Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.(Vermont); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, and Benefits

Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc. is an insurance group for professional employer organizations (PEOs) and their staffing companies.

They’re different because they are owned by their members, who run the show. This means they can make insurance that fits their needs.

Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

A Brief History Of Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Founded in 2000 by PEOs, MLRRG started because they wanted good and affordable insurance. Now, they help over 100 PEOs across the country.

Mission & Values

  • Integrity: Always honest, ethical, and transparent.
  • Member Focus: Always putting members first with great service.
  • Financial Responsibility: Keeping strong financially for the long term.
  • Innovation: Always finding new and better ways to help.
  • Collaboration: Working together for success with members and partners.

How to Contact Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Contact Method Details
Email Us
Call Us (770) 926-9444
Visit Us 8744 Main St, Suite 301, Woodstock, GA 30188-4901

Filling Claims With Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Experiencing a loss can be tough, but Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group (MLRRG) is here to help make the claims process easy for you. They provide clear steps and dedicated support to guide you through the process.

Here’s how to file a claim with MLRRG:

  1. Report the ClaimMLRRG offers multiple ways to report your claim:
    • Online Claims Portal: You can use this portal for electronic reporting, especially for workers’ compensation.
    • Phone: Call the 24/7 claims hotline at (800) 541-8605 to report your claim quickly.
    • Email: Send an email to report your claim.
    • Fax: Fax a claim report to (847) 953-1800.
  2. Information NeededWhen reporting your claim, have this information ready:
    • Your policy number: This identifies your specific coverage details.
    • The date and time of the loss: Report when the incident happened.
    • A detailed description of the loss: Clearly explain what occurred.
    • The location of the loss: Specify where the incident took place.
    • Any injuries or damages sustained: Describe the nature and extent of injuries or property damage.
    • Contact information for witnesses (if applicable): Get witness information if available.
  3. What to Expect After ReportingOnce you report your claim, a dedicated MLRRG claims adjuster will:
    • Gather more information: Ask clarifying questions to understand the incident fully.
    • Arrange for an inspection (if necessary): Visit the scene to assess the damage.
    • Guide you through the claims process: Explain the next steps and answer your questions.
  4. Claim Review and SettlementThe adjuster will review your claim and determine coverage. If covered, MLRRG will work with you to settle the claim promptly and fairly.

Services and Products Offered by Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

  1. Workers’ Compensation: Covers job-related injuries or illnesses for PEOs and their clients.
  2. General Liability: Protects PEOs from claims of injury or damage caused by their work.
  3. Professional Liability: Covers mistakes in professional services by PEOs.
  4. Excess & Surplus Lines: Special coverage for tricky or high-risk situations.

Benefits of Joining Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

  1. Competitive Rates: MLRRG can give good prices because members share risks and own the group together.
  2. Tailored Coverage: They work closely with members to make custom insurance that fits their unique needs.
  3. Claim Control: Members have more say in managing claims for quick and efficient resolutions.
  4. Financial Stability: MLRRG is strong financially, assuring it can meet its promises to members.

Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.


  • Financial Stability: MLRRG has received a “B++” (Good) financial strength rating from A.M. Best, an independent credit rating agency. This rating indicates that MLRRG has a strong financial position and can meet its obligations to its policyholders.
  • Member Satisfaction: MLRRG does not publicly disclose member satisfaction ratings. However, testimonials and reviews from members suggest overall positive experiences with the company.

Customer Reviews

MLRRG receives generally positive customer reviews, with praise for:

  • Competitive rates: Members appreciate the affordability of MLRRG’s insurance coverage compared to traditional insurers.
  • Tailored coverage: MLRRG is commended for its ability to customize insurance solutions to meet the specific needs of PEOs.
  • Excellent customer service: Members report positive experiences with MLRRG’s customer service representatives, who are responsive and helpful.
  • Prompt claims handling: MLRRG is recognized for its efficient and fair claims processing.


While some positive reviews exist, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with aspects of MLRRG’s service, including:

  • Limited coverage options: Some members find that MLRRG’s coverage options are not as comprehensive as those offered by traditional insurers.
  • Difficulties with claims processing: Some members have reported experiencing delays or challenges during the claims process.
  • Limited communication: Some members have reported feeling a lack of communication from MLRRG during the claims process.


MLRRG takes member feedback seriously and works to address complaints promptly and effectively.

They offer several avenues for members to voice concerns and seek resolution, including:

MLRRG encourages members to reach out with any issues or concerns so they can be addressed and resolved to the member’s satisfaction.

Cancellations and Renewals with Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Policy Cancellations

MLRRG can cancel a policy in specific situations, such as:

  1. Non-payment of premiums: MLRRG may cancel a policy if premiums aren’t paid within a reasonable grace period.
  2. False information: If MLRRG discovers false details on the application, they may cancel the policy.
  3. Significant risk changes: If the policyholder’s risk profile changes significantly, MLRRG may cancel the policy.
  4. Policy violations: If the policyholder doesn’t follow policy terms, MLRRG may cancel.
Policy Renewals

MLRRG usually renews policies annually, unless the policyholder asks to cancel or fails to meet renewal requirements. Renewal notices are sent 30-60 days before the policy ends.

Renewal requirements may include:

  • Paying the renewal premium
  • Updating risk profile info
  • Completing safety or loss control programs

If renewal requirements aren’t met, MLRRG may:

  • Decline renewal
  • Offer renewal with changes
  • Offer cancellation

MLRRG advises reviewing renewal notices and contacting them with questions.


1. What does Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc. (MLRRG) specialize in?

  • Answer: MLRRG specializes in providing insurance coverage to professional employer organizations (PEOs) and their affiliated staffing companies.

2. How can I report a claim to MLRRG?

  • Answer: You can report a claim to MLRRG through their online claims portal, by phone at (800) 541-8605, or via email.

3. What circumstances may lead to the cancellation of my policy with MLRRG?

  • Answer: MLRRG may cancel a policy due to non-payment of premiums, material misrepresentation on the application, significant changes in risk, or violations of policy terms and conditions.

4. How often are MLRRG policies typically renewed?

  • Answer: MLRRG policies are typically renewed on an annual basis, and renewal notices are sent to policyholders 30-60 days before the policy expiration date.


Overall, Mountain Lake Risk Retention Group, Inc. appears to be a reputable provider of insurance solutions for PEOs, with a good financial stability rating and generally positive customer reviews.

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