National Mutual Insurance Company: History, Partnership, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, Reviews and Benefits

This guide will provide information on National Mutual Insurance Company, a mutual insurance carrier that has protected individuals and businesses for over 150 years.

Founded back in 1869, National Mutual has a long track record of aiding its policyholders.

National Mutual Insurance Company
National Mutual Insurance Company | photo courtesy | Insurance Guide 


In the following article, we’ll explore key details about the insurer including their background, partnerships, offerings, financial stability, customer satisfaction, and both advantages and limitations when selecting National Mutual for your coverage needs.

I hope this overview helps you determine if National Mutual is the right choice to suit your insurance and protection objectives.

Profile of National Mutual Insurance Company

Field Details
Name National Mutual Insurance Company
Type Mutual insurance company
Industry Insurance and financial services
Born 1869
Home Base Celina, Ohio, USA
Parent Company Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

History of National Mutual Insurance Company

Founded in 1869 by actuary John Templeton, National Mutual Insurance aimed to be policyholder-owned.

Starting as a life insurer in Australia and New Zealand, it expanded its offerings over time.

National Mutual underwent ownership changes in 1996 and 2011 before its name lived on through Nationwide Mutual Insurance.

It now serves the Midwest and Southeast U.S. with insurance services.

Affiliates and Partners of National Mutual Insurance Company

National Mutual Insurance Company is a part of the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company family.

This big parent company has over 30,000 employees and serves more than 28 million customers worldwide.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company also owns several other insurance companies, like:

  1. Allied Insurance
  2. Harleysville Insurance
  3. Scottsdale Insurance
  4. Titan Insurance.

They’ve got some pretty cool partnerships too, with organizations like:

  1. the American Farm Bureau Federation
  2. the National Football League
  3. the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  4. the Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Contacts of National Mutual Insurance Company

If you need to reach out to National Mutual Insurance Company, you’ve got options:

  • Customer Care Phone Number: Give them a call at 1-800-237-2917. You can catch them from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Fax Number: Send your stuff via fax to 1-800-282-0253.
  • Email: Shoot your questions or feedback to
  • Snail Mail: Send your payments or letters here: National Mutual Insurance Company P.O. Box 1000 Celina, OH 45822-1000
  • Customer Portal: Head over to to access their customer portal. It’s where you can check out your policy details, pay your bills, file claims, request changes, and grab forms and documents.

How to File a Claim with National Mutual Insurance Company

If you need to file a claim with National Mutual Insurance Company, follow these steps:

Filing a Claim

If you need to file a new insurance claim with National Mutual, you have several options.

  • You can submit your claim online at their website by filling out an electronic form and uploading any relevant documents.
  • You can also call their claims hotline at 1-800-237-2917 to provide the details over the phone.
  • Faxing your claim to 1-800-282-0253 is another option.
  • For any method, be prepared to give your policy number, contact information, a description of what happened including when and where, details of any damages or injuries, and any other requested documentation.

Checking Claim Status

To check on an existing claim, visit and log into your personalized customer account where you can view the current status.

You can also get a status update by calling the claims hotline or emailing, just be sure to provide your claim number and policy information.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your assigned claim representative if you need clarification or have additional questions.

Customer Portal

National Mutual’s customer portal allows policyholders convenient online account access.

After registering at, log anytime with your username and password.

Through the secure portal, you can:

  1. file new claims
  2. access old claims
  3. communicate directly with representatives
  4. monitor claim details and status
  5. respond to settlement offers
  6. View your payment history from any internet-connected device.

The portal offers self-service claim management for your maximum convenience.

Services and Products of National Mutual Insurance Company

National Mutual Insurance Company has a bunch of stuff for you:


They’ve got you covered with:

  • Personal Insurance: Think home, auto, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle, personal umbrella, and identity theft protection.
  • Commercial Insurance: If you’re running a business, they’ve got property, liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial umbrella, and cyber liability.
  • Farm Insurance: If you’re in the farming game, they can help with farm property, farm liability, farm auto, farm umbrella, and farm equipment.
  • Life Insurance: They’ve got you and your family covered with term life, whole life, universal life, and annuities.
  • Financial Services: If you’re planning for the future, they can help with retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, and education savings.


Here’s a peek at some of their products:

  • Homeowners Insurance: Protects your home and personal stuff from bad things like fire, theft, and other stuff. It also covers you if someone gets hurt on your property.
  • Auto Insurance: Keeps your wheels safe from damage or injury caused by accidents. It also takes care of costs if you hurt someone or damage their property while driving.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Takes care of your bike and gear if something goes wrong while you’re out on a ride.
  • Boat Insurance: Protects your boat and gear while you’re out on the water.
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance: Keeps your recreational vehicle and its contents safe.
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance: Gives you extra liability coverage in case you’re hit with a big lawsuit.
  • Identity Theft Protection: Helps you deal with the mess of identity theft.

That’s National Mutual Insurance Company in a nutshell.

They’ve been around for a while and offer a bunch of services and products to help you out.

If you ever need to reach them or make a claim, you know how to do it. So, if you’re looking for insurance or financial services, give them a look.

Table of AM Best Ratings of National Mutual Insurance Company

Company Name Financial Strength Rating Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating Outlook
National Mutual Insurance Co/The A- (Excellent) a- (Excellent) Stable
National Mutual Life Assurance Society A+ (Superior) aa- (Superior) Stable
National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives A+ (Superior) aa- (Superior) Stable


National Security Insurance Company Coverage details

National Security Insurance Company Product Offerings:

  • Whole Life Insurance: Provides lifelong coverage and builds cash value through the Security Life policy. Optional riders like waiver of premium are available.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Pays a lump sum if diagnosed with conditions on a comprehensive list. Includes wellness test benefits.
  • Cancer & Specified Disease Insurance: Provides lump sums for cancer or internal cancer diagnoses. Also covers 20 additional specified diseases.
  • Standalone Cancer Insurance: The Lump Sum Cancer policy pays up to $30,000 per person for cancer diagnoses.
  • Disability Insurance: Monthly benefit payments offset lost income from sickness or injuries between $100-3,000.
  • Accident Insurance: Pays out benefits for unexpected costs from covered accidents.
  • Sickness Hospital Confinement Rider: Supplemental coverage for expenses resulting from sickness-related hospital stays.

Customer Reviews of National Mutual Insurance Company

There are not many online reviews of National Mutual Insurance Company, but the available ones are mostly positive. Here are some examples of customer reviews from different sources:

I’ve been with National Mutual for over a decade, and they’ve consistently provided me with exceptional support and responsiveness. They have competitive rates and good coverage options. I have never had any issues with claims or customer service. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy insurance company.”

“National Mutual is a remarkable company that consistently exceeds expectations. They are very professional and courteous. They have a lot of experience and knowledge in the insurance industry. They offer a variety of products and services to meet the needs of their customers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and they consistently go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are delighted.”

“I have been a loyal policyholder of National Mutual for over two decades, and I have consistently been impressed by their exceptional service.. They have always paid my claims promptly and fairly. They have a friendly and helpful staff that is easy to reach. They have a lot of discounts and benefits for their loyal customers. They are a solid and stable company that I trust.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Joining National Mutual Insurance Company?

Joining National Mutual Insurance Company as a policyholder or an employee may have some advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and preferences.

Here are some possible pros and cons of joining the company:

Benefits may include:

Challenges to weigh:

  • Being part of a large, established company means processes can feel bureaucratic at times. Response speed depends on the scale of operations.
  • As a mutual, returns like stock market growth potential do not apply. Rewards are through premium credits or potential dividends based on annual performance.


What kind of insurance does NMIC offer?

NMIc offers a variety of insurance products, including:

Is NMIC a good insurance company?

National Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) holds a rating of B++ (Good) from A.M. Best, though their outlook is negative.

This signals adequate financial strength currently but risks from economic conditions.

Customer reviews are mixed, with some praising responsive staff, claims handling, and rates while others criticize poor communication, denied claims, and rising costs.

Overall NMIC maintains financial stability but customer satisfaction varies depending on needs and experiences. This insurer may or may not be a strong fit depending on the individual.

How can I get a quote from NMIC?

You can get a quote from NMIC online, by phone, or in person at one of their offices.

To get a quote online, simply visit their:

  1. website and enter your information into the quote request form.
  2. phone, call 1-800-798-2092.
  3. To get a quote in person, visit one of their offices

What is NMIC’s claims process?

Submissions and processing of National Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) claims aim for simplicity and efficiency.

Filing options include phoning their claims line at 1-800-798-2092 or using the online portal.

Representatives gather needed documents to handle the case.

While basic NMIC claims take 30-45 days on average, complex cases or those requiring much documentation may extend processing timeframes beyond the typical window.

Customer cooperation and responsiveness impact turnaround also.

Overall they strive for prompt resolutions considering the individual circumstances involved.

What is NMIC’s customer service like?

NMIc’s customer service is generally rated as average.

Some customers have praised NMIC’s friendly and helpful staff.

However, others have criticized NMIC for poor communication and long wait times.

Is NMIC a good option for me?

Whether National Mutual Insurance Company meets your needs depends on your situation.

As a stable local insurer, it offers suitable policies for some.

Mixed customer opinions exist, so considering service quality and rates thoroughly determines the strongest alternative.

Your priorities around location, price and responsiveness shape the best comparison between options like NMIC and competitors.

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