Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company: History, Membership, Contacts, Benefits, Partners, and Reviews

Looking for a trusted medical liability insurer? Consider Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company ProMutual.

It’s a top underwriting company within Coverys, a renowned national leader in medical professional liability coverage.

As part of the Coverys family, ProMutual draws on the financial strength, resources, and expertise of its parent organization.

This enables ProMutual to deliver top-tier medical malpractice insurance paired with robust risk management services.

So if you need an insurer you can count on to protect your practice with comprehensive coverage and proactive loss prevention, ProMutual deserves a close look.

Its capabilities as part of Coverys allow ProMutual to provide the tailored solutions and peace of mind today’s healthcare professionals need and deserve.

When shopping for medical liability insurance, keep ProMutual in mind as a stable provider with the backing of an industry powerhouse.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company
Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company


In this article, I will give you a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about ProMutual, from its profile, board members, contact information, benefits, affiliates, products, coverage, career, and claim process, to ratings and reviews. Let’s get started!

Table of Profile of Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company

Attribute Value
Company Name Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company
Doing Business As ProMutual
Company Description A mutual insurance company that offers medical malpractice coverage to physicians, surgeons, dentists, medical groups, and hospitals in the northeastern, midwestern, and northwestern US1
NAIC Number 10206
Domicile Massachusetts
Admitted Massachusetts
Home Office One Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111
A.M. Best Rating A (“Excellent”)
Year Started 1975
ESG Ranking 4.2/5


Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company Overview

ProMutual originally started in 1975 as a joint underwriting association (JUA) formed by the Massachusetts Legislature to address the medical malpractice crisis in the state at the time.

In 1992, the JUA was disbanded and replaced by the Medical Malpractice Professional Insurance Association (MMPIA), which took over coverage for former JUA policyholders.

MMPIA later transitioned into becoming Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company, the mutual insurer we know today as ProMutual.

Now, ProMutual serves as the flagship underwriting subsidiary within the Coverys organization.

Coverys is a leading medical liability insurer that also owns other underwriting companies like ProSelect Insurance and Preferred Professional Insurance.

Overall, the ProMutual brand and its sister companies within Coverys provide medical malpractice coverage to approximately 25,000 healthcare providers and 500 hospitals across the country.

So while starting as a Massachusetts state entity, ProMutual has grown into a nationally prominent medical professional liability insurer under the Coverys umbrella.

Its evolution reflects the changing medical liability landscape over the past few decades.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company board members

ProMutual’s board consists of 13 directors including their President and CEO, Gregg Hanson. The policyholders elect the board members who each serve 3-year terms.

The board oversees company management and strategy, setting ProMutual’s direction and vision.

Board members participate in various committees covering areas like auditing, compensation, executive matters, finance, governance, and underwriting.

Key leadership ensures ProMutual remains accountable to their customer-owners while accomplishing their objectives.

Here is the list of Board Members:

Name Position
Gregg Hanson President and CEO of Coverys (Parent Company)
John A. Fromson, MD Board Chair
Robert E. Gabbay, MD, PhD Vice Chair of the Board
David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS Secretary of the Board
John J. Smith, MD, JD Treasurer of the Board
Robert J. Calotta, MD Member
John J. Collins, Jr., Esq. Member
John H. Cooley, MD Member
Michael J. Davidson, MD Member
John P. Donohue, MD Member
John A. Libertino, MD Member
Joseph P. Newhouse, PhD Member
John R. Stevenson, MD Member


Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company contact information 

If you want to get in touch with ProMutual, you can use the following contact information:

Contact Information
Phone (800) 225-6168 or (617) 330-1757
Fax (617) 330-1746
Mailing Address One Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111


You can also use the online contact form on the website to send a message or request a quote.

If you are a policyholder, you can access the online portal to manage your account, pay your bills, report a claim, or access risk management resources.

Benefit of becoming a member of Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company

Joining ProMutual as a policyholder comes with some great advantages:

  • Customized coverage that meets your specific medical liability insurance needs.
  • Financial stability through ProMutual’s A.M. Best A rating and $1.5 billion surplus.
  • Access to robust risk management resources like online education, webinars, newsletters, assessments, and consultations.
  • A voice in governance and the ability to share in profits/dividends as a member of the mutual company.
  • Leveraging ProMutual’s deep expertise serving healthcare providers for over 45 years.

By partnering with ProMutual, you can protect your practice with tailored coverage backed by excellent financials, tap into leading risk management tools, play an active role in the company’s future, and benefit from experienced support in today’s complex medical liability environment.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company affiliates and partners

ProMutual collaborates closely with organizations that share its mission of providing quality medical liability insurance and risk management:

  • Coverys: Parent company that owns ProMutual and other underwriting subsidiaries
  • Coverys Risk Retention Group: Sponsored risk retention group that writes in NY
  • Coverys European Holdings: Manages general agencies in Europe for professional lines
  • Coverys International: Offers business insurance for SMEs in Europe
  • Alternative Risk Solutions: Provides alternative risk solutions like captives
  • Med-IQ: Offers accredited CME and quality improvement for healthcare
  • Healthcare Risk Advisors: Provides insurance/risk management for hospitals
  • OHA Insurance Solutions: Medical liability insurer for Ohio hospitals/physicians

Through these partnerships and affiliations, ProMutual leverages shared expertise and capabilities to better serve its policyholders.

What are the services and products offered by Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company?

ProMutual offers a variety of services and products to its clients, such as:

  • Medical Liability Insurance: ProMutual provides malpractice coverage for physicians, dentists, medical groups, hospitals, and other healthcare providers primarily in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest. Policy options include occurrence, claims made, tail, prior acts, and excess. Specialty coverage is also available.

  • Risk Management Services: A suite of risk management resources helps clients reduce malpractice exposure and enhance patient safety. Offerings include online education, webinars, newsletters, podcasts, assessments, consultations, and more. Experts provide guidance and support.

  • Claims Management Services: ProMutual has an experienced claims team that handles malpractice claims on clients’ behalf. They work to achieve optimal claim resolutions while providing legal defense costs, expert fees, and court costs under the policy.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company coverage details

The coverage details of ProMutual vary depending on the type and level of policy that the client chooses.

However, some of the general features and benefits of ProMutual’s coverage are:

  • Occurrence Policy: Covers incidents that happen during the policy period regardless of when the claim is reported. No need for tail coverage.

  • Claims Made Policy: Covers claims reported during the policy period arising from incidents on or after the retroactive date. Requires tail coverage or prior acts coverage when the policy ends to cover future claims from incidents during the policy period.

  • Tail Coverage:  Extends reporting period after policy ends. Can purchase as a one-time payment or in installments. ProMutual may provide free tail coverage in certain circumstances.

  • Prior Acts Coverage: Protects against claims arising from incidents before the current policy’s effective date if there was continuous prior coverage. Can be purchased as an endorsement.

  • Excess Policy: Provides additional coverage above primary policy limits. Offered through Coverys Specialty Insurance subsidiary.

  • Specialty Coverage: Tailored to risks of specific medical specialties. Also covers telemedicine, locum tenens, moonlighting, and volunteer work.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company career

If you’re interested in working for ProMutual, there are a variety of positions and flexible options to consider within the parent company Coverys.

Coverys promotes collaboration and growth in a diverse and inclusive work culture.

They offer competitive pay and benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, and wellness programs.

Coverys has office locations in Boston, East Lansing, Morristown, Oklahoma City, and South Portland.

Remote work is also available for some roles.

Current openings include:

  1. Claims Specialist
  2. Underwriting Specialist
  3. Risk Management Consultant
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Compliance Officer
  8. Accountant

You can browse and apply for jobs online by submitting a resume and cover letter through the Coverys website.

Sign up for job alerts to get notified about new opportunities matching your background.

Working for ProMutual means being part of an organization focused on supporting healthcare providers through insurance, education, and proactive risk management.

If you’re interested in this mission, browse Covery’s open positions to find the right fit.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company claim process

To report a claim as a ProMutual policyholder, follow these key steps:

  • Contact ProMutual immediately by phone (800-225-6168 or 617-330-1757) or email ( You can also use the online portal.
  • Provide relevant details like the date, location, patient name, injury details, witnesses, and any legal documents.
  • Cooperate fully with ProMutual and assigned claims specialist. A defense counsel will be appointed if needed – legal costs are covered.
  • Communicate regularly and promptly with ProMutual during the claims process. They’ll keep you updated on the status and settlements.
  • Seek your consent before any claim resolution or settlement.

Reporting quickly and working closely with ProMutual’s claims team allows efficient handling of your claim from start to resolution.

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company ratings and reviews

ProMutual has received positive ratings and reviews from various sources, such as:

Source Rating/Review
A.M. Best A (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating
ESG Ranking 4.2/5 rating for environmental, social, and governance commitment
Policyholder Satisfaction – 0.00 complaint ratio (no complaints in the past year)
– Over 90% retention rate



    • A.M. Best gives ProMutual an “Excellent” A rating for financial strength
    • ESG ranking reflects strong performance on sustainability factors
    • High policyholder satisfaction is shown by no complaints, over 90% retention

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company

Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company (MPMIC) is a mutual insurer that provides medical professional liability insurance to physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers.

According to its website, some of the advantages of MPMIC are:

  • It is owned by its policyholders, who share in the company’s profits and have a voice in its governance.
  • It offers competitive rates, flexible coverage options, and personalized service.
  • It has a strong financial position, with an A+ rating from A.M. Best and a surplus of over $1 billion.
  • It has a proactive risk management program, which helps policyholders reduce their exposure to malpractice claims and lawsuits.
  • It has a dedicated claims team, which provides vigorous defense and fair resolution of claims.

Some of the possible disadvantages of MPMIC are:

  • It may not have the same access to capital markets as stock insurers, which could limit its growth opportunities or ability to withstand severe losses.
  • It may not offer as many products or services as larger or more diversified insurers, which could limit its appeal to some customers or markets.
  • It may face increased competition from other mutual insurers or alternative risk transfer mechanisms, such as captives or self-insurance groups.
  • It may be subject to regulatory changes or legal challenges that could affect its operations or profitability.


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