

Phone Number (919) 872-7117
Address 700 Spring Forest Rd Ste 400, Raleigh, NC, 27609
Customer Service Contact (800) 662-7917 or
Policy Details Customized to fit each member’s practice needs and risk profile
Email Address
Fax Number (919) 878-5595
Operating Hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Services & Products

MMICNC offers a range of services and products tailored to the diverse requirements of its members, which include:

  • Medical Professional Liability Insurance: This core product covers members against claims arising from their professional services.
  • Risk Management: This service helps members reduce malpractice exposure, enhance patient safety, and improve care quality.
  • Practice Management: Optimizing practice operations and performance is the aim of this service.
  • Wealth Management: Members can achieve personal and professional financial goals with this service, including wealth management advisory, planning, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, education funding, insurance solutions, and discounts.
  • Special Packages: Tailored packages cater to specific member segments or needs, such as new-to-practice, locum tenens, telemedicine, and cyber liability.
  • International Coverage: For members working or traveling abroad, MMICNC partners with International SOS to provide emergency medical assistance, evacuation, repatriation, security services, travel advice, and insurance coverage.
  • Temporary or Short-Term Policies: Temporary policies cover limited periods or specific events, including moonlighting, locum tenens, and event policies.

Financial Information

MMICNC is committed to offering competitive premiums, flexible payment options, and attractive discounts.

Key financial details include:

  • Premium Costs: Premiums are determined based on factors like specialty, location, practice size, claims history, risk management participation, and policy type.
  • Payment Options: Members can choose from various payment frequencies, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina gives back to those who stay and join in with programs like a money-back program, a long-term program, and lower prices for different groups, such as new doctors and those who follow safety tips.

Coverage Specifics

MMICNC provides comprehensive and personalized coverage with details such as:

Claims Process

MMICNC offers a streamlined and supportive claim process:

  • Claim Process: It consists of four steps: reporting, investigation, resolution, and closure. Reporting involves prompt notification of potential or actual claims. Investigation includes evidence gathering, claim representatives, and attorney support.
  • Required Documents for Claims: Necessary documents for claims vary depending on the nature and severity of the claim. Commonly required documents include a claim report form, medical records, consent forms, incident reports, and relevant correspondence.
  • Average Claim Approval Time: Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina strives to resolve claims efficiently but does not specify a fixed average approval time due to unique factors in each claim.

Legal & Compliance

MMICNC maintains strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations:

  • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy outlines how personal information is collected, used, shared, and protected, in compliance with laws such as HIPAA and GLBA.
  • Terms and Conditions: These tell you what you must and must not do when you use things, help, the website, or phone app, talking about things like who owns the ideas, warnings, how much they can pay if something goes wrong, how to solve problems, and what laws apply.

Renewals & Cancellations

MMICNC ensures a straightforward policy renewal process and transparent cancellation policy:

  • Policy Renewal: Members receive renewal notices at least 60 days before expiration, which detail updated premium costs, coverage limits, policy types, and any changes.
  • Cancellation Policy and Fees: Members can cancel policies without incurring fees or penalties. MMICNC provides refunds for unused premiums on a pro-rata basis.
  • Grace Periods: Grace periods offer extra time for premium payment without losing coverage. A 30-day grace period exists for annual policies, and 10 days for monthly policies, without late fees or interest charges.

Company Culture

MMICNC’s company culture is based on four things: honesty, quality, creativity, and teamwork.

This culture makes a good work place that cares about employee power, involvement, respect, praise, rewards, and growth.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

MMICNC values customer feedback and satisfaction:

  • “I have been with MMICNC for over 20 years and I have never had any issues with them. They are always responsive, professional, and supportive.

They have a great risk management program and a generous dividend program. They also offer other services, such as wealth management and practice management, that are very helpful.

I highly recommend MMICNC to any physician looking for a reliable and affordable medical professional liability insurance provider.” – Dr. John Smith, Family Medicine, Raleigh, NC


You will then see your renewal notice with the updated premium cost, coverage limit, policy type, and any other changes or modifications to your policy.


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