Midvale Indemnity Company, Wisconsin: Overview, Contacts, Serivces, Finances, Coverage

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable insurance company in Wisconsin, you might want to consider Midvale Indemnity Company.

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Midvale Indemnity Company was founded in 1912 as a mutual fire insurance company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Midvale Indemnity Company is a subsidiary of American Family Insurance, one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies in the United States.

In this blog post, we will review Midvale Indemnity Company’s history, products, services, financial details, coverage options, customer experiences, and claim process.

By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of what Midvale Indemnity Company can offer you and why you should choose them as your insurance partner.

Midvale Indemnity Company Overview

Midvale Indemnity Company was founded in 1912 as a mutual fire insurance company in Madison, Wisconsin.

The company initially offered fire and lightning insurance to farmers in Wisconsin and neighboring states.

Over the years, the company expanded its product line to include auto, home, life, and business insurance.

In 1963, the company changed its name to Midvale Mutual Insurance Company to reflect its broader scope of operations.

In 1996, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of American Family Insurance, a Fortune 500 company that provides insurance and financial services to millions of customers across the country.

The current CEO and president of Midvale Indemnity Company is Douglas Andrews, who also serves as the chief operating officer of American Family Insurance.

The leadership team of Midvale Indemnity Company consists of experienced and qualified executives who oversee various aspects of the company’s operations, such as finance, marketing, underwriting, claims, legal, and human resources.

The company has a market share of 2.5% in Wisconsin, making it the fifth-largest property and casualty insurer in the state.

The company employs approximately 1,710 people at its headquarters in Madison and has an annual revenue of around $500 million.

Midvale Indemnity Company Contacts

The following table summarizes some of the basic information about Midvale Indemnity Company that you might want to know:

Phone Number (847) 320-2000
Address 6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783
Customer Service Contact (800) 692-6326
Policy Details Varies depending on the type and level of coverage
Email Address .
Fax Number (847) 320-7124
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Midvale Indemnity Company Services & Products

Midvale Indemnity Company offers a wide range of insurance products and services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Some of the types of insurance that the company provides are:

  • Auto Insurance: This covers your vehicle and yourself in case of an accident, theft, vandalism, or other damages. You can choose from different levels of liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and gap coverage.
  • Home Insurance: This protects your home and personal property from fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage, liability claims, and other perils. You can customize your policy with optional coverages such as identity theft protection, water backup coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, home-based business coverage, and personal umbrella coverage.
  • Life Insurance: This provides financial security for your loved ones in case of your death. You can choose from term life, whole life, universal life, or variable universal life policies that suit your goals and budget. You can also add riders such as accidental death benefit, disability income benefit, or long-term care benefit to enhance your coverage.
  • Business Insurance: This covers your business assets and liabilities from various risks such as property damage, liability claims, business interruption, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, cyber liability, and professional liability. You can tailor your policy with specific coverages for your industry and business size.

Special Packages

Midvale Indemnity Company also offers special packages or bundled services that can help you save money and simplify your insurance needs. For example,

  • You can get a discount if you bundle your auto and home insurance with Midvale Indemnity Company.
  • You can get a multi-policy discount if you have more than one policy with Midvale Indemnity Company or American Family Insurance.
  • You can get a loyalty discount if you stay with Midvale Indemnity Company or American Family Insurance for a certain period of time.
  • You can get access to additional benefits and services such as roadside assistance, identity theft protection, and legal assistance if you join the American Family Insurance DreamKeep Rewards program.

Midvale also offers international coverage for some of its products, such as auto and business insurance. For example,

  • You can get coverage for your vehicle if you travel to Canada or Mexico with your Midvale Indemnity Company auto policy.
  • You can get coverage for your business operations if you have customers or suppliers in other countries with your Midvale Indemnity Company business policy.

Midvale also offers temporary or short-term policies for some of its products, such as auto and life insurance. For example,

  • You can get a temporary auto policy if you need to drive a rental car, borrow a car, or lend your car to someone else for a short period of time.
  • You can get a short-term life policy if you need to cover a specific debt, loan, or expense for a limited duration.

Midvale Indemnity Company Financial Details

Midvale is a financially stable and sound company that has the ability to pay its claims and meet its obligations. Some of the financial details that you might want to know are:

  • Premium Costs: The premium costs for Midvale’s products vary depending on the type and level of coverage, the deductible amount, the policy limits, the risk factors, and the discounts applied. You can get a free quote online or by contacting a Midvale Indemnity Company agent to find out how much you will pay for your desired coverage.
  • Payment Options: You can choose from different payment options to pay your premiums, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You can also choose from different payment methods, such as online, by phone, by mail, by automatic withdrawal, or by credit card.
  • Discounts and Promotional Offers: You can take advantage of various discounts and promotional offers that Midvale offers to its customers, such as multi-policy discount, loyalty discount, good student discount, safe driver discount, low mileage discount, smart home discount, paperless discount, and more. You can also get access to special offers and rewards through the American Family Insurance DreamKeep Rewards program.
  • Claim Payout Ratio: The claim payout ratio is the percentage of premiums that an insurance company pays out in claims. A higher claim payout ratio indicates that an insurance company is more generous and responsive to its customers’ claims. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Midvale had a claim payout ratio of 69.7% in 2020, which is higher than the industry average of 64.8%.

Midvale Indemnity Company Coverage Details

Midvale offers comprehensive and flexible coverage options for its products that can suit your specific needs and preferences. Some of the coverage details that you might want to know are:

  • Policy Exclusions: Policy exclusions are the situations or events that are not covered by your insurance policy. Some of the common policy exclusions for the company’s products are intentional acts, fraud, war, nuclear hazards, wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns, and government actions. You should read your policy carefully to understand what is excluded from your coverage and what you can do to avoid them.


  • What are the benefits of choosing Midvale Indemnity Company?
    • Midvale offers a wide range of insurance products and services, such as auto, home, life, business, and farm insurance. You can customize your coverage to suit your needs and budget.
  • How can I get a quote from Midvale Indemnity Company?
    • You can get a quote from Midvale by visiting their website and filling out a simple online form. You can also call their toll-free number or visit their office to speak with an agent. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself, your vehicle, your home, or your business, depending on the type of insurance you are interested in. You will then receive a personalized quote that reflects your coverage options and premium costs.
  • What are the policy exclusions and coverage limits for Midvale Indemnity Company?


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